Title: Abandon

London, England

Drusilla whimpered unhappily as she trailed behind Angelus whom was rushing off at a determined pace as he grumbled to himself, with his accent thickening as it usually did when he was fuming, "damn child! Who the fuck does 'e think 'e is, anyway? Coming into me home, frisking me woman then trying to move along to me own childe!"

She dared not speak up when her daddy was such in an intolerable rage kike this one, though she did wish to comfort him somehow. She didn't like seeing him so upset.

Cautiously, she pulled back a little on the hand that he was hold of hers and made him slow slightly. She then pattered up next to him and rested her head on his shoulder, making him look down. A pitiful look came across her face – a practiced on at that, but pitiful al the same. "Sorry," she said sullenly and bent her head down slightly though still keeping it on his shoulder.

He sighed heavily and gently pulled her into a nearby alleyway by the hands. "You've got nothin' to be sorry about, sweet," he told her and then placed a kiss atop her head. "You've always been good, unlike that little pecker Darla brought in."

"But it's a good thing that he's there now, right?" she asked quietly.

"How in the hell could that be a good thing?" Angelus pondered allowed. "He's taken m' sire, he's taken m' house, m' bed, and then he's tryin' to take you as well. 'E's tryin' to erase me from the world. Most likely was goin' stake me tonight if we didn' leave."

She paused for a moment and chose her worlds carefully, "but, since we did leave – it can just be you and me? Forever? No more sharing with Miss Darla?"

He chuckled at her and then bent down to give her a small kiss. "We'll try it for a little while – not sure forever is yet, sweetheart. I still can't really leave until Darla says so. Ya know that! She's still m' sire and owns me until she says otherwise."

"Oh," Drusilla said quietly and began to turn her head away sadly.

Angelus reached out and caught her face with his hand and turned it back to face him. "But a little vacation from Miss Darla wouldn't hurt us, now would it?" He gave her a little wink and Angelus could see her place cheeks flushed slightly in the dim alleyway.

Wrapping an arm around her, he began to lead her back onto the bustling late-night streets of London with a small smiling touching the corners of his lips. He was pleased with himself. This was much more than revenge; it was truly an excellent occasion to spend some quality time with his childe whom he had begun to neglect as he had been trying to win back his sire.


The building was smaller in comparison to the other high-end stores but Angelus found it more cozy and the service more, well, tasty than most. He sat in a small lounge chair across from a platform that was placed in front of three tall mirrors connected together to form a larger one.

He grinned as Drusilla flittered about from one dress to another asking, which one would be better for her and which one she could have. She was such a precious girl; he had to keep her always.

She suddenly squealed excitedly as she held up a deep emerald colored dress with gold lacing on it up to her and twirled around. "Can I get this one, Angelus?" she pleaded, knowing it was his favorite color and that the low-cut would please him. "Please?"

"Only if I see you in it," he told her as he motioned to the fitting area, which was no more than a tiny and flimsy wall of wood about four feet wide and about six feet tall.

Before he could even blink, she rushed behind the barrier and began putting on her new outfit. Mischievousness got to him, however, and he found himself standing up and going behind the wall himself.

He swung his arms around his beloved little girl before she could finish puling up the dress. He gave her a kiss in the dip of her neck where it met her slender shoulder, "I like this outfit," he told her quietly, "you should wear it more often."

She leaned back into him and let her head fall to the side, willingly giving herself to him as she laughed, "but I'm not wearing anything."

"Exactly," he grinned and playfully bit her.

"Angelus," she groaned and gently slapped his arm, "later."

Smiling he nodded and gave her a kiss on the cheek, "is that a promise the, Dru?"

"Yes," she told him, pretending to be exasperated with his antics.

"Fine," he sighed and then began walking back to his chair, "but forget about trying on that fer now, sweet. We better get a move on, 'fore Darla and the boy get any bright ideas."

Drusilla quickly got herself back in the dress that she had been wearing all that night as Angelus carefully packed the new dress along with the rest of the clothing and luggage they had gotten from the other stores up and down the street. In all, Drusilla had gotten herself four new dresses (one black, one maroon, one blue and the emerald), a new set of undergarments that Angelus was more than willing to pay top tab for and two new coats as well as a pair of heeled boots for the upcoming winter.

Angelus, however, only bought himself two new outfits, one a simple black with a white fest and one with an emerald jacket and gold colored vest to match Drusilla's. He was more likely going to wear that for a Christmas party tat would be occurring in just a couple of months. He did get another pair of boots, however, they were not as comfortable as his own that he was wearing, but Drusilla had assured him that as soon as he had broken them in they'd be as comfortable as the ones on his feet.

"Why do I have to stay here?" Drusilla pouted and stomped her foot.

"Dru! Fer Christ's sake, I'm just goin' ta get a damn carriage," he yelled and rolled his eyes. "I'll be back in a minute. I don't want you out on the streets by yerself, you remember last time don'tcha?"

Drusilla thought for a moment and a smile embraced her frame as she remembered the time he spoke about. She had wandered out onto the streets by herself and some men came, trying to start some trouble with the mysterious woman with raven hair and Angelus had to beat all of them until they were dead for they wouldn't stop fighting. He spent a week recovering from the attack, himself.

"Yes," she sighed and sat down on a side-table.

"Good," he told her, "I'll be back in a moment."

As he walked outside, he took a deep breath of the crisp night air and froze for a moment. Darla was near. He didn't stay still for too long though, for otherwise she'd know he knew that she was there. He looked about carefully through the wandering people until he found her and the lad, standing across the street, pretending not to pay attention to him.

Angelus smiled a little to himself and waved a carriage. He then helped the driver load their entire set of luggage onto the top of the coach before fetching Drusilla, helping her into it and then getting in himself. He tapped on the top of the roof and the driver headed off.

"And so the game is set," he whispered to himself as he stared out the window to find his sire and her new childe frantically looking for their own form of transportation.