Ending 4

Kakashi went to bed that night feeling depressed, defeated, demoralized, and many other de-words that I don't even know. He'd done his best to tempt his father and had failed.

It was stupid of me to think he could want me anyway. I'm his son, after all…

Curled up in bed, Kakashi fell asleep thinking of his father, and how things would never be the way he wanted.

Sakumo snuck into the house hours later. He, like Kakashi, was feeling down. He'd tried to have sex with Minato, but in the end, he couldn't even get it up for him. Sakumo had sucked him off, but Minato's ego had still taken a blow. They'd both gone home feeling unsatisfied.

Sakumo peeked in on his sleeping son. He looked peaceful, sleeping in his little ball. He came into the room and knelt at his beside. He just wanted to watch the boy for a minute.

As he watched, Kakashi rolled over onto his back, pulling a pillow with him to cuddle against his chest.

Sakumo reached out and ran his fingers gently through the feathery soft hair of his only child. He wanted to hold him like Kakashi was holding his pillow. He couldn't though. He was shinobi enough to wake up if he got into the bed, and he'd definitely kick him out if he was found.

Kakashi had been an affectionate child, but as he grew older, he became less and less so. Now, he was more likely to tell Sakumo he hated him than tell him he loved him. Sakumo knew he didn't really hate him, but...it still really hurt sometimes…

"Son…" he whispered, his lips lightly pressed against his forehead, "do you love me? Would you care if something happened to me?" Sakumo wasn't sure why he was feeling so sentimental all of a sudden, maybe it was the alcohol?

Sakumo lips ghosted over his son's face. Down his nose, across his lips, along his neck, and back up. He wanted so badly to apply more pressure to those caresses…His fingers ventured further than his lips. Down his chest, around his nipples, over his stomach and hips…the hand kept going further and further down, Sakumo couldn't stop it. Apparently he'd reached his limit.

Beneath the sheet that was covering him, Kakashi was nude. He hadn't bothered to put clothes on after his earlier shower.

Sakumo's hand slid around Kakashi's soft penis, gently caressing it. He breathed in Kakashi's scent as his felt the younger man react to his touch. He grew in his hand, slowly at first, but then quicker as Sakumo increased the pressure of his movements.

Kakashi wiggled in the bed. He was slowly waking up from his father's touch.

Sakumo sucked his earlobe into his mouth as he slid into the bed fluidly. He pulled the pillow out of Kakashi's grip and threw it on the floor. Sakumo would replace the pillow.

Kakashi's hand searched for its lost companion. Instead of the cuddly white pillow, it found a warm, hard arm. Good enough. Sakumo was pulled closer to Kakashi. He was practically on top of him.

Sakumo strayed from the earlobe, trailing kisses down his neck, licking his way along his collar bone. A long wet lick up his neck, over his Adam's apple, coaxed Kakashi from his slumber. Sakumo didn't know it yet though.

Kakashi lay perfectly still when he awoke, eyes still closed. Whoever was touching him definitely wasn't Iruka. He was never that gentle, nor did he bother with foreplay while he was still asleep. Wasted effort, Iruka would have said. He didn't know who it was, but he was enjoying the attention, so he didn't complain.

Sakumo moved further down his son's body. He stopped at his nipples. They were so hard, at full attention. He had to give them the attention they deserved. He sucked the left one first as he caressed and massaged the right one. His tongue licked a wet circle around the nub, and then nibbled at it. They each got their rightful turn.

Kakashi lost his self-control when Sakumo moved to the right nipple. He had to know who was doing this. He opened his eyes and looked down in shock at his father, sucking happily at his second nipple. If it was possible, he got even harder at the sight. His hand instinctively went to Sakumo's head, to pet him while he worked.

Sakumo froze when he felt Kakashi's hand on him. He was too afraid to look up at him. Instead, he just went back to what he was doing, telling himself it was just an unconscious action of his sleeping son who was probably having a wet dream because of his attentions.

Kakashi's consciousness was impossible to ignore, however, when he was pulled back up to his face by the hair. Father and son stared into each other eyes for along time.

