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If Only You Knew


It was just starting to get dark when the huge doors opened, and the girls crowded round the entrance began screaming and shouting for their beloved Night Class. First came Kuran Kaname, Dorm Leader of the Moon Dorm and Pureblood, followed by Takuma Ichijou, Vice-Dorm Leader, with Kain, Kuran's 'Right-hand man', flanking his left, then came Aidou, Ruka, Shiki, Rima and the rest of them.

Yuuki and Zero were there too, of course. The two school prefects, Zero; grumpy and stern as always, and Yuuki; tough, yet blushing as soon as her Prince Charming, Kuran Kaname, would glide over and strike up a conversation with her. They were always there; everyday at the same time to keep the Day Class and the Night Class from "fraternizing", as Zero had once called it.


Aidou made his way past the screaming fangirls, flashing smiles all the while, making them scream louder, if that was even possible. Zero shot him a glare, his eyes venomous. Aidou simply smiled more, but walked just a tiny bit faster. Just before the Night Class got to the building where their lessons would take place, Aidou noticed someone sitting under an apple tree to the left of the gates they would enter. It was a girl, 16 by the looks of it. Aidou felt his curiosity piqued for some reason, and he couldn't help himself slowing down so as to get a better look at her. The girl had beautiful straight red-brown hair that fell just past her shoulders, and stormy blue eyes that were currently trained on a notebook in which she seemed to be sketching. Aidou looked at his wristwatch and realised that he still had about twenty minutes until class would start. He knew that by now, all the fangirls would have left and gone back to their dorms. Aidou could be very good at acting, and he decided to put that to use now.

"Ah! Crap!" Aidou said all of a sudden, making the others look at him, "I forgot something back in my room! I'm going to have to go back and get it, what a pain…" Aidou continued. His cousin, Kain, looked at his wristwatch now and sighed.

"Well, we do still have about twenty minutes until class starts" Ichijou pointed out. Aidou nodded,

"Well, see you then…" With that, Aidou turned around, and made his way back down the route on which they had just come, his eyes sparkling mischievously. He waited until the rest of the Night Class had gone into the building and the heavy gates had closed behind them, then stopped and made his way over to the tree under which the girl was sitting. She looked up as he approached, her stormy blue eyes regarding him warily. He looked down at what she had been sketching - a cathedral or church, Aidou wasn't sure which, but it was stunning, even though it was only in pencil. His eyes scanned over it a few times, drinking in every detail of the magnificent building. She didn't say a word the whole time, just watched him admire her drawing silently.

Finally, Aidou looked up to see her watching himself closely.

"You're one of the Night Class." She stated, rather then asked. Aidou nodded, then flashing a smile that made every girl in his fanclub swoon madly. Yet she remained unaffected. Aidou changed his smile from to a smirk now, and her expression changed from blank to puzzled. He leant down, breathing on the shell of her ear,

"Aidou Hanabusa, and you are?" She licked her lips, then bit her bottom lip, knowing the tousle-haired blond would notice.

"Kurai Tsuki" She replied, then gathering her pencil case and notebook, stood up rather fast, making Aidou have to step back quickly so she wouldn't bash into him. It was Aidou's turn to look puzzled now, and she flashed him one quick smirk before turning around to head back to her dorm. Aidou just stood there, staring at her disappearing form until he could see it no more, even with his Vampire enhanced sight. He then sighed, and turned back towards the gates in which his fellow classmates had entered about fifteen minutes ago. Talking about the time...

"Shit!" Aidou cursed and swiftly entered through the gates and into the building, the light breeze tousling his already tousled hair.


Aidou sighed loudly and dramatically, earning several looks from his classmates. Luckily, no one had asked what he had gone back to get, and Aidou thanked whatever God was listening as he would have a hard a tough time answering anyone who asked. The lesson was almost at its end, and Aidou decided that as soon as all lessons finished, he would find out about that girl. Wait! scratch that, he thought, realising belatedly late that it would be around three in the morning by the time the Night Class lessons would finish. He'd just have to find out another way to meet up with her again...

Soon enough, the lesson ended, and the Night Class students made their way to he next classroom in which they would have to endure another one of their teachers going on and on about famous Vampires and their lives... Honestly, it was all very boring.

The lesson had only started about ten minutes ago, when Ruka flicked a piece of scrunched up paper at Aidou. The teacher didn't notice, or pretended not to anyway. Aidou opened up the scrunched piece of paper to find three different handwritings across the paper.

Hell, I think this is one of the most boring lessons ever, Kain

I so agree... Rima

We should see how long we can keep passing this note around before the teacher decides to notice! Ruka

Yeah, that sounds like a good idea, Rima

Yeah, I'm in too! Ruka, now you pass it to Aido, and then get him to pass it to someone else, Kain

Kay, Aidou, pass this to Takuma next! Ruka

Aidou raised his eyes at Ruka, but decided he would play along. He wrote his own message on it, Takuma, pass this to someone else who hasn't already got it, then scrunched the paper up again and flicked it casually but with precise aim at the back of Takuma's head. It almost hit it's target. Takuma sensed it before it could hit the back of his head, and twisted round in his seat discreetly, catching the ball of paper in one deft hand, mere centimeters from hitting him in the face. Aidou cursed quietly under his breath, it would have been funny to see the piece of paper hit Takuma's head...

Takuma unfolded the piece of paper, his gentle brown eyes scanning over it quickly. Takuma sighed, and shook his head slightly, but complied, writing Shiki, pass this to the person next to you, and flicking it at Shiki, who turned around and caught just mere centimeters away from his face like Takuma had. Fortunately, the teacher had had his back to the class the whole time, writing on the huge blackboard at the front of the classroom.


Kurai Tsuki's stormy blue eyes were fixed straight ahead as she made her way back to the Sun Dorm. Her mind kept replaying the scene with... 'Idol-senpai'... His hot breath on the shell of her ear had one funny things to her stomach, not that she had let it show. She wondered if she would be seeing anymore of him over the next few days, if only at class changeover. Her mind instantly went to all the screaming fan girls that crowded round the Moon Dorm gates, hell how they pissed her off.

As soon as Tsuki got the the Sun Dorm, she went up to her room, locked the door behind her and put all her things on the desk facing her bed. She then went and sat on her bed, thinking over things. After a few minutes, she got up and changed into her pajamas; a black tank top that made her alabaster skin look even paler, and a pair of pink shorts, bikini boy cut style. Tsuki then got into bed after turning off the main light switch by the door, sinking under the covers. It took just a few minutes for Tsuki to drift off into a peaceful sleep, a sleep without 'those' nightmares for once...


Tsuki's stormy blue eyes opened to rays of sunlight shining in through the windows to the left of her bed, and she groaned at how bright it was, and that she had to get up to go endure another day of boring lessons. She got up, showered and then went down for breakfast.

The day went by surprisingly quickly; it was already ten to eight in the evening, meaning that the Night Class would be coming out in ten minutes. Sure enough, all the fan girls were already crowed around, waiting. All the while, Yuuki and Zero watching carefully, Zero's intimidating stare making most of the girls step back. Tsuki was underneath the same tree she had been when Aidou Hanabusa had come over to her. Actually, she was always under that tree, so she was curious as to why Aidou had only noticed her then, not that she had wanted him to! But still...


Just when you think you got it down

Your heart securely tied and bound

They whisper promises in the dark

Malice Mizer

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