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If Only You Knew


"Kaa-chan? When will Arianna and Yume-chan be coming round? Will they be here soon?" a six year old girl with beautiful blue stormy eyes and reddish brown hair asked. Her mother looked down at her, smiled kindly then bent down so she was eye level with the young girl.

"Yes, Tsuki, Arianna and Yume will be here soon I promise," she replied, her musical voice soft. Tsuki just nodded, then directed her eyes to the counter at which her mother had been preparing something. It smelled delicious, and Tsuki was sure it would have looked wonderful too, had she been tall enough to see the top of the counter properly.

Her mother noticed Tsuki's gaze, and laughed lightly, picking up her daughter so she could see the food upon the counter. Tsuki made a 'mmm' sound of approval,

"Well I'm glad you like how it looks," her mother said. Tsuki looked up and grinned cutely, nodding her head. She then jumped out of her mothers arms gracefully and ran out of the kitchen.

Just as Tsuki stepped out into the hallway, the doorbell rang and Tsuki made her nimbly towards the door before catching sigh of Arianna and Yume and squealing in delight. She opened the door, manners perfect, and welcomed them into the house before shutting the door behind long awaited guests. Well, long awaited in Tsuki's opinion.

"Aa, Arianna-san, kaa-chan is in the kitchen!" Tsuki looked up at the beautiful ebony haired woman, smiling in delight at having her friend come round. Arianna bowed once slightly, saying thank you, and making her way to the kitchen. Tsuki didn't need to worry about Arianna getting lost; the beautiful woman had visited so many times that Tsuki would be more worried about Arianna getting run over by elephants than getting lost in the house.

Tsuki then took Yume's hand and lead upstairs. They entered Tsuki's room, and the two sat down on the fluffy carpet then covered most of the floor space.

"So, Yume-chan, what would you like to do?" Tsuki asked, being every bit the perfect host her mother had taught her to be.

"Hm... how about we make things? Like, we cut things up and stick them on and draw and you know...?" Yume replied hopefully, her cerulean eyes shining. Tsuki agreed cheerfully, and the two then went over to the desk that held lots of artistic equipment. Tsuki grabbed two pairs of scissors and two glue sticks while Yume reached for some coloured paper and coloured pencils. They then went back and sat down on the carpet. Setting all the things down, the two began to create.

"Ita!" Tsuki suddenly said, looking down at the cut on her index finger. When she turned to Yume to tell her that she had cut her finger, she noticed that Yume's eyes were no longer cerulean, but blood red. Yume was her best friend, but still Tsuki couldn't help cowering in fear from the look of thirst and hunger in Yume's hazy red eyes.

"Tsuki-chan... come to me..." Yume sang eerily in a sing-song voice, while beckoning with her finger for Tsuki to come closer. Tsuki however, did not obey, and jumped up, fleeing from the room.

Rushing downstairs, Tsuki ran into her mother's arms. Her mother looked down at her with worried eyes, and Arianna was about to ask what was wrong before she caught the sweet smell of Tsuki's blood.

How could she have missed it before, Arianna mused to herself, inhaling deeply the smell of blood. It was surprisingly delicious, seeing as Tsuki was human... or was she, Arianna questioned. Before she could think upon that matter, the smell overpowered her, and she felt herself drawn towards the crying girl in her mother's arms.

As Arianna approached, Tsuki's mother looked up. Her face became aghast when she realised that Arianna's eyes were a hazy blood red.

With elongated fangs, Arianna swept in front of Tsuki, and snatched her swiftly from out of her mother's embrace.

"No!" Mika shouted in horror as she watched Arianna, the woman she had known for five years, sweep up her daughter, intending to drain her of her blood. Arianna looked up at Mika with a sadistic smile upon her features. All through this, Tsuki had been silent. Her fear had diminished all chance of moving, screaming, or doing anything for that matter at the moment.

Vampire... Tsuki thought... vampire... Then it all went blank. That was where Tsuki's memory ended. She knew she hadn't been bitten, for there had been no marks upon her body.

No, all she had found when she had woken up from her deep slumber was her mother... dead, upon the cold hard floor.


Tsuki shook violently as she remembered. That memory still haunted her, 10 years later, but who could blame her?

They had told her that her mother must have begged for her own life to be taken instead. They hadn't got any evidence, but that was all they could deduce. As for Yume, she had disappeared, simply vanished. No one had any idea where she was.

