Return to the past

After much delay and anticipation for all of my wonderful readers I have decided to come back to this story and nothing will be changed from the previous chapters. I know that when I first started writing all of my stories I was inexperienced and still in high School but I hope you as my readers will find a tremendous difference in my writing in both showing and telling. Now without further ado may I present the list of stories that I will be working on for the time being. Smoke Ninja Revised, Return to the Past, A new Power, and Nightmare comes to Town. The others have not been forgotten but they are on the back burners for the time being.

Chapter 6

Naruto, hinata and Obito had mastered the jutsus that they were given from the Uchiha clan library and they were out on the most satanic mission that plagued all of the gennin "Catching Tora the cat" also known as "The kitten from Hell".

Fuugan looked at his young charges with an almost satisfactory look as they plotted on how to gut the cat and stew it without the dynamo's wife even knowing about it. It was Obito who snapped first and he was rather rude and crude in his guesters at both Iruka and the Sandaim Hokage but it got the job done. The Third hokage relented and gave team 7 their first C ranked mission to the wave. Everything followed the same course like last time and in cannon till the demon brothers reared their ugly heads. This time Naruto purposely stepped in the puddle to give away their genjutsu to both his team and teacher both of which seemed not too noticed till the demon brothers came from behind.

Hinata was the first to strike and she planted her size five foot right in one of the brothers gut while Naruto knocked his opponent out with relative ease with a quick lightning strike to his shoulder near his heart. Obito came around from behind and tied the brothers up and the three just waited for their sensai to show himself.

Sorry for the teaser but I had to get my mojo going