Title: Riddles of Death

Title: Riddles of Death

Summary: Dr. Temperance Brennan has just died in a car crash leaving behind her only child in the custody of Special Agent Seeley Booth – a man she hasn't seen in over a decade. Now Booth must not only come to terms with his loss but also the news of now having a daughter. But why him? Why would Bones leave her child to a man whom she hasn't had contact with in over a decade? And why would Bones driving drunk in the first place? With more questions than answers, it is up to Seeley Booth to solve what he believes to be a murder and deal with the trials and tribulations of having a daughter.

Author's Note: I do not own Bones an any way, shape or form but if someone were to offer Seeley Booth to me, I wouldn't decline.

"Excuse me, is this Agent Booth?"

"Yes it most certainly is," Special Agent Seeley Booth replied into the phone. He was unable to recognize the woman's voice but her tone sounded urgent, "What can I do for you?"

"Well you see Agent Booth, I am terribly sorry to inform you but there was a car crash late last night – the driver was driving under the influence of alcohol. She died before even arriving to our hospital. We were able to get a hold of some people. As it turns out, she had a living will and a daughter."

"That is such a shame," Booth said, still not quite sure why the woman had contacted him, "Especially for that little girl, having to deal with the sudden death of her mother. My prayers go out towards her."

"That is very kind of you, Agent Booth but there is a reason why I have contacted you. You see, the woman listed you as her next-of-kin – next to her daughter of course – and…well, in the will, it says that she'd like no one else to raise her daughter but you. We have the will with us if you'd like to…"

"Who…who was it that died?" Booth asked, still growing more and more impatient.

"Dr. Temperance Brennan, Agent Booth. Do you recall her…"

"Of course I 'recall her,'" Booth snapped, "She…she was my partner."

"I am terribly sorry for you loss, Agent Booth."

"You…you said drunk driving?"

"Her blood alcohol level was way past being just intoxicated. She…she didn't have much of a chance. She was driving home and lost control of the car. It flipped over into a ravine. Several drivers reported the incident. She was died not soon after the EMS arrived on the scene."

"That…that isn't right."

"What do you mean, Agent Booth?"

"Bones – Temperance – would never drink and drive. Hell, she never even drank except for a few times with me and even then I don't think she liked it too much. There must be some sort of mistake."

"I'm afraid there isn't."

"Look, I worked with the forensic team at the Jeffersonian. I am credible with a lot of medical findings and I swear to you that Temperance Brennan didn't drink that night."

"Sir, I do apologize. I know this is hard on you but you are going to have to come down to the hospital. Her daughter is here and you need to look over the will as well as survive the body."


"Sooner would be better than later, yes."

"Okay. I'll be right over in about ten minutes."

"Thank you. Madeline hasn't left the waiting room since she arrived here last night. It's really shaken her up so if you'd like to talk with her first and give her some comforting advice…"

"I don't think I'll be much help."

"What do you mean?"

"I…I don't know Madeline. I…I didn't even know Temperance had a child."

"Oh my," there was a sudden pause on the phone, "Well, I am sorry. The lawyer has just be contacted so if you do not wish to have custody of Madeline, I am sure you could work something out."

"Uh-huh. And your name is…"

"Nurse Cecile. Just have the front desk page me when you arrive."

"Thanks, Cecile."

The nurse clicked off the phone and Booth turned his off as well. He couldn't believe what he had just heard. Temperance – Dr. Temperance Brennan – died because of driving while drunk? It didn't fit. Booth refused to believe it. Temperance hated drinking. She was an advocate for WADD – Women Against Drunk Driving. She had always insisted on driving him back to his place after he'd had two beers. She would never be caught dead driving drunk. And what was this about a daughter? Maddie? Madeline? Madeline, that was it! Since when does Temperance have a daughter and where is the child's father? It was very unlike Tempe to go and have a fling with someone. All these questions flooded Booths mind as he grabbed his leather jacket, shrugged it on, and hurried out the door.

As the black Expedition rolled down the high way, Booth ignored the speedometer. For some reason, this was more important that a traffic violation. He gripped the steering wheel so tightly that his knuckles grew a ghostly white. Within minutes, he was at St. Andrew's and trying to find a parking place. After parking the Expedition, he quickly hurried through the front doors and to the waiting room. The first person he wanted to talk to was Madeline. He made his way to the waiting room and saw a teenage girl sitting on the couch with her feet tucked up around her. She had long brown hair that fell mid-back. It was a dark brown likes Tempe's had been but streaked with deep-red highlights. She was picking at her cuticles – a habit Booth remembered Bones having – and her nails were painted a dark red – so dark that it was almost nearing black on the spectrum. Booth grabbed the back of his skull and tilted his neck to the right before taking a deep breath and making his way over to the girl.

"Madeline?" He asked, his voice gentle.

"You aren't another cop are you?" The girl asked, her voice on the edge.

"Well, my name is Special Agent Seeley Booth and I am an F.B.I agent but not a cop."

"The F.B.I?" The girl's blue-glass eyes widened.

"I'm not here to question you or cause you any more trouble, really," Booth tried his best to sound comforting, "I knew your mother. She was a very close and very dear friend of mine. We…we had lost contact once she took a job in Egypt to excavate a newly-found grave sight. I hadn't spoken to your mother in over a decade but I just got a call from here saying she had passed and that I…I was down as the next of kin. I am supposed to survive the body and…and from my understanding there was a living will that states I am to take custody of you."

"They mentioned something about a will and that you were left as my guardian."

"I…I am very sorry for your loss, Madeline."

"It's Maddie."

"Maddie," Booth corrected.

"They say she was drinking," Maddie looked down at her hands.

"Which makes no sense to me at all," Booth commented, "I will have someone check into this. I can contact the Jeffersonian. They can examine your mother's body more thoroughly…"


"Excuse me?"

"No," Maddie's voice relaxed as she spoke, "It's just…I don't want any more of this. I just want to be able to put her to rest and move on with this. And why the Jeffersonian of all places?"

"She worked there. She was the lead forensic anthropologist there. Her team consisted of four other members and me."

"I thought you said you were F.B.I."

"I am. They helped me solve a lot of my cases."


"So you don't want me to have them look over your mother's body? They can answer a lot of questions for the both of us."

"I…I just want to lay her to rest."

"It will take less than a week," Booth promised.


"Great. Now I'm supposed to take a look at your mother's body…"

"I…I haven't seen it. I don't want to."

"I understand. I'll go talk to some of the doctors and then I'll be back over."

"Mr. Booth…"

"Look kid, I raised my son to call your mother what I called her – Bones. I will have you calling me nothing else but Booth – just like your mother."

"Yes sir…"

"And I'm not a sir. I don't think I'm quite that old yet."

"Booth," Maddie corrected herself, "I…I have a question."

"Yes kid?"

"What…what's going to happen to me?"

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