New York, New York

New York, New York

c. 1887

Two weeks. We were gone for two bloody weeks and I knew Drusilla was already getting home sick. I couldn't believe it. With all the parties, dancing, feeding, theaters and such, it's amazing we actually just visited instead of staying there.

With a snigger I simply shook my head. It was no use to me or to Dru for me to go on whining about it so as soon as I thought she had fallen asleep, I snuck to the closet and got my coat. I was determined to find my darling a little excitement. I was also halfway to the door when I got caught.

"Spike?" I heard my love call to me from the bedroom.

I cringed. Oh, I was going to get holy hell for trying to go out without her tagging along. Ever since the docks back in England she became quite possessive of me. Sometimes I wonder if she actually eavesdropped over mine and Darla's conversation but then I remember that Dru's been raised as a lady; prim and proper. She wouldn't have done anything like that.

Sighing, I walked into the bedroom. "Yes, sweetheart?"

"Where are you going?"

"Out for a little while," I responded as vaguely as I could without lying. "I should be back in an hour or two."

Drusilla sat up in the bed so her back was leaning against the headboard and the pillows. She folded her arms crossly. Her raven hair fell in front of her face creating a sort of veil and the tiniest of pouts began to take form on her lips.

I sighed softly. She had the advantage, as always with me. It wasn't fair. "Oh, don't be like that. You bloody well know I can't resist you and that I hate it when you're not happy."

She let out a small whimper and opened her arms. I didn't want to. I really didn't this time but…but the way she looked at me…

I took off my jacket and hung it on the silent-butler that stood in the far corner of the room then slipped off my shoes and crawled under the covers of the bed next to her. I pulled her close and kissed the top of her head. She was naked, thus increasing her advantage over me, though, I really do believe she had no idea of what power she held…

Well, yet, anyway. She didn't know yet.

With a small, pleasurable sigh, she snuggled up into me; however, she was still pouting a bit. "Why weren't you going to allow me to go?"

"Dru," I began but stopped. She was pressing up against me and I forgot what I was going to say. Finally, however, I regained my composure again. "Drusilla, if you don't stop that I'm not going to be able to…" I suddenly gasped in a sharp breath. "Dear God!"

She giggled a bit; slowly realizing what I had begun dreading since the day she had sired me. I may have the advantage on the battlefield with all the tricks of the trade that Angelus had begun to teach me but… At home? In the bedroom? She was dominant.

"Alright," I eeked out. "I – God, Drusilla, stop that!"

A low chuckle merely rumbled in Dru's throat as she ignored my command and continued to stroke 'me'. "Come on," she sulked. "Please, Spike?"

I leaned in and kissed her deeply. I pushed my tongue into her mouth and found surprising warmth inside. She bit it and drew blood just as she had only a few weeks before while we were still in England and getting ready to leave. I pulled back and frowned. "You really need to break that habit, Drusilla," I warned her. "No more play time if you don't."

Apparently, a little blood came pouring out the side of my mouth in a little trickle. I didn't notice it but Dru did and she leaned in and licked it off. As she did that, she pushed extremely roughly on my already growing bulge. That was it. I lost it.

Pushing her onto her back I began planting kisses all over her body. Bloody hell, she was…perfect. More so than any other woman I had seen in my whole life. Cecily couldn't have been more beautiful than she.

She isn't yours boy, Angelus' first words to me once we were alone echoed in my head.

She let-out a soft, elated cry and twisted her fingers in my hair and scratched pleasurably at my chest, back and arms. I pulled myself ontop of her and kissed her fully on the lips and whispered to her, "You are mine."

Drusilla gasped happily at the tingling sensation floating through her body. "Yes…"

"Do you want me to…?" I began but stopped. She knew what I was asking.

"Make me bleed…" she confirmed.

