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Darkness sadness is all he could feel right at the moment as he was walking down to his execution chamber. Death was supposed to be scary but he had no fear of dieing for once he died the kyuubi would finally have her revenge to all of the villagers that made his life a living hell. The kyuubi was patiently waiting for the perfect moment as well as Naruto. Naruto smiled as he and his vixen talked peacefully at long last.

"So kyuu do you know what to do when we reach the afterlife?"

"Naruto-kun we are not going just yet we are going back in time to stop this from even happning.

Naruto looked at his companion for all of the years over the years they had become close to each other but near the end of both of their lives they had become almost inseparable. Naruto had gained power far beyond anyone wildest dreams and he had gained a friend that would be with him in his last days always. But now they had a plan to stop this all together and stop the fall of the hidden villages. Naruto smiled as he was led to the execution chamber still smiling while the axe was raised and in a burst of red chakra Naruto the Rokudiam Hokage of Konoha disappeared. There was a slight lagh resounding in the air as the crowd dissapered into thin air. The stage literally disappeared from plain view as the past came undone and rewaund and changed. Out of the ashes that were the hidden villages they roze again and reappeared infront of everyone. Konoha stood once again in all of its splendor and power as it once had before the war. There legendary seal master Naruto Namikaze and his now unsealed wife stood on Naruto's head in there full glory. Naruto smiled and remembered the day he returned to the past.