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90MLLu (07/19/11)

Chapter 6

As they walked down the street, Yolei was still thinking about the unfortunate event at the theatre. The more she thought about it the more furious she became. So furious that Ken had to walk cautiously behind her if he didn't wish to get punched by her newly formed fist. He knew how hard she could punch when she's mad. Just ask Davis who often get a lot of bruises on his arm by Yolei. Instead of approaching her Ken tried to talk to her but it seemed impossible as well. Yolei hadn't said a single word since they left the theatre. Actually, that was not entirely true. If you counted mumbling as talking, then yes - Yolei did talk and Ken was certain that behind her mumbling he swore he heard her cursing.

Ken's confident now went from super fantastic to zero. Hearing Yolei swearing, he couldn't stop thinking that it might be him she was doing it to because of his lame idea of going to the movie and watch a horror.
He tried to ask her what's wrong again since he wanted to clarify if it was him or something else that bothered her. Nonetheless steady as a rock, Yolei did not respond at all. Yolei was completely wrapped up in anger and her own thoughts. While passing many strangers in the warm evening, Ken noticed that they were all giving him weird looks, probably because they thought he was talking to himself or worse – stalking Yolei.

Why wouldn't they think like that? I mean, just take a look. There's no contact between us – at all. Is Yolei really mad at me? Is it because of the movie? But then again, it couldn't have. She said she loved it… However, she didn't want to see the rest of it… I don't know what to do anymore. Where are your friends when you need them? I need help. Help.
Help, I need somebody help... What are you doing Ken? There's no time to sing a song from the Beatles in your head. You can sing as much as you want when you at home showering.

All of a sudden, Ken had had enough of his inner monolog. If the date continued in that way there would probably be no more dates in the future. And he didn't want that to happen. So it was time to take matters in his own hand like he told himself earlier this evening.

Making an effort again this time he tried to catch Yolei's attention by holding her hand. However, at that moment when he seized her arm, a palm appeared from the middle of nowhere. It hit him critically on his face making his cheek numb and loose his balance.

"Ahhh help me! Help me! Get away! You pervert! Help me!" As if the palm slapping wasn't enough, Ken was now being hit many times. It felt like he was getting beaten by a stick.

"What? Yolei. Stop. I'm not a pervert. No, I'm Ken. Your date. I was just trying to get your attention? Stop hitting. It hurts… Okay I can see that you are hurt because of the outcome of the date but I promise you that I will make it up to you if you, please – stop hitting me" Ken squatted while protecting his head.

All the commotion coming from Ken snapped Yolei out of her thoughts and while she couldn't understand why Ken wasn't next to her, she turned around to look for him. Maybe turning around wasn't a good idea for Yolei. The sight that waited her made her eyes become big and her body began to stiffen of fear.

"Is this pervert really your date, miss?" asked an old white haired woman suddenly Yolei.

"WHAT! Stop, in the name of love! What do you think you're doing? You are going to kill him!" Yolei yelled in total shock. "Yes he's my date!" The old lady stopped at once. Ken slowly took his hands down from his head and looked up to find Yolei in front of him. Unfortunately for Ken, Yolei was not the only one around him. People from the street had surrounded them, curious to know what had happen. They all looked down and pointed at Ken making him feel small. At that moment he wished he was back at The Dark Ocean.

No, this cannot be happening. Wake up, Ken, wake up. This is only a bad dream. WAKE UP! Ken Ichijōji being beaten by an elderly in public. Please don't let anybody know about this – especially Davis and the others. Somebody, wake me up!

"Okay listen up people. The show is over. Go away. There's nothing to see. Shoot!" Yolei said trying to take the situation in her hand, "I said go away – or do you want to see my wrath? I guarantee you it's not a pleasant sight" Yolei kept yelling while raising her fist indicating she was ready to give some good beating if they did not leave them alone at once. Actually, she would not mind punching them at all. She saw it as a great opportunity to let all her anger out but on second thought, it was not worth it if it led her to jail afterwards. That would pretty sure end the date right away, however, she would get a "nice" picture of herself taking. It's not every day you'll get a picture taken by the police.
People were already fleeing when they saw the crazy look Yolei had on her face."Yeah! That's right. Keep walking. Keep walking, there's nothing to see here!"

"Young man, I'm so sorry about the public humiliation. I thought you were a pervert. From my perspective it looked like you were sneaking up behind this lovely young lady. Please accept my apology." The old lady explained with a really hoarse voice, "Here please take some of my money and go see the doctor."

"No, I cannot take your money. You were just doing what a good citizen is supposed to do when they see something suspicious happening. So really I can't take your money." Ken said still lying on the pavement.

