Chapter One


"May is a spoiled little daddy's girl that has never fallen in love with a boy before. Can a certain boy break this tradition and make her fall for him? Contestshipping guaranteed!"


May: Hurray! Another Contestshipping fic!

Drew: Will you grow up?

May: I have grown up; Anaila said that we're all 15 in this fic.

Drew: so Anaila is the author of this fic

May: don't try to criticize her too much on this fic, she's just a beginning author if you

must know

Drew: oh well, I'll just criticize later

May: Anaila doesn't own Pokemon




Chapter One

The Meeting…

6:30 am

"Wake up honey, or you'll miss your first day of school!" a middle-aged woman who had zigzag pigtails on her sides yelled to her sleeping daughter who is still in her room.

"Let the girl sleep some more Caroline, she probably got exhausted from her band practice last night." A man who is probably on the age of 40s compromised with his wife.

"Okay, I'll give her 10 more minutes, Norman." Caroline sighed in defeat.

After 10 minutes…

"Okay, time to wake up! Or you'll surely miss your first day of school, sis!" a little boy wearing glasses warned the sleeping beauty on her waterbed. (she's the only one in the family who has a waterbed…) after a few minutes of pleading to his sister, he finally gave up and left his sister at her deep sleeping state.

After 1 hour and 10 minutes…

Yawn " hey, I wonder what time is it?"... Sleeping beauty checks her clock and it read 7:50am… "WHAT! I'M GONNA BE LATE FOR SCHOOL!" She suddenly got up from her bed and went straight to her bathroom and took a quick shower to save time and hastily dressed up in a white mini skirt, a pink tank top that has a cute beautifly patterned sequence embedded on it, a red jacket that only covered her upper torso area, brown boots, and her signature bandana to top it all up. She took a quick look at herself in the mirror and fixed her chestnut colored bangs to frame her face. She then dashed through the halls, ran down the stairs, went to the large dining room and finally sat down in her seat to finally eat her breakfast.

"Good morning Miss Maple" a maid greeted her with a smile on her face.

"I already told you to call me by my first name, Mia." The girl politely told her maid.

"I'm sorry, May."

"By the way, where are the others?" May asked

"Well, your brother Max left for school 30min, ago and your parents left for work an hour ago." Mia answered

"Okay. Just tell Winston to get my ride ready"

"Will do."

After May finished her breakfast, Winston the driver escorted her to her ride. She hopped on her red Lamborghini Gallardo and the driver drove her to school.

After 5minutes…

"Thank you for the ride, Winston" May said with a smile on her lips.

"No problem, May" He then left May on the gates of her new school.

"So, Pokemon Academy huh?" May thought to herself as she glanced at the fine architecture of the gates of the Academy. She casually walked inside the school grounds and found a couple of students around her age wandering inside the campus. "I wonder where the principal's office is?" After walking around in circles, she accidentally bumped into a girl with orange hair.

"Hey! Watch where your-" the girl was cut off when she examined May.

"I'm so sorry"

"May?" the girl asked May with a hint of shock in her face.


"It is you! I'm so glad to see you!"

"Yeah, how's about a hug?" the then hugged for what seemed liked eternity.

"You know, If we keep hugging, we're gonna be late for first period." Misty said with realization.

"Oh yeah I forgot about that, can you take me first to the principal's office 'cause I have to get my schedule first."


Misty (who was wearing denim pants, a yellow halter top and white flip flops, her hair was down and had red sunglasses as a headband) directed her friend to the Principal's Office. After May took her schedule from the secretary, they took a peek of her schedule:


(A/N: I don't know what the actual schedule format's supposed to because in the Philippines, we have a different format)


Home Economics






Free Period



"Hey! We have the same schedule!" Misty said

"Oops, we're gonna be late for first period, we better hurry up!" May told Misty. They ran through the halls and went straight for their first class.

Chemistry Class:

When they entered the room, it seemed that the teacher was already there.

