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Chapter 1

"Oh my god! Oh my god! OH MY GOD!" Yolei said happily in a high pitched voice jumping on her bed. "He said yes! He said yes! He said YES!"

"We know! You have told us about it thousands of times now," Kari, Sora and Mimi said in the same time sounding annoyed sitting on the carpet in Yolei's room. Yolei asked them to come over because she needed someone who had experiences in dating or boys. She was finally having a date with Ken, whom she had been in love with for almost 3 years now ever since she saw him playing football against Davis' team. She couldn't believe how yummy he was on the field, and how smart and funny he was. You should see Yolei's facial expression when she saw him for the very first time. Her face was practically hypnotized just by looking at him. Her mouth was seriously on the ground at that time. Eventually, she got her feelings under control after Ken joined their team as DigiDestined. However, in her mind she had always dreamt about that day when Ken would ask her out on a date. Every time she saw him she wanted to ask him out but she was too scared that he might say no. So instead Yolei tried to trick him to ask her out. She had at last after 3 years of waiting got what she wished for.

"I can't believe that all of you in here but me have a date or a boyfriend! Life sucks," Mimi said complaining and began to cry.

"What are you talking about I don't have a boyfriend," Kari said and comforted Mimi by having her arms on her shoulders.

"Ah, don't play innocent Kari. We all know that you and TK are going out on a dat…" just than Mimi was cut off by Yolei who looked very bossy.

"HEEEY! I invited you guys to come over here so you could help me," she said in a snappy tone. The other looked very angry at her because they did not care for her yelling. Yolei then said in a sweet way, "Please!" Kari, Sora and Mimi sighed.

"Have you thought of what you will wear in this special occasion?" Sora asked.

"OH MY GOD, I DON'T HAVE ANYTHING TO WEAR TONIGHT! I HAVEN'T THOUGHT OF THAT. I'M DOOMED!" Yolei screamed and went to her closet to find something to wear for her date. The closet was almost empty when she was done looking. Kari, Mimi and Sora were under the big pile of clothes that Yolei had dig up from her closet. They could almost not breathe under there.

"Don't you worry I will lend you one of my designer dresses, okay?" Mimi said enthusiastically who just got out from the pile. If something could make Mimi happy again that would be talking about fashion.


"Where is he going to take you on your first date?" Kari asked

"He said he wanted to take me to the movies and afterwards dinner"

"Typical first date" The 3 girls shouted.

"I'm so excited but I don't know what to do. This can't go wrong can't it? I have been waiting for this to happen in 3 years. 3 YEARS! It's first now he had noticed me that I can be a potential girlfriend!"

"That depends on how you both act. The chemistry is always important. If the chemistry isn't there between you two then it's forever doomed," Sora said sounding like an expert.

"Don't scare me like that,"

"But it's true. I can still remember my first date with Matt. It was so sweet and he was the perfect gentleman. He of course did also take me to the movies and then to dinner but not at a restaurant. No, he took me back to his place and prepared a gourmet dinner for me. The light was dim and there were lighted candles. It was so romantic. I felt so special and spoilt. The moment I felt his hand I knew we were made for each other. The chemistry was just there," Sora told in a passionate way. You could see her face glow.

"Why can't TK be more like Matt?" Kari complained and sulked.

"Aha! So you admit that you are seeing TK in private?" Mimi questioned her as a detective.

"Well ehh it's no…ohh what ehh…Yes we are seeing each other. Okay! There, I said it,"

"Anyway…" Sora turned her head away from Kari and Mimi with an awkward expression and talked to Yolei instead. "If you are meant for each other, the chemistry will definitely be there. Trust me! Relax and enjoy it!"

"The chemistry. Right, I will remember that. Will you excuse me? I have to go to the bathroom. All the jumping before is not good for my bladder" and quickly Yolei ran towards the bathroom.

"Oh is she gone?" a tiny voice said. It was Poromon. He was hiding under the bed. "I hate when she's all hysterical. She always uses me as a way to get her feelings out by pulling my cheeks. It hurts you know," the little pink digimon said.

"Don't worry she's gone now," Kari said and smiled.

"You know what, you guys? We need to spy on her just to make sure that all is going as it should," Mimi said firmed.

"But that is totally awful. If she finds out that we have been spying on her she won't forgive us for that. Ever!" Kari said.

"Yolei and I spied on you when we found out that you had plans with TK," Mimi said with a smirk on her face. Sora looked uncomfortable having this conversation about spying. Mimi giggled and continued "And so did Sora…"

Sora froze at the very second Mimi said that she was a part of the spying. "But you know what. It was her idea," Sora pointing at Mimi. "She forced me to come. I had no choice."

"We only wanted to protect you. We didn't want to see a perfect friendship go to waste and luckily it didn't. I would actually think if we asked Yolei she would in fact allow us to do it."

"In what world do you live in since you think that?" Sora said sarcastically.

"Then why don't we just ask her?" Kari asked.

"No, you see. That wouldn't be as fun as not telling her. Think it as Charlie's Angels. We have a mission; to protect her from getting a broken heart. To make sure everything goes as planned."

"Okay I'm in. She did spy on me so it's time to repay her," Kari said smiling.

"Oh dear God," Sora sighed. Mimi looked at Sora with puppy eyes. "Ok, ok. I'll go with you. But, you cannot use this trick on me again for a very long time."

"Alright. That's a deal" Mimi said ecstatically.

"Mimi?" Sora asked. "Do you know why you're still single?"

"I can't find a reason why."

"It's because you are doing this sort of things on a Friday night,"