DISCLAIMER: I own nothing, I am not Stephanie Meyer unfortunately so I own none of the place/ cars or original characters ment

DISCLAIMER: I own nothing, I am not Stephanie Meyer unfortunately so I own none of the place/ cars or original characters mentioned, any new characters I might just so happen to invent they are mine.

As I sat at my biology table alone with just my books and my blade I sighed wondering to if the world would be a better place if I wasn't around. Suddenly I was pulled out of my thoughts when I heard my name being called on the loud speaker telling me t report to the principals' office. Crap, they must have seen the cuts. Was all I could think as I grabbed my things from the table and stuffed them into my messenger bag, walking swiftly down the isle between two columns of tables, my alabaster skin burning red as twenty five pairs of shocked eyes followed me as I left the room.

When I entered the principals' office I was surprised to see Edward Cullen sitting at a chair in front of the principals desk. I sighed, first in relief because this obviously had nothing to do with me and my self harming, but then in annoyance at the realisation at the fact that this had something to do with high schools Mr popular and sports superstar Edward Cullen- he had hated me since our first day in junior high. No idea why though he just seemed to hate me with a fiery passion. Not that I minded anyway. I think this is something that annoyed him more the fact that I wasn't burning with desire to join his little an club an that I was perfectly ok on my own. After I had been stood in the doorway for a few minutes Mr Johnson the schools principal was starting to get impatient.

"Why don't you take a seat Miss Swan?" he asked, an annoyed edge to his voice. I moved to sit in the uncomfortable orange plastic chair glancing over at Edward who was lounging comfortably in his own large cushioned chair. I sighed and looked at Mr Johnson not sure how long this would take.

"Now Miss Swan, I'm sure you know that Edward here is an A class sports star, ideal for this school to have with our dismal sporting records" she said eyeing me with his beady blue eyes. Good he was getting straight into it, I would get to leave soon go home shoot up on heroin and want to die alone. I realised he was waiting for an answer so I turned my sight back to him.

"Yes of coarse I know who Edward is" I replied, out of the corner of my eye I saw Edward smirk, I whipped my head around and shot him an evil glare and I saw his face straighten immediately. Mr Johnson coughed and both of us turned back to face him again.

"Well Edward" he said facing him "I'm sure you know that your grades are somewhat." He hesitated trying to chose another word for crappy, "colourful" he chose. I coughed to hide a laugh and Edward glare at me.

"And Miss Swan, your grades however are excellent, so with his sports star skills and your super grades…. You how where I'm going with this?" he asked. I looked at him shocked please don't say what I think your going to say.

"You what us to breed?" I heard Edward ask, and I wish I had a camera to show you his face!.

"No" Mr Johnson said trying to suppresses a laugh himself.

"No Edward" I said addressing him directly for the first time in my life. "He wants me to tutor you" I looked at Mr Johnson "am I Right?" I asked and he nodded.

"Very, Very right Miss Swan, You may leave now, I will fill you in on more details when the time comes" he said motioning towards the door.

I got up and Glanced at Edwards face: he looked outraged I knew for a fact there would be a shouting match soon, Everyone knew Edward wasn't one to old back when something he didn't like occurred. I walked down the corridor and heard the match begin.

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