"Nice boyfriend you have there, my girl" The old lady winked at Yolei. Something about that wink made Yolei feel strange. The wink seemed very familiar. "Such a gentleman and so polite. Nowadays you don't see that very often. You are one lucky girl, I tell you." Yolei blushed by the old lady's comment. "Yep, a fine specimen. Just look at his hair, so smooth and soft. And look on his face, gorgeous cheekbones. Plus he has style," Ken started to blush now, "and look at that amazing physique. He must workout a lot. Just feel those muscle, girl. So sexy," The old lady began to touch Ken's arm and then his stomach which made Ken and Yolei look very uncomfortable at the woman. Both of them didn't know how to act at a situation like that. It was different if it was a young girl who touched, but a woman - an old woman. Luckily the old woman stopped, "Well, I hope you are alright. You are alright, right? I mean look at you. How can a geriatric like me with a cane hurt a strong young boy like you?" She smiled happily and tickled Ken. Ken just smiled nervously back. "Well, again do accept my apology. If there's nothing else I can do or in my case stop doing. Hihi… I think I will leave you two lovebirds alone so you can recapture the magic you had, before I interrupted." An awkward silence between the three of them filled the air, "Well bye-bye then…" With that being said the old weird looking lady was suddenly gone in the blink of an eye.

"Strange woman." Ken said looking a bit scared.

"You don't say," Yolei said with the same expression as Ken, "But there is something weird about that old woman" Yolei said questionable. She couldn't exactly pin point it but something was definitely wrong. Few seconds of thinking went by before Yolei realized again that Ken was injured.

"Oh God, Ken sorry. Are you alright? Don't lie to me if you aren't" Yolei quickly turned to Ken with a concerned voice, " It's my fault you ended up like this. I feel terrible for making you think that I don't like your date because I do. I do like it…" She lied without blinking an eye; however, she did not have any other choices. Otherwise she would just have to hurt Ken's feelings again which she hadn't the heart to do. Seeing him already injured because of her was more than enough. Yolei didn't want to be known for being a cold ice queen.

"To be honest, I'm okay. Well yeah she could hit but nothing I couldn't handle" Ken explained trying to act tough even though he seriously felt pain all over his body, especially the head, "Are you serious about the date? You don't detest it at all. Then why did you not speak to me afterwards?"

"Eh, well, you see… Ken" Yolei did not know how to say it. She knew that saying the truth was the right thing to do when you were in a relationship but then again they weren't really a couple yet. Furthermore, saying the truth would only devastate Ken. How could he possible manage to hear those negative things people have said about them when Yolei couldn't?

"Some unfortunate event happened while you were gone. People wouldn't shut up during the movie. You should have seen them. They were acting like maniacs. And when you told them to shut up, they would yell back at you and call you names. I have never experienced such an impolite crowd before, never! So I decided to go."

Part of it was true so technically – technically – I'm not lying. I'm just keeping some 'unimportant' parts for myself. How could that be lying?

"Oh I see. Thank you Yolei."

"For what?"

"For telling me what you are feeling. You know you can always be honest with me when it comes to anything"

"Huh… Anything you say?" Yolei felt a bit bad for keeping some truth hidden so she decided to tell him anyway.

"You know Ken. There is something I got to …" But before she could finish her sentence, Ken interrupted her.

"Well luckily, as mentioned I have another thing planned out for us. So shall we." Ken folded his right arm to indicate that he wanted Yolei to put her arms around his and so she did as they continued their date.

Well I could always tell him about it later…

(- - -)

"Oh… my… god! That did not just happen. That did not just happen! Right?" Sora asked in total surprise.

"I'm so happy I'm not in Ken's shoes right now. That was just really embarrassing" Cody said and imagined what Ken must have felt in that moment. "I think I saw some of the crowd filming Ken and Yolei with their cell phones."

Kari had her hands covering her entire nose and mouth unlike TK whose mouth was wide open of shock. Mimi on the other hand did not have a reaction whatsoever. It was as if she knew about the whole outcome.

After a couple of minutes after the awkward incident and the old lady had gone, Davis ran agitatedly towards his friends, who were hiding in an alley.

"What have happened? Did I miss something important?" Davis asked very curiously while holding some woman's clothing, a white wig and a cane.

"You did great Davisss…" DemiVeemon said happily while jumping from Cody's shoulder to Davis'. "You're the man!"

"Thank you DemiVeemon. I know I can always count on you. Give me five." Davis said ecstatically.

