Title: For All Seasons

Fandom: Naruto

Pairing: Sasuke/Karin

Rating: PG.

Word Count: 206

Summary/Description: Sasuke breaks bonds; Karin observes.

Warning/Spoilers: No spoilers.

A/N: Written for Yukari Rin for the 'write me this pairing in a dysfunctional way' meme. Epic T7 fight.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto, and no profit is being made off of this.

He presses his thumb into her upper arm; gently, but with a sort of malice, like he wants it to hurt. Not her, though. He doesn't want it to hurt her.

"Find Suigetsu," he says out of the corner of his mouth, and directs a look at her that says clearly that she is to leave immediately, if not before.

Karin considers. Not ten feet away from them, the blond stands, quivering in dull red rage. Emotions whip in and out of his eyes like a phantasmagoria, and it is like he does not quite know what to do or say first; he wants to do everything. His eyes burn holes into Sasuke. Beside him, a particularly ugly pink-haired girl stands, a finger at the blond's elbow, calming him, staying his hand. She looks at Karin as if she'd like nothing better than to rip off her limbs and put them through a blender. Karin returns the glare with a smirk.

"Go," Sasuke says, giving her a glare of his own, drawing his sword. The hilt nudges her slightly. "I'm doing this alone."

Karin watches as the faces of his old team-mates contort, and she makes a self-satisfied sound. She is gone before the battle begins.