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He finished up his breakfast in the dorm cafeteria and headed out. Just like always there was a small crowd of boys just outside the entrance. Just like always as soon as he appeared there was a joyful shout of good morning and Moka coming over to take a hold of his arm and begin the walk to the academy. Just like always the other boys stared at the two of them in jealousy and incomprehension.

This wasn't the first time they'd gotten together this morning, they'd spent an hour together working out and sparring. Naruto actually thought she looked even cuter in her grey T shirt and shorts, even without her make up. Some girls were just naturally beautiful he supposed.

"I'm really famished," she said to him. "So can I?"

"Sure," he said to her.

She eagerly leaned in to bite him and have her morning meal. The pain of her bite was slight and after a month he was used to it. But this time…

"Ow!" As she let go there much sharper pain. Naruto slapped a hand to his neck and was very surprised to feel something warm and sticky. "You left a wound this time!"

"I'm so sorry! Here let me help." She pressed a handkerchief to the small wound to stop the flow of delicious blood.

"You've never left a wound before."

"Sorry, I'm really sorry; I guess I got a little over enthusiastic." She pulled back her handkerchief. "The bleeding has stopped."

"Ah, it's all right, just be more careful o.k.?"

"Sure!" She reached up to the back of his head and he felt a sudden painful yank as some of his hair was torn out.

"Ow! Ow!" He stared at her. "Moka what are you doing?!"

"Grey hair," she explained.

He stared at her. "Please stop causing me bodily harm Moka-chan."

"Sorry," she put her arm back around his. (He watched warily to make sure she didn't suddenly start scratching him.) "Now you are still coming to my room Saturday to study with me right?"

He grinned; normally they studied together in the library. But Moka had suddenly invited him to study with her in her dorm room, alone. "Are you kidding? I wouldn't miss it, even if it is October tenth."

"Oh? Is there something special about October tenth?" Moka asked as they were walking again.

"It's… it's a day of mourning for me, normally I would just spend it alone."

"Really?" He thought she sounded a bit surprised. "That's awful Naruto-kun, who are you mourning?"

He hesitated, but went ahead and answered. "My parents," he said quietly. "But I mourn that day for other reasons too."

She was curious to know more, despite all their time together she knew almost nothing about his past. But she could sense that that this was not a subject he wanted to talk about. So she just walked with him for a ways in a comfortable silence. She spoke again as they approached the academy. "Oh could you please tell Kenpachi-sempai that Yukari and I won't be attending the club events today? We both have some tasks we have to take care of that can't wait. We'll both probably be gone until tomorrow."

"What do you mean gone?" He asked her nervously. "Where are you going and why didn't you mention anything earlier?"

"Oh it's no big deal," she patted his arm reassuringly. "We just have to leave the academy to get some things."

"Wait! You're leaving the academy? I thought that wasn't allowed until we graduated."

"We aren't allowed to go to the human world until we graduate. But there are other worlds, other places, where we are free to visit." She didn't mention that Yukari was going to the human world. She had been granted special permission to do so since that was where her parents resided. "Anyway we'll both be back some time tomorrow."


Following her last class she said goodbye to Naruto and hurried out to the bus stop where Yukari was already waiting.

"Hey Moka," the young witch chirped. "Are you ready to get Naruto's presents?"

From out of her jacket pocket she took out a ziplock bag with a few items inside. "I sure am! We'll give Naruto-kun the best birthday ever!"


One Week Earlier

Kurumu was eying Moka and Yukari suspiciously. "All right Moka why did you invite me to your room? What is this about?"

Moka smiled happily. "Since Naruto considers you a friend I just thought I'd ask you if you'd like to help us throw him a birthday party."

"Wait, he told you when his birthday is?" Kurumu frowned. "I asked him but he wouldn't tell me."

"Well, he wouldn't tell me either." Moka admitted.

"Then how did you find out?" Kurumu asked.

"Actually, I took care of it." Yukari said proudly. From behind her back she produced a manila folder with Naruto's name in the tab.

"You got his personnel file?!" She snatched it out of the little witch's hands. "Give me that!" She opened it up eagerly.

"Don't bother," Yukari told her. "There's nothing in there about his family or his hometown."

"There wouldn't be anything about his family." Moka said sadly. "Naruto-kun is an orphan."

"That's too bad," Kurumu said. "I would have liked to have met his parents. But at least his birthday is on here, October tenth. That's next week." I already know exactly what to get him!

"So will you help us give Naruto-kun the best birthday party ever?" Moka asked.

"Yahoo, of course I will. And you can leave the birthday cake and all the refreshments to me." The two other girls were both happy to agree.

"Well now that we have that out of the way." Yukari produced another folder, this one with Kurumu's name on it. "Tell me water balloon girl how did someone with so many D's even get into this academy?"

"Hey! Give me that!"