She may be a bit lucid, but she knows what she wants in terms of pleasure. For some reason, pain, was something she craved during our lovemaking and as much as I hated to admit it, I gave it to her. Only when she truly wanted it though. Most times I would try to ignore her cries for it but it seems it would be the only way to make her come…and tonight…I actually wanted it to just give her the kind of pleasure that she beseeched and lusted for.

"And burn?" I inquired with a mischievous grin.

"Like the sun," she begged.


We pleasured and hurt eachother in a brutal frenzy after that. One of the best damn nights in my life to be quite honest. When we finished, we laid in a pool of our own blood, panting more from excitement rather then exertion from our sexual antics.

Drusilla lay atop my chest with her eyes closed and head resting on my shoulder as I stroked her hair gently.

Why would she have ever chosen me? Of all the chaps out there, she chose…me. She really could've had anyone she wanted on a whim for but instead, she favored a nameless ponce of what was supposed to pass by as a man and made him into something he had never even dreamed of.

I told myself that I would never make her regret it and I won't. Even with small 'favors' and 'tasks' such as this.

"Mmm," she withered pleasurably and opened her eyes. She began watching her finger as she drew lazy circles on my chest with her nail. "You made me rumble and clash…like a storm in summer. Did you hear?"

I smiled down at her. "Of course I did. How could I not?" She giggled and began acting like a cat. She rolled onto her back, scratched at the air and then looked at me upside-down as she batted her long eyelashes. I couldn't help but smile. "What is it, Dru?"

She reached up and caressed my cheek with the back of her hand as she gazed at me, still upside-down and giggling. "We did things Angelus would be quite upset about."

I nodded and laughed along with her. "Yes…indeed we did." Drusilla made a small purring sound then crawled ontop of me. I frowned a bit. "What are you doing now, pet?"

She straddled my chest and stared down at me, letting the bed's sheets fall from around her body, leaving her completely exposed. I winced as I looked at her. The wounds that I had inflicted upon her were already starting to heal but it was still hard to look at – what I did, and what her twisted pleasures had actually wanted.

Drusilla ignored my question and took my hand. She cupped it over her breast and made my thumb run over her nipple. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling for a moment, I simply smiled but then, I saw it. One small bruise underneath her right breast. I frowned at it then leaned up and kissed it.

"Spike!" she cried, a bit surprised and opened her eyes.

I looked at her innocently. "What?"

"That was naughty," she scolded and crawled back under the covers with me.

With a simple laugh I pulled the covers back over her and wrapped her up in my arms. "And the other things we did – the ones that 'Angelus would be quite upset about' – weren't?"

"No," she retorted. "I wanted those. You do remember what Angelus said?"

Letting out a playful growl, I tackled Drusilla then straddled over her this time. I kissed and licked where I had made my 'vampire kiss' as Dru likes to call them; the gashes on her neck that I make that won't heal for several days and sometimes even weeks. "How about we quit talking about 'im, hmm? There's no need to ruin a wonderful night such as this with talk of him."

Drusilla nodded and wrapped her arms around my neck. "Spike…"

I stopped what I was doing and pulled back so I could see her face. She looked a bit fatigued. "Yes, darling?"

"I'm sleepy…" she mused, confirming my suspicions.

"Of course you are, sweetheart," I whispered back and then gave her a small kiss. "We'll sleep now." I gave her a sly look and I ran my hand down from her shoulder to her hip and roughly placed it there – just as she liked it. "We can always finish this up later."

She turned onto her side so that she was facing me then scootched in closer. "Promise you won't leave until I go to sleep? All the way?"

I closed my eyes and kicked myself mentally.


"No, Drusilla," I crooned to her as I rubbed her back gently. I felt her frown a bit and I knew she was going to pout so I added quickly before she could interrupt, "I'm not going to leave at all. Not unless you're by my side."

"Good," she said with a nod.

"Uh-huh," I mumbled and held her tighter. "Nighty-night, kitten."