"What are you doing, Otou-san?"

"Something I've wanted to do for a long time."

Kakashi's fingers traced Sakumo's jaw, his thumb rubbing his cheek. Sakumo took this to be a good sign, so he leaned down and breathed into Kakashi's mouth, their lips brushing.

Kakashi tilted his head up to meet him. Their tongue slid together easily, as if it was something they'd done a hundred times before. Sakumo whimpered into the kiss, elated with the positive reaction.

Kakashi pulled his father's shirt up, his fingers dancing along his spine, making him shiver with pleasure.

Sakumo ground his hips into his son's thigh that he was straddling, moaning into his mouth.

Kakashi lifted the shirt off his father who immediately went back down for another kiss. The shirt off, Kakashi went for the pants next. He pushed at the top of them, letting his hands delve into them to grope the tight little butt hidden beneath them.

Kakashi rolled them both over and wiggled down the older man's body. He hooked his fingers inside the edges of his pants and pulled them down his legs and off his body altogether. He kissed his way up along his leg, stopping to lick the backs of his knees, which Sakumo greatly appreciated. He nibbled at the inside of his thigh, and slipped his tongue over that sensitive little bit flesh between his cock and his balls, stroking it.

Sakumo pushed his head into the pillow beneath his head, moaning loudly.

Before Kakashi could take him into his mouth, Sakumo sat up. He cupped his face in his hands and pressed another passionate kiss to his lips, steering him up with him. He got to his knees and pulled Kakashi into his lap, wrapping his legs around him, their cocks rubbing together.

Sakumo wrapped his hand around them both, squeezing and jerking; eliciting gasps and moans from both of them.

Kakashi ran his hands though his father's hair, thrusting into his hand. This felt better than he could have ever imagined. One of his hands strayed to their erections. He took Sakumo's into his, leaving his own arousal to his father.

They pet each other, their lips hardly ever leaving each other, eating each other's groans and whimpers. They were so gentle with each other, treating them like they were fragile and precious.

Sakumo rubbed his thumb over Kakashi's head and whispered, "I love you," into his ear at the same time.

Kakashi's whole body tensed as he emptied his load into Sakumo's hand. The moan he let out was low and deep, vibrating across Sakumo's neck and shoulder. The feel of it brought Sakumo to his own fruition. Their semen mingling, Sakumo carefully lowered them both back onto the bed, never letting Kakashi out of his embrace.

Kakashi had no qualms with that. In fact, he snuggled closer, burying his face into the center of his chest.

They were both quiet for some time after they finished recovering. Sakumo stroked his son's head, smoothing the hair back from his sweaty forehead. He wanted that time to last forever.

"Ne, Otou-san?" Kakashi said, interrupting the quiet. He inclined his head back so he could look up at his father's face.


"I know I don't say this as often as I should, but…I love you, Otou-sama. I love you so much. And…you know how I told you Iruka was in love with you?"

"I won't do anything with him, son, I promise."

"I know you won't, but that's not it. You see…he's not the one who's in love with you. I am."

Sakumo stared down at his son in wonder. "Y-You're…in love…with…me?"

"I know it's weird. I mean, I'm your son, and you're my father, but that's the way it is. When you're gone, I feel like a part of me is missing, but when you're around…that feeling goes away. And when we're together, all I can think about is making you happy. Because when you're happy, I am too. I love you, Otou-san."

Sakumo was having trouble breathing. His son's feelings mirrored his own. Was he dreaming? How could things turn out to be so perfect? He thought things like that only happened in movies.

"Son…I love you, too. I always have."

Kakashi smiled and wormed his way up to kiss his father once again. He couldn't remember the last time he'd been this happy.

"So…"Sakumo began when they'd settled into a comfortable cuddling position, "was it fun being Minato?"

"You knew?" Kakashi asked, not really concerned.

"Not until after the fact. And I really only suspected. I suspected Iruka too."

"Iruka would never come up with such a brilliant plan."

Sakumo chuckled. "I haven't submitted like that in a long time."

"Well, you'd better get used to it, Otou-san, because you're going to be doing it much more often…"

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