I finally got this next chapter up

I finally got this next chapter up. I'm still plotting how the first digimon/Arrancar battle will come out (the first battle doesn't necessarily count as the alliance had not yet been made). I'm going to have fun with it though and I hope you like it too. Ruki and Jenrya will arrive in the next chapter.

I've hopefully explained everything you all want to know about the different Quadrants question. As for any wonders about the Digital Hazard, it will be explained as the story goes on. Basically, however, it's an apocalyptic force that Takato and Guilmon house within their bodies.

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Chapter FiveChosen Children of the East and South

Taichi, Hikari, Yamato, Takeru, Daisuke and Ken arrived near Infinity Mountain, seeing the four Sovereigns waiting for them. they couldn't help but feel slightly awed at the sight of them all but quickly overcame it.

"It's a good thing you've all come." Azulongmon said. "As you know, Millenniummon has returned but not in our Quadrant, but in Zuqaiomon's. not only that, but he's residing in a Real World different than your own."

"Another Real World?" Daisuke repeated, confused.

"You can say it's another dimension that is as tied to the Digital World as your own is. Each Quadrant has its own Real World." Baihumon explained.

"So Millenniummon is in another dimension?" Ken queried with a frown. "It figures he would try something different this time around."

"He's trying something very different this time." Zuqaiomon grumbled bitterly. "He's taken over the body of Akiyama Ryo." The Chosen Children, save for Daisuke, who didn't know Ryo, gasped.

"That can't be. Ryo's strong… he wouldn't have let this happen!" Veemon exclaimed, surprising his partner.

"You knew this guy?" Daisuke gaped. Veemon looked a little guilty for having kept the secret from his partner.

"I was his partner once. Not his real one, mind you, but we worked together to stop Millenniummon. Ken and Wormmon were with us too." Veemon said. Daisuke turned to his DNA Digivolution partner, looking surprised.

"Am I the only one who doesn't know this Akiyama guy?" Daisuke asked, a little frustrated.

"Iori and Miyako don't know either." Taichi remarked but that didn't make Daisuke feel any better.

"We'll explain things to you later, Daisuke." Takeru said. "Right now, we should let the Sovereigns talk."

"Millenniummon has yet to actually start his attack against the Digital World, or the Real World he's residing in, but we fear he will fixate on the leader of the Southern Quadrant's Chosen. If the leader falls, I can assure you, Millenniummon will be unstoppable. I can't tell you the reason why as it his burdern to bear. Therefore, I'm sending you t where he is so you can assist him."

"Basically, we're going to babysit him." Yamato said dryly.

"I wouldn't be so quick to believe in the boy's inexperience, Ishida-kun." Azulongmon said. "He's quite capable, albeit a little more sensitive than either Taichi or Daisuke."

"I bet that's refreshing." Hikari mused. "A Chosen leader who isn't so reckless."

"Hey!" Taichi and Daisuke exclaimed in protest, causing the other Chosen to laugh.

"What's the guy's name?" Ken inquired, speaking for the first time since he found out that Ryo was possessed by his own enemy.

"Matsuda Takato. You'll be able to tell who he is by both his golden digivice and his unique partner, Guilmon." Baihumon said.

"It's time for you to head for the Southern Quadrant's Real World. I will assist in the process." Azulongmon said, creating a cloud around Gennai, the Chosen, and their digimon partners. The cloud followed Zuqaiomon as he returned to his Quadrant.

Takato, Ichigo and Rukia were working on homework together at Takato's place when Takato's D-Arc began beeping, almost frantically.

"We've got a big one on our hands." Takato sighed, standing up. Ichigo and Rukia stood up too, earning a curious look from Takato.

"We'll come with you." Ichigo said. "You're still injured." Takato didn't object.

They saw a rather large Digital Field and upon entering, Takato couldn't believe his eyes. The Chosen Children he had thought to only exist in the TV show were standing there, along with their partners and Gennai. Only six of the Chosen Children were there but they were still a formidable sight.

"Are you Matsuda Takato?" Taichi asked, eyeing the golden D-Arc in the Tamer's hand. The boy nodded dumbly.

"Well that saves us the trouble of finding you." Daisuke said brightly, holding out a hand for Takato to shake. "Motimiya Daisuke, at your service. My partner is Veemon."

Takato took his hand and shook it, a little shocked.

"Can you trust these guys?" Ichigo asked with a small frown. He'd never watched Digimon Adventure, and had thus, not known who the Chosen Children were.

"Yes. They're Chosen Children like me." Takato said.

"That's like what you said about that Akiyama guy." Ichigo muttered under his breath, only to get elbowed by Rukia.

"I'm Yagami Taichi, the leader of the Chosen Children of the Eastern Quadrant. I'm partnered with Agumon. Daisuke-kun is the leader of the second generation as we call them. It's nice to meet you. We were sent here by the Sovereigns to help you with Millenniummon." The large-haired boy explained.

Takato blinked in confusion and looked at his two Shinigami companions. "Millenniummon?" he repeated in confusion.

"You mean you don't know? The Sovereigns told me you had already encountered him. He's using Akiyama Ryo as a vessel." Yamato said.

"So that's what's wrong with him!" Takato gaped in shock. He was actually kind of relieved that he now knew the reason behind Ryo's uncharacteristic behavior. "But… how did you know who Ryo is?"

"Akiyama-kun was once an inhabitant of the Eastern Quadrant, where the Chosen live. He started his adventures with Agumon as his partner, saving the other Chosen and defeating Millenniummon." Gennai explained.

"Why didn't he tell us anything about this?" Takato frowned.

"That's something only he can answer." Gennai declared. "Who are your companions?"

"Kurosaki Ichigo." The orange-haired Substitute Shinigami introduced himself.

"I'm Kuchiki Rukia. It's nice to meet all of you." The noble said.

"I'm Ishida Yamato, Gabumon's partner. This is my brother, Takaishi Takeru and his partner Patamon." The older blonde boy declared.

"Ichijouji Ken. Ryo used to be a really good friend of mine." The former Digimon Kaiser said.

"I'm Wormmon, his partner." The timid green worm spoke out.

"I'm Yagami Hikari, Taichi's sister. My partner is Gatomon." The last of the Chosen introduced herself.

"It's a pleasure to meet you all." Takato said. "Maybe we should move to another place to discuss this further?"

"Good idea." Takeru stated.

Daemon raged inside the Dark Ocean. He'd spent the last few years trying to escape this prison with little success. He cursed the Chosen again for their part in his imprisonment.

Suddenly, he saw a portal open and two figures stepped out. Unwelcome figures.

"Akiyama Ryo?" Daemon gaped in outrage. Ryo smirked coldly.

"In body alone." Millenniummon's voice rang out from the human body. "Are you ready to serve me once more, Daemon?"

Daemon's red eyes gleamed as he recognized the one who once led him and his Brethren. "I'm more than ready."

Smirking, Ryo led Daemon through the Garganta and into Las Noches, leaving the Dark Ocean empty once more save for its normal inhabitants.