"Goodnight, Spike," she giggled. For some reason she loved saying my new nickname…


We stood at a random corner, (most likely somewhere near 6th and Vine), looking about at the bustling streets. People quickly shuffled past us, trying to get home, while others merely strolled along.

Whores stood at corners opposite us. Several of them offered their 'business' to Drusilla and I but it would apparently cost extra if Dru 'joined in'. And we gladly obliged.

I took their conditioned offer and then even told 'em I'd pay more if they'd go into the alley with me instead of a bed….

They tasted like…ugh, there's not even a use to describe how vulgar the taste was.

"They tasted of curled milk, Spike," she pouted. "And I'm still hungry."

"Drusilla, sweets," I groaned. "I know. I can't help it. I'll find you something good. Just give us a moment, alright?"

"Fine…" she grimaced.

I smiled and kissed the top of her forehead. "Good girl."

For about an hour we stood there. I pointed out different people of all natures. My lover rejected each one. That was it. I got too frustrated and turned to her, almost yelling. "Then what the hell do you want Drusilla? I'm trying my best here! You said you were still hungry and you're rejecting everything from whores to businessmen!"

I recoiled from me. I sighed and softened instantly. God, I hate her…she….she's difficult but – damnit! Fuck what I just said. I love her. It's just that…she can't make up her own psychotic mind! Gets frustratin' after a while, y'know?

I wrapped her up in my arms and she looked up at me, eyes pained and angry…with conspiracy also planted behind them. "I didn't say what I was hungry for though…"

"Do you want to go back to the hotel, Dru?" I sighed heavily.

Her hand slipped down to my breeches. I gasped in a small breath. She giggled. "Yes…"

I should've known better.


When we got back Drusilla was already trying to undress me at the door to our room. I swatted at her as I tried to find the key for the door in my pocket.

As soon as the door opened I stopped. I heard it. No! They couldn't have…

The sound of voices conversing trailed from our bedroom and into our ears. Drusilla smiled gleefully and skipped into the room and I came not even a second behind her.

Angelus lay on the bed with Darla – fully clothed thank God – talking. As soon as we came in they looked up at us and smiled. I glared and Drusilla grabbed my hand.

Unfortunately she was excited about seeing them.

"Ah, William," Angelus grinned. "Been waiting for you, lad."

"I bet you have," I mumbled.

"Oh Angelus," Darla said almost disappointed, "it doesn't seem that they are happy to see us."

"No," Drusilla laughed gleefully in reply, "we're quite happy to see you! Spike and I are having such a wonderful time here! There are so many delightful things in America – I like America."

"Yeah," the 'alpha male' of our family drawled, "so I've heard."

I could feel my arm slipping around Drusilla's waist again and I knew that I was sure to get holy hell for doing this – especially in front of Angelus but I couldn't stop myself. He thinks that she is his – ha! If only he knew the truth.

Just as I suspected, a sudden frown formed on his brow and he began to get off the bed slowly. He had the eyes of a predator and the strength of one, I admit, but his wit was too far off for a bloke like me. I may not be the strongest or the bravest – yet – but I do know some things.

I studied people when I was human, I still do, and I've learned how to predict certain people and beyond all reason of a doubt, Angelus is a creature of habit when it comes to his dominate and controlling nature in this family.

"Alright, boy," he hissed as he walked up to me, "your fun and games are over."

The arm that had been holding Drusilla close, I could feel suddenly pushing her back behind me. "I don't think so," I then heard myself say coldly.

What a stupid git I was then but at that moment, I knew Angelus gained a bit more respect for me. I could see it in his eyes.

That didn't matter, however. My arse was going to be beaten beyond all recognition and that I also knew. I winced a little as he put his face right up in mine; his nose touched mine and his deep eyes stared back into mine.

Bugger all.

"Don't!" I heard Drusilla abruptly call and then saw her come between Angelus and I. "Don't punish Spike!"

The Beast took a step back and gazed at Drusilla in pure confusion and anger, "what did you say to me, girl?"

