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Love. The dictionary definition of the word read as, "1. Feel tender affection for somebody; 2. Romantic affair." And then there was lust. Its particular definition read, "1. Strong appetite; 2. Strong sexual desire." By those two, very different, standards, what Kabuto Yakushi had with his master was clearly the latter. There was no 'tenderness' or 'affection' or even 'romance' in what they did. It was simply raw, heated, unfeeling sex. And that's just how Kabuto would have it. His strongest game was deception.

That's why he had trouble understanding Kimimaro's fixation with their master. It was as if the younger man truly thought he meant something to Orochimaru, that he held some value aside from being a potential container - which, if the boy's sickness continued, wouldn't be true much longer. He claimed to 'love' the snake ninja. What a pitiful show of weakness and dependence. It made Kabuto sick. True, Kimimaro had his value as a weapon with his bloodline technique, but aside from that, he was nothing to the powerful San'nin. Why didn't the boy see that? Kabuto opted not to think on it. He didn't like that which he couldn't understand.

The other members of the Sound Four didn't seem to have any particular feelings aside from loyalty towards their merciless controller. He'd given them their supposedly limitless power after all. Kabuto was almost jealous. Regardless of the fact that he was allegedly Orochimaru's favorite, he was the only one of the San'nin's subordinates to have been denied the curse mark. It wasn't that Orochimaru didn't bite him; that happened on a fairly regular basis. It was simply the fact that the older ninja never bothered casting the jutsu on the medical ninja. Kabuto had offered himself frequently to his wounded master, at times almost reaching the point of pleading, but it was as if his words fell on deaf ears. The only body Orochimaru truly wished to possess was Sasuke Uchiha's. Gradually, Kabuto was learning to accept that. But on this particular night, Kabuto was - for once - not at Orochimaru's side just yet.

It was the evening of his twentieth birthday and the moon shone brilliantly, her beaming ivory face unblemished by even the slightest hint of cloud. The day had held nothing worthy of note. Nothing had changed from what had normally occurred in Kabuto's everyday life. In fact, it had been that monotony, that lack of recognition, which had driven the young oto'nin outside in the first place. He hadn't wanted all the day's attention to have been on him; he knew that there had been no chance of that. But any acknowledgment would have been nice. So, in an attempt to break free of the painful tedium, Kabuto had slipped out with the cover of night and settled on the large tree branch he now resided on. There was no doubt in his mind that Orochimaru had noticed his absence by now, but was merely taking no action on it. Kabuto was a traitor at heart, but never against the powerful San'nin. His disappearance was no threat to Orochimaru's existence.

The night air was cold enough that the young man's breath hung suspended in a white cloud before him, slowly creeping away as the chill wind carried it along. Yet Kabuto was unfazed by the icy temperature. February was often a month of unpredictable weather conditions, swinging from the warmth of early spring to the bitter freezing of winter's final throes. The light haired man had grown all too accustomed to it all. His master, on the other hand, had no taste at all for the chill evenings February often begot. Kabuto couldn't help but smile as he recalled the first time he'd had such a discussion with the older man.

The medical ninja had thought that, seeing as Orochimaru often resided underground, the colder temperatures wouldn't be of much bother to him. But it was quite the contrary. Taking on similar qualities to the snakes he so easily controlled, Orochimaru detested the freezing air and deficiency of warmth, explaining none too pleasantly that he made his home beneath the earth for just that reason. During the colder months, it actually retained heat, keeping the San'nin at a constant, comfortable, temperature. Hence, he'd refused to leave; telling Kabuto to do whatever it is he'd wanted to do on his own. That simply meant that Kabuto could continue his evening's rest in guaranteed peace. Or so he'd come to assume.

"Just how long did you plan to hide out here, Kabuto?" an all too familiar voice sneered from below.

Kabuto started slightly, swiftly turning his eyes to the ground beneath him. Sure enough, the pale San'nin stood illuminated by the moon's luminous shine, amber eyes filled with inquisitive mockery. He'd dressed himself down, wearing not but a basic off-white robe that brushed the ground and cut low down his flawless chest, tied at the waist by a plain brown belt. The snake ninja's long black hair appeared almost blue in the night's subtle radiance, and the combined affect of the older man's appearance had the surgeon's heart racing.

"L-lord Orochimaru!" Kabuto stammered, "What are you doing out here? You're going to freeze."

The man in question continued to look up at the other with a viciously backbiting smile. Ignoring the blatant cry of concern, Orochimaru continued, "I can't understand what drives you to hide out here, and I don't particularly care to know, but I would appreciate it if you took the time to at least tell me how long you planned to be out."

The sarcasm that garnished the statement hung like venom in the air. Orochimaru was clearly irritated with Kabuto's unexplained absence. Why, the oto'nin couldn't hope to discern, but he knew all too well not to try the other's patience. Straightening himself slightly, Kabuto quickly descended, landing just in front of the slightly taller man.

Bowing his head deeply, Kabuto apologized softly, "Forgive me Lord Orochimaru. I hadn't meant to cause you any discomfort."