"No way you top heavy tramp." Yukari shrieked as Kurumu immediately began chasing her around Moka's apartment.


The Previous Day

"Naruto-kun, can I ask you something?"

He looked at her nervously. "You want some more blood?"

"Oh no, maybe later though." Moka said. "I was just wondering, what would you wish for if you could have anything? If you were granted just one wish and it could be anything at all what would it be?"

To go back in time and strangle the Kyuubi as he was being born down in hell. Of course he wasn't about to mention the Kyuubi to anyone, especially not to Moka. Not only was he under orders not to speak of it, but he didn't know how monsters would react to a human with a demon sealed inside of him. He certainly wasn't going to tell Moka something that might make her hate him.

"Anything at all? Even if it was something impossible?" She nodded. "Well, I guess I'd want the same thing every orphan wants, I'd want my parents."

"You're an orphan Naruto-kun?" Moka said sadly.

Naruto smiled and waved it off. "It's not a big deal Moka-chan; I accepted it a long time ago. My parents were both killed the day I was born. My village was attacked you see, and many ninja were lost. I have no living relations, or so the old Hokage told me. So I've never known what it's like to have a family."

They continued in silence for a short time as Moka pondered Naruto's wish. In her true form she had great powers, not only physical strength but other abilities as well. She also had access to other powerful beings. But what he was asking for was far beyond her ability to grant. "Would it be enough if you could just see and talk to them for a few hours?"

He laughed. "Yeah, even that would be amazing."

Naruto missed the slight nod, and if he had seen it he wouldn't have understood its meaning anyway. Moka had just decided what she was going to give him for his birthday.


Moka was the only one riding the bus now, Yukari had already gotten off at the human world.

"Have you been to the world of the Djin before?" The bus driver called.

"Yes, once with my father, a very long time ago."

"So you understand the enchantments that are a part of the land there? Even a vampire is subject to them."

"I know," Moka answered quietly.

"You should be careful, the Djin like to drive a hard bargain. Their greed is as well known as is their ability in magic."

"I'll be careful."

Through the dark tunnel they were now approaching a light. "Almost there, the enchantments will take effect as soon as you step off the bus. You're sure you don't need me to come back for you?" The bus exited the tunnel. They found themselves atop a vast plateau, miles above the ground. In the very center of the plateau was a vast settlement filled with flashing lights and raucous noise. The bus came to a halt and the door swung open.

She got up from her seat and headed towards the front of the bus. "I am sure, and thank you very much bus driver-san."

He nodded to her. "Please step off the bus carefully, and good luck finding what you're looking for."

As the bus driver had warned her the enchantments took effect the moment her feet touched the rocky ground. A powerful demonic aura surrounded her. Her body grew and matured, her hair became silver, her eyes red, and her fangs grew. She was once again her true self even though the rosary remained on her chest. She headed towards Azkarra.


Among all the worlds Azkarra was definitely one of the more unique places. It was literally a city of shops. The Djin were among the most powerful of magic users and extremely adept at all sorts of enchantments. But they were also a very clever and greedy race. They loved to make bargains and receive payments for their goods. They were notoriously hard and clever negotiators and beings of every race (including vampire) were wary of being ruined by a bargain with them. The reputation had gotten so bad the Djin had been forced to take special steps. Outside Azkarra were a series of large signs, Moka remembered them from her previous trip here. She looked over at one now.


The entire race of Djin had come together and cast special enchantments on their sacred secret world that made it impossible to tell a lie or cast any type of illusion or deception. It had been necessary to convince customers to continue to visit. It was also the reason why the power of the rosary was temporarily suppressed.

Entering the city of shops she moved quickly and with purpose. Though she'd only been here once before her memory was perfect and she knew where to go. Almost every building here was identical, simple one story shops with open sides for the customers. There was the usual throng of beings from every race rushing about as available shopkeepers called out to them, eager to do business. Most of these people were idiots who had heard that the Djin could grant wishes. They were here for love potions, or to be handsome, or to become rich, or to be immortal. The idiots never seemed to worry about the price to get what they wanted. They would get what they came for; the Djin could indeed grant wishes, but it would never make them as happy as they would expect. And the price was always much higher than it seemed. A Djin could ruin you without ever speaking a lie or asking for too much.

The Djin themselves were human in appearance except for their blue skins and total lack of hair, even the women were as bald as an egg. They were materialistic and loved showing off their wealth. They wore nothing but the finest and most expensive silks and their necks and fingers were weighed down with jewelry. Some of the shopkeepers tried to call to her as she went by. She didn't bother to even acknowledge them. The people on the street fell over themselves to get out of her way. She continued to move with her long steady strides until she came to the shop she'd been looking for. There were no customers waiting and the shop keeper seemed to recognize her immediately. He was a short fat man whose neck was completely hidden under gold chains. He gave her a greasy smile and held out his arms as though he actually expected her to embrace him.

