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Riley dropped a pink jellybean into his mouth, and continued his work. It had been a week since he got that awful flu, and he was feeling way better- enough to work all night on another project a big company hired him for.

And that was when his phone rang.

"Hello?" He yawned, feigning sleepiness. He didn't exactly want to talk to someone while he was working, more or less at three o'clock in the morning. Maybe the thought that the caller woke me up would be enough to drive him away…

"Riley?" The caller said after a long pause.


"Yes it's me."

"Okay…what's up?"

"I was wondering if you can come over and help me…"

"You're asking me for help? Shock and amazement."

"I need help with Ben."

"…What's wrong with Ben?

"Ben's sick, Riley… "


"Yeah. I'm completely exhausted. I've been up for twenty-four hours straight, taking care of him. I've been trying to get Ben to take his medicine but he's stubborn though and insists on finishing his work!"

"Sounds like Ben."

"It's not that I don't like taking care of him… I'm just getting really worn out and I don't think anyone could handle another sick person in our little family…"

Family… Riley smiled at the thought. "Well, alright, I could come over, I guess…"

"Thanks. Oh, and before I forget, are you sure you're all okay now? The flu's all gone?"

"It was nothing bed rest couldn't cure, thanks for asking. I'll be right over."

"Thanks. See you at the door."

Armed with a box of instant hot chocolate and coffee and a small pot of rice porridge, Riley was soon ready to go. He got to Ben and Abby's house half the time he usually does. Concern overrode the fear of being caught by the traffic patrol, so the Ferrari's speed was doubled.

He didn't even have to knock. Abby was there right before he could even press the ringer, obviously waiting for him.

"Well, when did it all start and what do you think it is?" Riley said after they said their greetings.

"He's been feeling way more tired than he normally does, even when he's getting enough sleep. He also had typical cold symptoms but came down with a bad cough- and that's an understatement. He vomited twice yesterday- he kept trying to eat but just couldn't keep anything down. He has a fever that spikes up to a hundred and two, he gets chills…"

Riley frowned. "Not good. That sounds like pneumonia…" Abby looked at him questioningly, as if asking where he got all the information. "When your girlfriend's studying to be a doctor, you learn a lot of things." They started towards Ben and Abby's room.

"Well he could walk around at times and all that, but he usually just feels really tired and all that." Abby explained further, sighing worriedly.

"Sounds like walking pneumonia. Well, that's way better than its viral counterpart, I think…" They both stopped in front of the door. Riley offered, "You want to go ahead and sleep in one of the guest rooms? I could take over from here; it's no big deal…" He walked in, and looked at Ben.

Abby smiled gratefully. "Thanks- I need sleep. Worrying and stress do not go together…" Ben stirred under the pile of blankets and quilts Abby had placed on him. He murmured something about Page 47 and the President, and shivered. Abby pulled the quilt up to his neck.

"Yeah, rest would be good for you…" Riley nodded. "I'd better watch over him right now and all that. I'll call you if there's any problem." He sat down on a couch nearby, and made himself comfortable. He scanned the room. Okay, there's the pitcher of water, the thermometer, and there's the pills…

"Think we're going to need to bring him to the ER?"

Riley popped out of his thought bubble. "Huh? What?"

"I asked if you think we're going to need to bring him to the ER…"

"I don't think so. He could fight this- I don't think his immune system's that weak to require a visit. Besides, I hate hospitals…"

Abby managed a small laugh. "Alright. There's a mug of coffee by the table. Hope it helps to keep you awake." She left Riley in the seat by Ben's bed. She turned around after a few moments, though. "And Riley,"



"No problem." Riley smiled. Abby slipped out quietly.

It's going to be a pretty long night. He glanced at the mug of coffee nearby. I hope that's gonna last more than I expect it to.

The night was boring and uneventful. Ben slept quietly, although occasionally his fever would spike up and Riley would have to wake him up and give him his meds. As for the rest, it was more boring than watching Ben study all day for a treasure hunt- hence the 'long' night.

Riley's head cleared with the smell of pancakes. He headed down to the kitchen and saw Abby whip up a batch. "Hmmm… it smells so good. So far from your triple broccoli surprise!" He laughed.

Abby rolled her eyes. "Well this is going to be our breakfast. I'm just going to heat some of the rice porridge you brought for Ben yesterday." She left after a few minutes, to where, who knows…

Riley nodded, and dug in. The stack on his plate was consumed after a few minutes, and he drank his hot chocolate in one gulp. He was in the middle of another batch of pancakes when he spotted Ben standing in the doorway, watching him eat. "Dude, stop looking at me like that. If you want to eat something, just say so!"

"Yes, actually, I'd like to eat something even if I don't feel like it. It would probably help. " Ben replied, yawning. He sat on the seat across Riley, and massaged his temples. "My head hurts like hell."