"Don't think so little of me Kabuto," Orochimaru scoffed, "Your absence caused me no such grief."

Kabuto couldn't stop the small frown that marred his usually impassive expression. "Excuse my ignorance my lord," the surgeon questioned carefully, "But if my location was of no concern of your's, then why did you seek me out?"

A smile that sent waves of restrained terror down the younger man's spine spread across his master's face as Orochimaru reprimanded mockingly, "Come now, Kabuto. You can't have forgotten what day it is."

What?! Was Orochimaru referring to Kabuto's birthday? But why now? What did that have to do with anything? Kabuto tried to mask his confusion with an offhanded comment, silently commending his own acting skills. "You mean my birthday, Lord Orochimaru?"

Amber eyes narrowing in mild exasperation, Orochimaru chided, "Don't ask stupid questions Kabuto. It doesn't become you." However, contradicting his annoyed tone of voice, the older man reached out and brushed a soft hand gently down Kabuto's cheek, the contact almost feathery. "I don't tolerate idiocy," the San'nin whispered, using the same hand to gently cup the back of the surgeon's head.

Kabuto couldn't help but be impressed. Orochimaru's arms were no doubt still in excruciating amounts of pain, but the older man gave no sign of it. He was handling it surprisingly well. Given, Kabuto had been treating him, delivering shots of anesthetic in attempts to minimize the agony Orochimaru suffered and developing remedies to try and slow the potentially deadly jutsu. But the seal was growing steadily worse, and the medical ninja was growing more and more worried by the day. His master's insistence on waiting for Sasuke to come to them was frustrating. And with Kimimaro's illness also progressing badly; Kabuto wasn't sure Orochimaru's stubborn attitude would win out this time. But no matter how hard Kabuto tried, how much he begged and pleaded, the older man simply wouldn't hear it.

Almost timidly, Kabuto ran his hand along the bandaged arm that now cradled his head, barely touching the extremity for fear of causing the other pain. "You seem to be feeling better tonight," he commented on his master's strength, "But, please, my lord, don't push yourself."

"This is nothing," Orochimaru snorted, snaking his fingers into the medical ninja's hair. "Remember, Kabuto, I'm not weak."

The younger man quickly altered what he said, attempting to placate the other. "I meant no offense; simply concern from a medical standpoint."

However, regardless of Orochimaru's insistence on the ease with which the movement came, Kabuto easily spotted the brief twinge in his master's arm as he laid his hand more fully on the extended limb. Fearing the consequences of further exertion, Kabuto took Orochimaru's hand in his own and slowly guided the San'nin's arm into a no doubt more comfortable resting position.

"We should head inside," the lighter haired man offered softly, "You shouldn't be out in this temperature for too long."

Orochimaru easily took advantage of Kabuto's loose grip on his hand as, using what strength he could, he pulled his subordinate against him. The surgeon hadn't been expecting the sudden change in pace, and had to steady himself for concern of falling entirely against his master's lithe form. Instead, as Kabuto came close enough, he released his master's hand and wrapped his arms about the older man's waist.

Caught slightly off guard, Kabuto tried again, muttering, "Lord Orochimaru? I think…"

"I heard you the first time Kabuto," the man in question cut off, "You seem to be losing your respect for me in your old age."

The oto'nin couldn't help but chuckle. That Orochimaru was criticizing Kabuto's age was too humorous to let go. After all, his master was well over thirty years older than him. Given, the man exchanged bodies frequently enough that he wasn't physically over thirty, but the fact remained, making the comment no less amusing.

Kabuto could feel Orochimaru laugh along with him, softly and, surprisingly, without any obvious malice or cynicism. The times he ever heard the snake ninja laugh like that were few and far between, and it warmed Kabuto slightly to know that he could bring that out in his usually cold master. He also felt the older man tentatively wrapping his own wounded arms loosely about Kabuto's body.

"You're so warm, Kabuto," Orochimaru breathed next to the surgeon's ear, nuzzling his head in to rest against Kabuto's neck.

Shivering faintly at the contact, Kabuto tightened his grip slightly on the other man. He knew all too well, as a doctor, the potentially disastrous affects the cold temperatures could wreak on his master's body, and if Kabuto could stave off the frigid air with his own body heat that's just what he'd do. But he would have some fun with it while he could.

Smiling, the light haired man teased softly, "I'm glad I can still be of use to you, my lord."

"Don't get smart with me either," Orochimaru scoffed, nipping none too gently against Kabuto's earlobe.

The surgeon gasped sharply, but managed to keep a fairly confident smile on his face. "So would you rather I simply not speak, my lord?" he offered brazenly, knowing very well that he was the only one who would ever be allowed to get away with such a tone around the older man.

Orochimaru's body trembled slightly, no doubt bothered by the awful temperature and the lack of warmth Kabuto's body was providing. After all, a human only gave off so much. But the San'nin was much too proud to admit anything, acting out almost hazardously. Slowly but easily moving away from Kabuto's protective grasp, Orochimaru shrugged elegantly, replying suggestively, "If this attitude continues, Kabuto, I'll have to withhold your gift."