"Well if it isn't Akashiya Moka! It's wonderful to see you again! And how is your dear father?"

She quirked an eyebrow. "My father's well being is none of your concern merchant."

Seeing her lack of warmth he lowered his arms but kept up his smile. "Now, now, no need to be hostile with poor old Melzar. Haven't I always been a good friend to your father?"

"My father deals with you when necessary only because compared to others of your kind you are a poor bargainer."

The smile slipped. "Same old Moka I see, as blunt as a cement block."

"Unlike you I have no need to pretend to anyone's friendship. You are not a friend to my father, nor are you one to me. You are nothing but a greedy merchant, the best that can be said of you is that you are often useful."

"Well I'm glad for even that much praise from you. So then, what can I do for you?"

"I require a special potion," Moka described what she wanted.

Melzar frowned. "What you want is very difficult. Not only that but for something like this I will need to use material components from the client."

She reached into her jacket and pulled out a ziplock bag. "You require blood, hair, and skin I believe? I have already collected the necessary components. Can you manufacture what I desire?"

"I can, though it won't be easy. I can probably have it ready within twelve hours." A wicked glint came into his eyes. "Shall we negotiate the price now? Will you pay me in gold as your father does?"

"I have no gold with me."

"Then how do you wish to pay? Precious gems? Magical items? Slaves? Or do you wish to trade services?"

"Tell me," Moka eyed some of the empty vials and jars that lined some of the shop's shelves. "Which of these will you use for the potion?"

"One like this," he took a small glass vial and held it easily between thumb and forefinger.

She took the vial from him. "As payment I will fill this with my blood and give it to you."

He stared at her. Vampire blood had extraordinary healing and regenerative abilities. Using just a single drop as an ingredient he could make healing potions that could cure almost anything. What she was offering him was more valuable than a truck load of gold or a stack of diamonds. "Vampire blood is certainly valuable, but you're offering a tiny amount. I would think at least a pint…"

"Do not fool with me merchant," Moka said coolly. "We both know what I am offering you is worth dozens of these potions. If you find my offer inadequate there are a thousand other shopkeepers I can go to."

"All right, all right, I accept your offer. Will you pay me now or upon delivery?"

"Payment upon delivery is traditional, when I have the potion I will provide you with my blood."

Melzar tilted his head and looked at her speculatively. "You know Moka; you didn't strike me as the type to go so far for others. Your father has certainly never been that way. Just what sort of relationship do you have with this guy?"

She narrowed her red eyes and stared at him dangerously. "That is none of your concern," she said a bit tightly. "I suggest you begin working on my order so I can leave this place as soon as possible."

"All right, all right," his body turned to blue smoke and quickly disappeared into an old brass lamp. Being powerful magic users the Djin were able to create spacious and luxurious homes and offices in small confines like lamps, pots, or dollhouses. It was a simple trick they used to have large homes while still using all the available land in Azkarra for shops to attract customers.

Moka spent the next twelve hours standing there in front of Melzar's shop. Azkarra really was a city of nothing but shops. There were no restaurants or hotels, only shops to bargain for wishes. She grew a tad hungry but had enough self control that she didn't need to go up to one of the vast crowd and ask for a, 'bite.' She found the wait more tedious than anything else. No one approached her or tried to talk to her. It was a familiar experience; no one wanted to talk to the scary vampire. It reminded her of her upbringing and the original reason she'd left to find her mother in the first place.

At long last Melzar emerged from his lamp. When the blue smoke reformed he was holding a tiny vial with pink liquid within. "It is done," he handed the vial over to her. "Now understand I guarantee only that it will work. I promise nothing about whether or not he will enjoy the experience, he may well hate it."

She snorted. "Are you so blatantly honest with all your customers?"

"No," he said flatly. "Only with the ones who scare me, now my payment?"

She nodded and cut open a finger with one of her fangs. Her blood was a darker shade of red, almost brownish black. It was thick and flowed slowly into the vial. Melzar eyed the precious blood greedily, already imagining just what sort of potions he would use it for. After several minutes the vial was at last full. She pressed down its stopper and handed it over to an eager Melzar.

"Always a pleasure to do business with you Moka-sama, please come again soon."

Because he was useful she gave him a polite nod and then stepped away from the shop. At her feet black fires came to life. The black flames rose and quickly seemed to consume her before disappearing from sight.

Melzar sighed, standing there in his gold chains and expensive silks. "Vampires are such show offs," he looked at his little vial and smiled. "But they do pay well."


In her apartment black flames suddenly appeared, as they died out they left behind her true form. Now that she was back the rosary's power immediately transformed her into her weaker self. She pitched forward unconscious onto her bed, the vial safely tucked away in her jacket pocket.

It would be ready for Naruto's party.