But why, Tsuki had always thought, why or what had made Arianna change her mind? Surely, she could have killed both her mother and her? Tsuki had no idea. Maybe it was just her over-active imagination, who knew?

Turning her thoughts away from that horrible memory, Tsuki thought about a certain blond haired Noble. She just couldn't seem to stop thinking about him lately.

"Kurai! What's the answer to question 7: y = x + 6, 4x + y = 21? What are x and y?" her Maths teacher's voice speared through Tsuki's thoughts, jolting her.

Of course, Tsuki had not been paying attention so the only response she could give was "I didn't get that far...?" The teacher shook his head but let her off, turning around and squinting his eyes; probably looking for another unsuspecting victim, Tsuki thought almost bitterly.

As soon as class ended, Tsuki jumped up in a haste to leave the classroom quickly in an effort not to be stopped by the teacher or anyone else. However, she wasn't as lucky as she'd hoped; all of a sudden, Zero was in front of her.

"Are you okay?" he asked, sounding like he might just care while looking away as if embarrassed to be asking her. Tsuki's eyes widened. Why would Zero of all people be asking her that? Her normally sharp brain was suddenly slow, the sudden question from Zero had really surprised her.

"Uh... Yeah, I'm... fine, thanks," she replied, almost uneasy and though she tried to mask it her voice clearly portrayed it. She saw Zero almost flinch; who wouldn't after hearing the tone in her voice, but then again, Zero was kind of asking for it. They had never spoken before, why start now all of a sudden? Okay, weird, went through Tsuki's head. Just then, Zero cleared his throat,

"The headmaster wants to see you," surprisingly his voice wasn't icily cold, nor was it like the tone he used for the fangirls... no, now that voice was, even Tsuki was forced to admit, scary.

"Oh, okay."

Then, Zero left with no goodbye. Well, of course not. This was Zero after all.


It was about 9:30PM , and her quiet footsteps were the only thing to be heard as Tsuki made her way up to the headmaster's office. Upon reaching the door, she knocked and went inside when a voice answered "Come in!"

"Headmaster Cross, you wanted to see me?" Tsuki asked, hesitantly. She had no clue why she was there.

"Yes! I did!" the headmaster cried out. It seemed like he was in one of his moods again... one of those moods. Tsuki groaned inwardly; this wasn't going to be easy. It would probably end up with the headmaster in tears (crocodile tears though!) after Zero came in and shouted at him for being ridiculous as always. She felt a little bad, but she really could see Zero's point of view when it came to the headmaster... then again, she was sure everyone did.

Tsuki waited for him to elaborate, which finally he did after prancing around his office a few times, tending to plants that were in pots overflowing with water, courtesy of the headmaster himself of course.

Upon finishing, he went back and sat behind his desk, his serious face slipping into place.

"I'm sure you don't know why you're here?" he asked. Tsuki shook her head.

"Your mother, Mika, she was killed by a pureblood vampire, Arianna. Arianna had a daughter," he paused for a second when he saw Tsuki's shoulders tense, "called Yume. We still don't know where either of them are, but I assure you, the council are looking."

Tsuki scoffed inwardly. The council? The only time they ever did anything useful was normally on Kaname's orders.

"The council however, believe that you might have been bitten. They would like to do some tests on you to see if you were," the headmaster caught Tsuki's outraged look, "I know, I know, they should have done this 10 years ago. I'm sorry."

"Don't be. It's not your fault," Tsuki half smiled reassuringly. The headmaster bowed his head.

"I'll get Zero to go back to your dorm with you. I would get Yuuki instead but well... she's doing some algebra homework and from what I heard earlier it's not going too well," the headmaster smiled fondly.

"Thanks" Tsuki replied.


"Hey," Tsuki said as Zero came up beside her. Zero just nodded.

The rest of the walk was silent except for the sound of their footsteps.

When they reached the door Zero left, too caught up in his thoughts to notice Aidou standing not a hundred meters away. Tsuki noticed him however, and the fact that Zero hadn't surprised her and mad her wonder what was on his mind.

She knew why Aidou was here. She had told him two days ago to meet her at Midnight, but she had completely forgotten. I just hope he hadn't been waiting too long, she thought sheepishly.

Tsuki shivered from the cold night air, waiting for Aidou to come over, who was in fact waiting for Zero to be far enough away. She looked sufferingly at the door that lead to the girl's dorm, so wanting to go inside and warm up. And go to sleep for that matter!

Finally, Aidou made his way to her.

"You know," he stated calmly.