She looked as if she were about to cry.

I took that moment and I sucker punched Angelus right in the side of the head.

He fell to the ground with a resounding thump and I turned to Darla who looked horrified. I gave her a warning glare when she looked up at me before I grabbed Drusilla by the wrist and dragged her out of the room and onto the street.

I found a couple of boys playing marbles and I told them I would give them two pennies each if they were to get me a coach within two minutes.

They came back in one.

I hurried Drusilla into the back and followed her quickly behind. I hit the top of the stagecoach and yelled, "Driver! To the station – time is of the essence so the faster that you get there, the more you'll get paid! Y'hear?"

The horse whinnied and we were off.

I sighed heavily in relief but I knew that feeling wouldn't last long. Angelus and Darla would soon be off and following us.

Looking over at Drusilla, I found her to be utterly terrified. I smiled a little and reached over to stroke her cheek but she moved. I frowned a little. She shot me a poisonous glare and I felt my stomach churn.


"Bad, bad," she grumbled. "Bad naughty Spike! Making Daddy angry – Miss Darla wasn't pleased at all either."

The carriage jostled as we went over a bad stretch of road and Drusilla was bumped out of her seat. I caught her and pulled her onto my lap. She struggled for a moment but then stopped and pouted furiously.

I kissed her temple and nuzzled her cheek as I whispered to her gently, "I love you, Drusilla."

"Naughty Spike," she whined and turned her head farther away from me. "Bad, wicked Spike…why wouldn't you just let them come with us on our holiday?"

"Because it was our holiday," I told her still in a hushed tone as I moved down to the nape of her neck, "from them." She was about to say something in reply but I stopped her. I turned her around so that she straddled my lap and was looking at me in the face. "Do you honestly love me, Drusilla?"

She licked her lips that had suddenly gone dry. There were readable emotions in her eyes but I chose to ignore them and rely on what she tells me. I need to hear the truth from her own lips.


She didn't answer me.

I knew what that meant.

I turned my own head away this time; I didn't want her to see my eyes.

It's been said for God knows how long that the eyes are mirrors of the soul and even though I don't have one and neither does Dru, it's still true enough that one could find whatever answers one was looking for in them.

The coach then again suddenly jolted. The driver called out that we had come to our destination and I stepped out then helped Drusilla down. I paid the man generously for his speediness and he went off; back into the city most likely to try to find more customers like myself.

Sighing, I turned and kissed Dru on the forehead, "goodbye then, lovely."

I turned away from her but as I did, I could see her brow begin to knit together in a mildly confused manner. "Spike?"

I didn't turn back around. I wanted to but I knew that I couldn't. She didn't want to be with me and I wasn't going to make her. I took my usual strides as I made my way over to the ticket booth.

"Spike?" Drusilla called again.

Her voice was unnaturally tight.

I winced but kept walking.

"William!" she suddenly cried out and rushed over to me; running in front of my path and blocking me.

I looked down at her but I didn't answer her.

My coldness was affecting her; she grabbed the lapel of my shirt and started crying as she rested her head against my chest.

"I'll be good," she promised through her choking sobs, "I'll be good! Please?"

"I'm not going to make you love me, Drusilla," I told her and looked at her face. It was soiled with tears. "And if you don't love me I don't see why you should be with me – you should be back with Angelus. He'll be here soon anyway so you won't have to wait long."


"When I told you I loved you Drusilla, I wasn't lying," I said, taking a step away from her, "but I'm not going to deal with it anymore Drusilla – I just simply won't. I'm not going to 'share' you with that bastard, Dru.

"I can't stop you from not loving me and I can't stop you from loving him and if you do love him and not me, why fight it? Why pretend? Just wait for him here, Drusilla. He'll be here shortly and he'll take care of you. I'm not sure if he'll actually love you in return with Darla and all but…he'll take care of you."

She shook her head and told me, "no."