"Honestly Davis, that was not what we decided on doing. Correction, what you decided on doing in the first place" TK said annoyed, "You were only supposed to go near them and say 'Oh, what a adroable couple you are' to get Yolei out of her rage and say how good a boyfriend Ken is. The thing you just did was not meddling – It was attacking"

"Chill out, man. I was about to stick to the plan when I suddenly got a revelation" The others except for Mimi looked really dumb at him too. "Yes, a revelation. If you would stop with that look I will tell you guys. I thought, why not spice up the thing and create a really super effective scene for them both. And you see, it worked perfectly," Davis said proudly, "Furthermore, I did compliment on how good a boyfriend Ken is. At least give me some credit for that."

"Ehh... did you see yourself out there. No, wait! You didn't. You were creepy - A creepy grandmother" Kari said with disgust in her voice. As if it wasn't enough she shivered her entire body when she recalled the scene again.

"The other plan would have worked smoothly as well, if not better and most important of all - painless." Sora added "From here it looked like you left him with internal injuries"

"Okay, the last parts with hitting were maybe a little too much… Perhaps also the touching. Sorry abo…"

"Davis. Davis… DAVIS!" Mimi said with power in her voice, "What you did out there was… was… absolutely - COURAGEOUS" Suddenly tears ran down her face. Instantly, Mimi went directly to him to hold his shoulders with a grip, "You my young pupil, has become the master." Mimi gave Davis a really tight hug now. "I have nothing to teach you anymore."

"Oh dear Lord," Sora and Kari said simultaneously while hitting their forehead instead. "I can't believe I'm witnessing this." Sora added but Mimi and Davis did not care about her remark.

"Hihi I'm flatter, Mimes. But you know what? Without your skills at putting make-up , your shoulder bag full of disguises and telling me how to approach the unapproachable, I would never have pulled this off."

"Don't make me blush, Davis" She smiled blissfully.

"Seriously, I mean it. You are the master of this game. I have always thought I was number one in spying but you, Mimes. You are simply out of my league. "

"Stop it. You are," Mimi said shyly and hugged him even more.

"No you are,"

"You are,"

"No, you are, Mimes"

"And don't you forget it, boy!" Mimi said commanded and pulled Davis out of their hug at once causing Davis to have a little dizziness. "Okay people. What are you standing there for… move it, move it, Move it! We are far from completing this mission so shift your asses and go to work. Our friends, Yolei and Ken, depend on us. Their future is at stake. Davis had already done a marvellous job by keeping the fire alive. However, that is not enough. We need to blaze up the fire and by doing so we need to work harder. Harder I said. HARDER!"

Seeing her shifting personality just like that made the other feel a bit scared of her, even Davis.

"Why weren't Mimi the leader of the group at the time we were in the Digimon World. She could have kicked Tai's and Matt's butts." TK whispered to the other.

"Okay, seriously guys. I'm not kidding." Mimi said this time with a softer voice. "We need to get out of this dark alley. I can't stand the smell of garbage anymore. If I want to smell at garbage I might as well have Garbagemon right next to me all the time."

Looking around at their hiding place they realized they didn't picked a particular good spot. Cigarettes were all over the place. Apparently, they ended up at a smoking alley. Containers loaded with trash were surrounded by gigantic flies plus the smell coming from it combined with the stench of vomit made the street unbearable for any normal human to stay for a long time. It surprised them a lot why they did not notice the creepy surroundings earlier.

"You picked the spot, Mimi," Sora said annoyed.

"Alright, alriiight…" she cried hysterically, "I don't know about you guys but I'm leaving now. I felt something crawling up my legs…"

" A rat…" Kari said calmly

"A rat?" Mimi repeated, "A rat? A RAT? AHHH…!" Screaming like a manic,

Unfortunate for Mimi, she ran at the wrong direction – the opposite way Ken and Yolei went. The sudden outburst caused 2 strangers, who were about to pass by, to stare at the gang

"We should do what Mimi said. Staying here would also make people think that we are on drugs or up to no good," TK said, "Let's catch up with Ken and Yolei."

"But, what about Mimi? We can't leave her alone in that state she's in. Can we?" Kari asked concerned

"Technically, she left us first," Sora said, "and besides, she's a big girl. She can find the way to us when we call her"

"That being settle, let's move on then. I don't think they are far ahead." Cody added and of they went to catch up with Ken and Yolei.

(- - -)

Beginning to be a bit tired by the long walking, Yolei asked Ken where they were heading to. However, this time around Ken did not answer her, which Yolei found kind of a drag. She knew that she wouldn't get an answer out of him since he wanted it to be a surprise but, damn it, she wanted some answers. She's not those kinds of girls who like to be kept in the dark. But now she knew how people felt when she ignored them.

Where might the special place Ken picked out to be? I hope it's a place where I can get something to eat. I'm starving to death. We should probably have eaten before we went to see a movie.