"Ms. Waterflower, tardiness on the first day of school is not right to start the school year." The teacher in front of the class told Misty.

"I'm sorry Professor Oak" Misty apologized to the teacher.

"You may seat next to Ketchum over there"

"Yes sir".

"Wow! I got a seat next to Ash!" Misty walked past the rows of chairs and when she finally found her seat, she noticed Ash staring at her and a slight blush of pink spread across her face, but it wasn't that noticeable.

"Oh! I almost forgot about you dear. Are you a new student?" Prof. Oak asked with recognition.

"Yes." May answered.

"Alright then, listen class, we have a new student." He instantly informed the class.

The whole class stared at May and took sight of her beauty. Soon, wolf whistles were heard. Because of the noise, a chartreuse haired guy took notice of her and some of the girls got jealous of her.

"My name is May Maple" May said as she bowed to show courtesy to the class.

"Okay Ms. Maple, you may take your seat next to Hayden. Drew, will you please stand up?" Prof. Oak asked the guy that was currently sitting next to the window.

"Hn" Drew murmured to himself as he casually stood up and did a hair flip that made all of the girls inside the class squeal with delight and sat down again with his attention drawn to the window.

May walked past several drooling boys and took her seat next to Drew. She looked at Drew and noticed that he was handsome. She then felt some weird aura and when she turned her head, she noticed that almost all of the girls were glaring daggers at her which caused her to wonder why.

"Let's begin class now, shall we?" the teacher announced to get the attention of the class, especially the girls that were glaring mostly at May.

While the teacher was teaching about the Periodic Table of Elements in front, someone threw a folded paper at May's desk. When May opened the letter, it read:

Hey May, you better watch out for yourself. My advice to you is getting close to Drew will make the fan girls mad at you so you better watch your distance.

Your worried friend,


"Teacher! May isn't paying attention" A random girl informed Prof. Oak.

"Ms. Maple, will you please recite the first 30 elements of the Periodic table in order according to their atomic number?" The teacher told May.

May was surprised at this. She stood up from her seat and began reciting the elements.

"The first thirty elements of the Periodic Table are Hydrogen, Helium, Lithium, Beryllium, Boron, Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Fluorine, Neon, Sodium, Magnesium, Aluminum, Silicon, Phosphorus, Sulfur, Chlorine, Argon, Potassium, Calcium, Scandium, Titanium, Vanadium, Chromium, Bromine, Iron, Cobalt, Nickel, uhh…, Copper, and uhmmm…"

"Zinc" a masculine voice whispered to her.

"And Zinc" May ended.

"Well done Ms. Maple, you may sit down now." The teacher complimented her on how good she was when she recited the elements by order of their atomic number.

May sighed as she sat down to her seat. She then remembered about the person who helped her earlier and looked to her left to see a smirking Drew.

"Thanks for earlier." May said with a cute smile plastered on her face to show her appreciation.

Drew smirked and said "Even if you are smart, you should pay attention in class"

"Hey, I was-"


May was cut off by the bell.

"Whatever" Drew smirked and left the classroom.

"Hey May, let's head for our next class!" Misty hung her arm on May's shoulders as they walked out of the classroom.

Home Economics Class:

"Welcome new student, you must be May Maple. You may take a seat next to Drew" the tanned guy instructed May.

"Him again?" May thought to herself.

May took a seat that was on the right side Drew and near the front.

"You may all know my name, but for the new student I'll give an introduction. My name is Brock but I prefer you call me Mr. Brock." The guy introduced himself.

"For your first project, it will be a paired one between a boy and a girl." Brock announced.

"Do we get to choose our own partners?" Ash asked

"Well I guess you may-"Brock was cut off by the screaming voices of fan girls.

"Drew will you be my partner?" A blonde girl asked.

"No he won't 'because he's with me!" a brunette said.

"No me!" another blonde said

"Keep dreaming, 'because he already chose ME!" a blue-haired girl said.

