Natty approached the Nerd Herd counter in the Buy More and her eyes lit up when she saw the man who was standing there. Sure, he was pale, probably from too much gaming, but the curly mop of brown hair along with the deep chocolate brown eyes that he directed her way as she approached made Natty's heart flutter in her chest.

"May I help you?" he asked, and Natty's silent reply was, Yes, you certainly may.

Instead of saying that, though, she cleared her throat to make sure her voice didn't come out in some kind of dorky squeak and said, "Yes, please. My iPhone doesn't seem to be working."

"Because I haven't called you yet?" the man quipped, and blushed at the private joke.

"Sorry?" asked Natty, confused.

"Nothing, nothing. I'll check your phone out if you'll just wait here a minute. It may just be a quick fix or, if not, I'll need to keep it overnight."

Natty, mulling over what it would be like if he did call her, smiled and said, "Okay, thanks," and turned away to look around the store.

Chuck Bartowski. That's what his name tag said. Chuck. That name would be very easy to whisper in his ear as he was kissing her –

"Hi, Natty," a cheerful voice in front of her said.

Natty, focusing her eyes, saw her best friend from school, Kayla, standing in front of her, hand raised in a little wave.

"Where were you just now? You looked miles away," Kayla observed.

"Oh, just checking out the merchandise," replied Natty. She slid her eyes to the side and turned her head slightly, indicating that Kayla should look behind the Nerd Herd counter.

"Oh, I see," said Kayla, mischievously. "You're being a silly monkey, aren't you?"

"You'd have done the same if you had gotten here first," said Natty, sticking out her tongue.

Kayla glanced again at the man, head bent over Natty's iPhone intent on repairing it, and sighed. "Yeah, you're right, I would have."

The End