Suddenly, Yolei's face turned back to the facial expression she had when she stormed out from the theatre. Luckily, Ken was busy with leading the way and dragging her behind him so he did not notice it.

Why do I still think about the movies? Uhhh! If I ever see those scumbags especially the bloody idiot in a dark alley I will make sure that they are going to pay. Oh Yeah, that's right! Big Time! I had Ken where I wanted him. He was supposed to hold me when I felt scared. Now that's spoiled… Ahhh I should have ruined their evening some more since they ruined mine so drastically. As they say, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth…

However, her face changed again when she came to think about her own action in the theatre. It was actually her fault for not being quiet and furthermore she was not very polite either…

What the hell am I thinking? It's their fault my date went down the drain! Their fault, their fault… THEIR FAULT! Fortunately, I still got another chance with Ken. And this time I tell you, Yolei Inoue. This time will be a sure win for both of you. Sure win! YEAH!

"What are you smiling for?" Ken asked Yolei happily when he suddenly saw her smiling.

"Nothing. I'm just excited to see where we going since you are keeping it a secret" Yolei smiled back cheekily.

"We are there soon. We just need to turn here and there."

(- - -)

Seconds became minutes; minutes became 20 minutes which felt like an hour in Ken's world. He knew the place where somewhere nearby since he had been there before, but where exactly – he did not know. Even though he was supposed to be a boy genius he could utterly not find the way. Luckily, Yolei was still smiling every time he looked back to see how she was doing. However, Ken knew it was a façade. Knowing her well she was probably as impatient as he was right now.

"Ken? Are sure you know the way. We could always take a cab or something." Yolei kept smiling.

"No, no. No need for that. Trust me we are there soon… I hope." Ken mumbled the last part.

"What did you say." Yolei asked.

"Nothing. I just said 'I know it'"

Why can't I find the stupid place?

They kept walking and walking, turning to the right and to the left but they were still not there yet. To make the situation worse than it already was the heat was unbearable to stand. Sweat kept running down their foreheads and Yolei was affected by it big time. Her waterproof mascara that she had put on is – not so much waterproof as it claimed to be.

When they walked pass a lamb post, Ken stopped short. He was absolutely certain that he had walked passed it before because of the kanji 'love' (愛) that was on it. And now that he looked around, the boutiques, the road, the people around them and definitely the lamb post seemed very familiar to him. If they had been here before, this could only mean one thing. They were lost – Lost in a district of Tokyo, which they had lived in their whole life.

Yolei cannot know that I'm lost. That's just pathetic and I have already experience enough pitifulness today so… No! And I will certainly not ask anyone the way. I'm man for god's sake. I have my pride too.

"Are we there yet" Yolei asked drowsily. The black dissolved eye make-up ran down her face and smeared her checks area making her look really depressed. Fortunately, Ken came to her rescue by wiping it off with the handkerchief Yolei gave to him.

"There you go. You look prettier now without the make-up on." He smiled and so did she but you could still see that Yolei was impatient.

"Are we there yet?" She asked again.

What shall I do? She cannot know that I'm a total fool at finding directions here in Tokyo. That's beneath my dignity. But I can't keep dragging her around until we have found the place. She will know it eventually that I'm an idiot if it takes all night. Ah... What to do. Think Ken, Think...

Yolei swung her purse like a fan rapidly in the hope that she will catch a breeze that will cool her sweaty face. Seeing her having hot flushes, Ken felt very egoistic and bad about himself. How could he place his pride before his date? That was not very gentleman like of him. With that in his mind he took a decision – to swallow his pride... just this time.

"Yolei, to be honest with you..." however before Ken could finish his sentence, he got interrupted by a doorkeeper who was about to welcome a couple some feet away from them.

"Good evening. Welcome to Cuisine de Sud"

After the small interruption Ken finished his sentence without hesitation at all smiling joyfully, "... we are here"

"Someone got to remind me, not to let Ken lead the way next time" Davis said breathlessly to the others who were right next to him.

"Tell me you are joking," Kari said in disbelief.

"What? What's wrong?" TK asked Kari but she did not answer him.

"This can't be the place, Cody. You must have mistaken them with some other couple who went inside 'Cuisine d'Amour"

"I saw them with my own eyes. They went inside that French restaurant."

"Oh no…" Kari sighed.

"What's wrong with that restaurant?" Sora asked wonderingly, "I think it looks fine - maybe too fancy and the name of the restaurant is a bit tacky but other than that it looks nice. I like the arrangement. Very authentic and cosy. Without a doubt a place I would like Matt to take me to when we are on a date."

"Even if a special someone is working there?"

"Who?" Everybody asked in choir

"My brother..."

"Oh no…"

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