Harry Potter and the Energy Drink Addicted Dinosaurs

It was Christmas in Harry's fifth year at Hogwarts. In the Great Hall was a huge Christmas tree, under which Father Christmas had put many presents. "From Hagrid for Harry," was written on one present. Harry unwrapped the present, and six colourful dinosaurs stepped out of it. Among them was a Pteranodon. And the dinosaurs suddenly spoke with Harry.

"We are magical dinosaurs and need a potion; if we drink enough of the potion, we will have a poison. With that poison, we can kill an evil person, and that person is Voldemort."

Harry said, "That is impossible."

But the dinosaurs went to Professor Snape and asked, "Could you perhaps brew a special potion for us?"

Professor Snape frowned and asked, "What kind of potion do you need?"

The dinosaurs replied, "It doesn't matter what potion, but it has to be an energy drink."

Professor Snape brewed the potion, and each of the dinosaurs received a huge glass of it. Finally, the dinosaurs told Harry and Professor Snape that they can make themselves invisible.

Then Professor Snape had to go to a conversation with Voldemort and took the invisible dinosaurs with him. The Pteranodon and the other dinosaurs silently walked over to Voldemort, but then they had forgotten how the poison was supposed to come out of their bodies. Suddenly, the Pteranodon whispered, "I know it; I know it. We have to bite Voldemort!"

The Pteranodon flew to Voldemort and bit him. Now Voldemort is dead. Nobody at Hogwarts has to worry anymore, and the dinosaurs made themselves visible again and are playing with Harry. As an award, each animal received a huge Lego City toy from Harry.

The End

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