"Know what?" Tsuki asked, smiling. Aidou frowned, feeling uneasy about the whole thing. Although, truth be told he was also very happy to talk with her again.

"I'm a vampire," Aidou replied, tensed for her reaction. However, her answer didn't make him worried.

"And I'm a human," Tsuki was almost grinning, until she remembered what Headmaster Cross had told her about the council, "Or not, according to the council."

The last part was muttered venomously, but Aidou heard clearly.

"The council? What have they done now?" he asked, feeling protective for some reason.

"It's a long story..." Tsuki sighed, looking at her watch, "And anyway, shouldn't you be in class?"

Aidou grinned, making Tsuki's heart skip a beat; he never smiled like that in front of his fans before! No, bad thoughts!

"Well, you see, I used my cunning skills and imagination to get out of class."

"What did you do?" Tsuki asked skeptically, though her eyes held mischief.

"I said I felt ill and had to go to the nurse," Aidou deadpanned. So much for cunning skills and imagination! Tsuki laughed, Aidou really was so cute sometimes. She could see why he had one of the biggest fangirl clubs. Wait, no, I did not just think that! Tsuki denied in her head frantically.

"What?" Aidou pouted, making Tsuki giggle. Aidou then smiled too.

"But seriously, what happened? You seemed pretty pissed off about it?" Aidou asked, serious this time.

"Well... please don't ever tell anyone else about this... ever," Tsuki said, serious. Aidou nodded, his eyes honest and clear.

"When I was six, I had a best friend called Yume. She and her mother Arianna were vampires, but I didn't know that. My mother did, but she thought it best not to tell me. One day, they came round. Yume and I went upstairs and we were doing something that involved cutting out with scissors.

"I cut myself by accident. When I looked up at Yume to show her what an idiot I had been, her eyes were red. A hazy blood red and she said 'Tsuki-chan... come to me...' Of course, I was scared like hell, so I ran downstairs to my mother. All of a sudden, Arianna's eyes also went red with bloodlust. She grabbed me from my mothers arms, and was about to bite me when I fainted. Everything just went black.

"When I woke up, I found my mother dead on the floor, all the blood drained from her. It was horrible... And now, the council think that I might have been bitten. But, there were no marks anywhere on my body, no bite marks of any kind. I'm also annoyed... okay, dead pissed that they didn't think about this 10 years ago! They want to do tests on me, to find out for sure. Urgh, the council pisses me off."

Aidou was awestruck. He had no idea anything like this had happened to her. He was also amazed that she had known about vampires since she was six, under horrible circumstances no less but still...

The blond noble heard her take a deep breath, and when he looked at her again he saw a tear slowly roll down her cheek.

He swept forward and pulled her into his embrace, soothing her.

Tsuki was without a doubt surprised but also extremely grateful. She really did need this.

After about 5 minutes of the two standing together, they let go. Tsuki's tears had stopped for the most part, but there was one still rolling down her cheek. It was just below her cheek bone.

Suddenly, Aidou lent forward, having caught sight of the tear. His face hovered in front of hers, their lips centimeters away. However he didn't kiss her, like Tsuki had though, rather he licked up the tear from her cheek.

It was tantalising to say the least, and Tsuki felt like she just shouldn't miss out. It might be her only chance.

Before Aidou could move back, Tsuki move her face upwards, locking their lips in a sweet, chaste kiss.

Aidou's eyes opened wide. What the hell?! ran through his mind. His brain had no clue what to do. His body however, did. One of his hands came up to cup the side of her face while the other rested on her waist. As his hands did that, he deepened the kiss earning a soft moan from Tsuki. He couldn't stop himself from growling lightly from the back of his throat.

After a while, Tsuki pulled back, her eyes hazy and disorientated and her lips flushed and slightly swollen. Aidou felt his ego rise as he saw the effect he'd had on her.

"I should go..." Tsuki said, her eyes still wide. Aidou only nodded.

"I'll see you around?" Tsuki half asked, half stated. She then turned and made her way into the dorm, her hand tracing her lips in wonderment.

Aidou smiled, then turned around and made his own way back to where he would have his next lesson.


As soon, as Tsuki got into her room, she flopped down onto her bed. No way, ran through her mind. She had just kissed Aidou! Aidou Hanabusa! But hell he was a good kisser!


We wiped away unforgettable days by nestling close together

You held my hand without any questions

Even if your feelings grow distant tomorrow

Surely my love will remain unchanged

"Cassis" - the GazettE


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