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The sun shone brightly through the window as I stretched, the stiff cramps in my body was painful as my mind tried to remember where I was.

Oh yeah, I was researching for my term paper on the computer last night. I groaned and got up, getting myself a glass of milk and downed it at once to drown out my hoarse and croaky throat. I glanced toward the clock, 1 in the afternoon. Wow, I must have slept long. I had come home around 10 last night...

I sighed and went into Angela's room, directly opposite to mine and knocked softly. I knew she probably wouldn't be awake but it wasn't good to get fat over sleeping too much and part of being a stripper was to stay fit and look sexy. Of course, I hated having to think about people who thought us stereotypical 'dancers' to always get ourselves anorexic and do drugs. Heck, I'd never even touched one before.

"Angela?" I called softly through the crack of the door as I opened it more.

There was faint breathing, her chest was heaving slowly as I got over to her bed, ready to wake her up.

"Bah!" I fell back instantly almost tripped, with my old equilibrium of balance I would have, but only faltered to stand with my new acquired ones.

"Jeez, don't scare me like that!" I yelled, amusement in my voice as well.

Angela was laughing at me with her grin wide and the bell chime of her voice loud in the room.

"Okay, stop laughing. Sheesh, it's mean enough you scare me you know." I grumbled and started stepping out of the room when Angela's hand wrapped themselves around my neck and we walked together like a small train into the living room.

"Fine, I'm sorry Bella-bear. I promise not to scare you anymore." She cooed me like a baby as we each plopped down on the sofa. I stuck my tongue out at her and turned on the television. It was another mindless sitcom, I switched the channel.

"So, what's planned for today?" She asked, ruffling her hair slightly.

"I don't know, but did you get some research materials for the term paper already?" I knew the answer before she said it out loud. She was always learning material, someone who absorbed education and loved it with a passion to make sure her life was changed.

"What do you take me for? Of course I did!" She flicked a finger at the side of my arm and took the remote instead.

"Let me watch the news already."

We finished watching the news and with grumbling stomachs, decided it was time for lunch, or afternoon high tea really.

"Where do we eat...where do we eat..." The soft tapping of her hands on the arm rest of the couch was the only sound in the room after turning off the tv. Her eyes were lost in thought as I stared at her, trying to wait out an answer.

"Well, I guess we could try out the restaurant downstairs...people say it's good." I suggested, still intent on what Angela. She had a real thing for gourmet food and usually picked what we eat, what with the healthy choices we had to make and all. Really, us two sister-like best friends should be deemed the most unrealistic of strippers.

"Hmm, okay!" She jumped out of the couch and stood up straight in one smooth movement. I held out my hand for her to take so she could help me up but she turned and walked a few steps before sighing and helped me up anyways.

"I knew you'd help." I smiled and went into my room to change as Angela smirked. I found a comfortable outfit, t-shirt and jeans combo, and dressed quickly, my stomach already begging me to pay attention to it. One is never controlled by the mind, but by the stomach. The stomach cannot be ignored. I laughed at the Pop-tart commercial I'd seen far too much and stepped out, at exactly the same time as Angela. Her brown curls were tied back into a slick ponytail, a few strands left to frame her heart-shaped face. We had matching outfits. I laughed and so did Angela as we examined each other.

"You really should tie up your hair today. It's messier than normal." Angela snickered and slapped the side of my butt before walking off. I lightly kicked hers from behind, just as she shielded it from me with both her hands and ran off into the living room. "I'll get you!" I yelled back, disappearing into my room to tie up my hair as well. Angela usually knew when I should tie up my hair, and today definitely seemed like a day to do just that.

My haystack of a hair, wavy curls everywhere were quite messy, even for my standards. I grimaced and tried running a brush through my hair. Nope, I think I broke another one. I laughed at myself and combed through my hair with my fingers, managing to have it look acceptable and then tied it up as well, letting a few loose strands stray.

"Okay, I'm ready!" I announced as I walked into the living room, Angela already putting on a pair of Converse.

"About time, slowpoke." I stuck my tongue out at her and put on a pair of white tennis shoes.

The restaurant ended up being quite packed and without reservations, impossible to get in. We were forced to go for the ever healthy and ever boring routine of sandwiches from Subway. Seriously, I think my stomach has conceived more wheat products than the average person should be allowed. Oh well, we're all about healthy in this century anyways.

As we ate, sitting on a one sided table facing the busy street, the stares and glares we got from our backs was inevitable. What can I say, me and Angela attracted attention. It wasn't too soon as two men, one with tanned skin and russet blackish hair, the other with brown hair pale and wore glasses.

"So ladies, mind we join you?" asked the strange russet haired man in his twenties.

"If we said no, you'd still join, right?" Angela asked, already knowing exactly how well men would react.

"You're probably right." He smiled, flashing his brilliant white teeth in contrast to his dark skin and sat down, along with his friend.

I could sense the nervous vibes coming off the man with the glasses, very uncomfortable and fidgeting with his hands as he sat beside his friend.

"So, what are your names? Mines Jacob." He smiled again and then the one with glasses spoke up, his voice slightly shaky. "And I'm Ben."

We nodded and smiled as Angela began, "I'm Angela and she's Bella."

Jacob seemed deep in thought, a faraway look on his face as he examined both me and Angela, not in a freaky stalker way, but acknowledging us and remembering our names with our faces.

There was an awkward silence as Angela and I continued eating. From my peripheral vision, I could see Jacob nudge Ben several times on his sides as he whispered something harshly, probably some instructions to say hi? I couldn't hear from the end of the table and resorted to reading Angela's face. For some reason, Angela was smiling, goofily, might I add.

I nudged her as well on the side, she almost dropped her sandwich on the ground but it ended up landing on the table, right where the paper wrapping was.

"What!?" She hissed at me, her gaze still partially locked on Ben.

"What are you looking at?" I inquired, somehow I knew already.

"Nothing," she whispered back. Oh, there definitely was something.

Realization hit me hard as I watched where she was looking at.

"You're hitting on Ben!" I gasped, unable to hide my excitement.

"No I'm not! Shut up!" She hissed at me again. Right...like I didn't already know. I giggled but had to stop abruptly as Angela nudged me.

Ben spoke up first, "So, do you two come here often?" He smiled meekly, his glasses drooped a little from his thin, long nose.

Angela's replying smile was large and her voice like dripping honey, "Well, we do come here often. How about you two?" I thought she should have just omitted the two and made it, 'How about you Ben? Do you come here often?' Haha, I had to laugh at my own little scenario.


Really, this chapter's just to show that, yes, JACOB IS IN THE STORY TOO. DUN DUN DUN DUN!! So's Ben. :)