"Now you know, Ben, now you know." Riley laughed. "So that was why you were so cranky when you brought me to the clinic. Why didn't you say anything?" Riley frowned, and took a sip out of his mug.

Ben shrugged. "Ah… well…" He was about to stand up when Riley stopped him, and got a bowl out of the dishwasher. He sat back down reluctantly.

"Ben, even if we treat each other as brothers, and you're my so-called 'big bro', that doesn't mean you have to act all superhero all the time. That spot is reserved for my other brothers and my dad- and even they don't try this hard."

Riley received a raised eyebrow from Ben. "Alright, maybe they do… But Ben, try not to do this to Abby too much… It's better to intercept the problem before it gets worse, and whoopty-doo, you made it worse. You should have been sleeping all day and resting, not finishing your work or something. It's not worth it."

"Says the man who stays up for a week to finish his job and blames his cold on it."

Riley laughed. "Touché. I see you only need to get sick to have a sense of humor."

Ben rolled his eyes, but winced at the gesture. Riley placed a hand against Ben's forehead. "Does rolling your eyes hurt?"

Ben nodded. Riley put the bowl of porridge in front of Ben. "It's probably because you have a high fever… anyway, that's just one other thing we're going to add to your symptoms." He frowned. "Maybe we should go to the doctor's after all." Riley's eye twitched at his own suggestion. I just hate doctors. The ambiance, the demeanor… Okay, maybe not all of them, but still…

Ben grinned in spite of himself. "For someone who's dating an aspiring doctor…" He grinned wider.

"I assume you've been waiting for more than a week to pull that one on me." Riley rolled his eyes. He sat down across Ben and finished his pancakes. "Finish your porridge already, you need a lot of rest. You shouldn't even be walking around a lot."

"Right." Ben shook his head, smiling. He finished half of his bowl, and stopped. He gulped, covered his mouth, and ran to the bathroom.

"Ben? Ben!" Riley ran after him. They both passed Abby, who looked on with worry, then ran after the Ben also.

"Riley what's wrong?" Abby said once she was within earshot. She entered the bathroom and knelt down to assist Ben.

"Uh. I think he's finally going to vomit." Riley paused. "Wait, that's not good."

"Riley, grab a glass of water and a towel…" Abby quickly spewed out her commands, and Riley ran out of the bathroom. He arrived soon, with the glass of water and the towel.

"Verdammt, Ben, why do you have to get sick!" Abby shouted in frustration. She offered Ben the now- wet towel to wipe his mouth with.

"Sorry…" Ben croaked. "I don't have any control over such things." He cleared his throat.

Abby hugged him. "Verdammt, Ben…" Abby repeated, laughing bitterly. "You're making me worry." She sighed, and smiled worriedly.

"I seem to do that a lot." Ben replied, and snatched the water from Riley's hand. He drank it slowly.

"If this keeps up, maybe we should just bring you to the hospital Ben. You'd be put under observation, be guarded against dehydration… and there's going to be chest x-rays, sputum gram stain, and a blood test… A bronchoscopy would be necessary if the tests are inconclusive…" Riley recited from memory. Ben looked at him, eyebrows raised, as if asking where he learned all those stuff. Riley shrugged. "You learn a lot of stuff from your girlfriend."

"Right." Ben finished his glass. He pushed down on the rim of the toilet seat and tried to stand up, but couldn't do it. He sighed, and resigning temporarily to his fate, held out an arm.

Abby and Riley pulled him up. "Are you still dizzy?" Abby asked.

"Well, sort of, but I can walk." Ben leaned slightly against Riley. Abby supported him by the arm, and the three made their way to the room. Ben dropped on the bed and pulled the covers up. "Maybe we should go and have me checked out tomorrow if I don't turn out good."

Riley snickered. "You think?"

Abby just nodded. "Alright. That would work. You get some rest, okay sweetie?"

Ben nodded, and closed his eyes.

Riley and Abby left the room quietly. "I think I'd better call Aly and see what she thinks about all this." Riley suggested. They made their way to Riley's room. Riley sat down on his bed and fluffed the pillow resting on it. "It's your turn to watch him. I think I'm going to take a nap."

Abby nodded. "Maybe Aly would know something. But we're still going to bring him to the doctor's tomorrow, right?"

Riley winced. "As much as I hate them, yes, we would have to. It would probably be the best thing to do." He lay down on the bed and shifted around a bit, trying to find the most comfortable position.

"Have a good, long sleep." Abby patted his shoulder as she walked to the door. "I have a feeling things wouldn't be better tomorrow." She exhaled slowly. "I do hope not, though."

"I hope so too." Riley shifted to his other side, facing away from Abby, who already closed the door. "Get well soon, Ben."


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