Dear Reader,

Dear Reader,

This story, originally written for the slayerfanfic website, which had been unfortunately shut down and taken offline is now here, on . It was written in November of 2005 and received only one review but was regarded as a 5 star story and gained many hits while the site was active.

This is one story that I'm not sure that I will continue to write but I may try, depending on how people are receiving it. So please, do let me know if you enjoyed it and would like me to continue on with it. Otherwise, it stands as it is, with just one chapter and no real ending.

Now, about the story.

I am taking upon the assumption that you are not quite a "Ripperologist" and know every in-and-out of the unsolved mystery of Jack The Ripper. So, to get you up to speed to understand what is going on and what will be happening, there are a few things that you need to know.

Most importantly, you need to know what is real and what isn't in my story.

Each of the letters are the actual transcriptions of the Ripper Letters allegedly written by "The Phantom of Death" himself and sent to taunt the police (all except the "From Hell" letter, which was meant for a male victim for reasons you'll later find out). Those and the names of the victims, their date of death, the names of possible victims, the suspects and most of the names of the police are historically accurate.

Names of any sub-characters, however, are of entirely my creation in addition to the main character whom belongs to me.

The personas of Darla, Angel(us), Drusilla and Spike, however, are of Joss Whendon, Fox and Mutant Enemy's delicate crafting. I do not own them or any concepts of Buffy The Vampire Slayer such as the Watcher's Council, a Slayer, etc. besides what I have preceved on my own.

And so, that is that.

Please enjoy…