"Hey! You don't even belong to this class!" A redhead told the blue-haired girl.

Everybody sweat dropped as the blue-haired girl made her escape by jumping off the window.


"I'M OKAY!" she shouted.

"Since everyone seems to want to be partnered up with Drew here, I will choose his partner." The teacher made an assumption to the chaotic problem.

"Drew will be partnered up with…" the teacher started

All of the fan girls crossed their fingers and their legs; some even prayed their hearts out just to be picked.

"You!" an index finger pointed towards May.

Everyone glared daggers at her and tears were almost flooding the classroom because of the fan girls.

May wasn't excited nor happy about this since she now knows of her partners jerky attitude. She just wished that whatever this project may be, if it involved THEM working harmoniously together, she might fail this one for sure.

Mr. Brock kept on picking partners…

"Ash, since you have a unstable grade last year about my projects, I will pair you up with…" Brock wandered off from one place to another, trying to figure out the suitable partner for Ash.

"I think Misty will be your partner… for now."

"All right! I get to be with Misty!" Ash exclaimed and the whole class heard this.

Misty turned red as a tomato as she slumped down on her chair, avoiding the gazes of her classmates.

"You didn't have to say it out loud! You idiot... at least he's my partner" Misty was quite embarrassed.

May was wondering what was happening because she was already making ways on how to interact "nicely" with her partner.

"The project is about parenting. I will give each pair a baby doll and both you and your partner must divide your responsibilities upon taking care of that doll. Think of it as your child and think of yourselves as husband and wife."

May raised her hand. "When is this project due?" she asked.

"About 2 weeks, so during those days, you will mostly spend time together with your pretend husband or wife with your child. That is all class dismissed" Brock dismissed his students.

Lunch Break (they're done with their other classes ))

May, Misty and Ash sat in a round table to eat their lunch.

"Hey Misty, can you tell me a little about Drew?" May asked with curiosity

"Well, he's the most popular guy in school, has his own band, has fan girls worshipping him." Misty answered while eating her sandwich.

"Do you know his attitude?" May asked

"I don't know, I haven't talked to him yet since I can't even get close to him"

"Were you girls talking about Drew?" Ash asked

The two girls sweat dropped. Ash hasn't been paying attention. He has been eating his cheeseburgers the whole time.

"Y-Yeah" May answered.

"Well, he's a jerk that's all I can say to you." Ash answered while still eating his "lunch" (he had eaten his 5th burger by the time he said this)

"Oh, so I guess this project of ours will be a hard one." May said as she ate her lunch and watch the doll in her lap.

"Hey" someone huskily whispered in her ears.

"EEPP!" May jumped out of her seat and accidentally dropped the doll, luckily, a guy caught just in time.

"Jeez, am I that of a freak to you?" Drew said to May

"You just scared the heck out of me"

"Well, can we talk for a minute?" Drew asked

"S-Sure" May answered with doubt.

Drew led May outside the cafeteria and into a secluded area where no one would find them.

"So, what do you want to talk about?" May started

"About the project, I will take care of the doll first then you next, by this, we won't have to be together If that's what you want."

"Who said I don't like you?"

"Who wouldn't like me?" Drew smirked and did a hair flip

"I didn't know you were so cocky" May retorted

"It's what they like about me"

"Oh yeah?"

Drew then smirked by her response and moved closer towards her. Every step Drew took forward, May would step back. May then got trapped in between the wall behind her and a smirking Drew.

"What are you?" May asked

Drew placed a hand beside her head and leaned in to kiss her.

Before he could kiss her, the bell rang and signaled the students to head for class.

May quickly escaped the trap and ran through the corridors towards her next class, leaving Drew behind.

"I guess she's a tough one" Drew muttered to himself as he too headed for his next class.

"Why did he have to do that? My heart was about to pop out because of HIM!." May said in her thoughts while feeling her heartbeat. Her heartbeat was still pumping very fast and her face was still blushing.

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