A sudden wave of anger hit me and I still to this day have no idea why but it did and I found myself snarling at her, "no? What do you mean, no!"

"No," she swallowed, "no he won't." She got fidgety and wouldn't look me in the face. "Not like you."

I paused and waited for her to go on.

"You're my knight," she whispered and her eyes got all misty again as her lips formed into a pout. "You're my black knight in blood spattered armor and I'm your lady – just like in the stories." She then suddenly got angry herself and started to fidget even more than before saying, "the knight never leaves his lady!"

"That's only because they love eachother," I tell her, taking a step back towards her and cup my hand around her cheek. "But apparently this story doesn't have that love."

For a moment, I took my eyes off her and looked behind me as I heard the clatter of hoofs coming towards the train station. That must've been Angelus and Darla, I figured. I didn't have much time for the long goodbye that Drusilla was taking.

"Angelus is here," I said, trying to smile. "I have to go."

I let go of her and then walked around her, making my way up to the empty ticket line. The train was going to leave soon and I had to board quickly.

"William!" she cried again and rushed up to me.

"I want to go," she pleaded and her eyes got wide. "Please, Will? Let me go too?"

Once again I turned and looked behind me; Angelus and Darla were climbing out of the carriage. They had already spotted us but took a few moments to get out of the coach almost daintily.

I turned back around and looked Drusilla in the eye, "do you really want to leave with me?"


Without another word I grabbed her again and ran with her to the man selling the tickets. He told me the train was already leaving the platform but I growled savagely at him and he gave me two tickets. I didn't even have to pay.

What a nice bloke.

The train huffed loudly as it picked up speed and started to leave us behind. I roared in a frustrated manner at the man standing in one of the entryways and yelled, "stop the train!"

The conductor leaned outside and saw us running behind. He held out his hand and told me to help Drusilla onto the train first and I did so. I then let go of the train and took a couple of big steps then leaped up and grabbed for the metal handle again.

I made it and swung around on it to find Angelus and Darla steaming angrily on the platform. I smiled…

– dare I say it? –

You bet your shiny-arsed boots I dare!

I smiled cheekily at them. And waved too.

Yet another daring escape.

The conductor scolded us and told us that we needed to be more prompt next time and we nodded our heads sullenly. We didn't want to argue, we wanted to be seated.

All the compartments were full except for one in the way back. We past it thinking that there might have been better ones but there wasn't so we had to drag our tired feet all the way into the back again.

I slid the door open and let Drusilla go in first. She sat on the seat on the right, near the window and I took the one on the left. She whimpered unhappily when she saw me do so.

I wasn't in the mood for any games.

I took off my hat and lay down on the cushioned bench then placed my hat over my eyes. I was fatigued beyond all reason and I needed some sleep.

I suddenly felt extra weight on my body.

I didn't look but I knew it was Drusilla.

She crawled ontop of me and then straddled my lap before taking off my hat so she could look me in the eye. I didn't say anything.

Leaning in, she gave me the sweetest kiss I had ever experienced.

"I love you," she told me so honestly I almost had to choke back a sob. "You're my special boy."

I allowed a thin smile.

I was about to say something when Drusilla put a finger over my lips and told me, "shhh, I know. Keep your poison sweet serpent – honey it is to only you."

She took off one of her gloves and pushed some stray locks of hair out of my face and smiled tenderly at me. I sighed as I pulled her to my chest and stroked her hair.

Yes, indeed it was a miraculous escape for Drusilla and I but I knew that it most certainly would not be our last.

With the train rocking and humming gently, we both fell asleep and we both were happy or, well, as happy as fugitives could be since we were in more ways than one.

And as Drusilla loved to view it: we were like wolves to a lamb – when we saw an opportunity, we took it.

Bravado and optimists were we and ill-fated little prats were those baboons following us.

Life seemed good though, as we slept.

Why should I have tainted it with thoughts of horrors such as those?

To Be Continued...