"A gift, my lord?" That was different. It wasn't like his master to show any actual thought when it came to his subordinate's birthday. Perhaps it was because it was Kabuto's coming of age. Well, whatever the case, the young oto'nin found himself intrigued.

A smile that held more meanings than the surgeon could discern crept across Orochimaru's pale face, frightening and exciting Kabuto at the same time. "Oh, I think we'll both enjoy it," the snake ninja sneered, "But we're going to have to return inside…for part of it."

Kabuto was growing more confused with every word, and he felt all the more eager for it. Clearly, sex would be involved at some point, but what could this 'first part' be? However, his master had opted not to wait, as the taller man was already walking back into the underground labyrinth he called home. The surgeon wasn't far behind.

Their footsteps echoed eerily off the stone walls, the candles flickering in the sconces. Kabuto could feel his heart rate increase, could feel sweat on his palms. They were heading towards the experimentation room, the laboratory. Now what could possibly be there?

Stepping to the side, Orochimaru opened the lab door and motioned almost mockingly for the other man to enter first. Kabuto nodded habitual thanks and did just that, stopping almost immediately upon entering. There, lying on his examination table, was the subject he'd always wanted to thoroughly examine the workings of; Kimimaro.

"Now, understand, Kabuto," Orochimaru explained from the doorway, "You can't kill him. But he has generously offered himself to you and your…procedures."

Kabuto approached the table slowly, dark eyes scanning over the teen's body. Yes, he'd always wanted to know just how the bloodline technique the boy possessed worked, to get inside the boy's body. But Orochimaru had never allowed it, had never even let Kabuto approach Kimimaro with the proposition. Kimimaro had been too important to risk. As the boy was the last of his clan, Orochimaru had never been keen on the idea of potentially losing such a powerful weapon and a prospective container. Medical treatments to lessen the effects of Kimimaro's disease were all the surgeon had been permitted.

The boy's indifferent green eyes stared back at Kabuto from the examination table. So, he hadn't been sedated yet. Well, that would have to be taken care of. The last thing he wanted to do was cause the boy too much pain; after all, that might invoke a reaction from those nasty defensive bones of his.

As the surgeon began hooking Kimimaro up to the proper equipment for the brief operation, his master gave a final parting statement. "I'll be back for you in a couple of hours, so try to be finishing up by then." And without waiting for even the slightest response, Orochimaru walked off down the hall, the soft sound of his footfalls gradually fading to nothing.

"So, Kimimaro-kun," Kabuto smiled, "You agreed to this did you?"

Already, the boy's eyes were fogging over with drugs being injected through the IV attached to his arm, yet he still managed to answer with his general monotone voice. "Of course Kabuto sensei," he muttered with surprising coherence, "Anything for you and Lord Orochimaru…"

Ah, the drugs were wearing on him quickly; Kabuto heard it in the way Kimimaro's voice trailed away. But he had to get started. After all, he only had 'a couple of hours', and by no means was that enough for a completely thorough surgical inspection. He'd have to learn what he could about Kimimaro in his allotted time, perhaps even find a better way to counteract the boy's debilitating disease. And so, while the drugs took their final toll on Kimimaro's consciousness, Kabuto washed his hands and tools, making sure everything was set to go. The young oto'nin had to suppress a shiver of anticipation as his eyes drifted across the sterile metal instruments. Oh yes; surgery was the very life force of Kabuto's existence.

Slowly, carefully, Kabuto lifted one of the small scalpels, delicately making the first incision along the boy's subtly moving chest. The cut caused the younger man's body to tense instinctively, and Kabuto ceased immediately, wary of any defensive measures Kimimaro's body may take. However, nothing seemed to happen, and the oto'nin continued cautiously. In well under thirty minutes, he was in, extracting samples of Kimimaro's ribs' bone marrow for further analysis. His hands moved around the living tissue with visible confidence, his knowledge allowing him to know what he could and could not touch. It had been a long time since he'd been allowed to seriously work on a living subject, and Kabuto realized the delicacy with which such an operation had to occur. With the bone samples properly obtained and labeled, he moved on to the next most pressing matter; Kimimaro's disease.

Kabuto took a deep breath, and quickly ran through what information he had on the condition. It was clearly stemming from the boy's lungs, as the symptoms were similar to that of tuberculosis. Because of Kimimaro's tendency - not that it was necessarily by choice - to cough up blood, that meant that there had to be some sort of damage to the lungs. Given the boy's abilities, and his liking to using his rib cage as a defense measure, it was possible that he had inflicted the damage himself. But this was all theory. To really see - and thereby fix - anything, Kabuto would have to examine the organs themselves. And with a living subject, quite a bit of tact would be required for such an inspection.

Engulfing his hands in new, untainted, chakra, Kabuto ran his long fingers deftly along the respiratory organs. Throughout the procedure, the surgeon had been carefully watching Kimimaro's vital signs, both on the monitor and inside the boy himself. The steady rise and fall of the lungs, the measured beats of the exposed heart; everything seemed to be functioning perfectly. And then it stopped, everything just ceased moving, a sharp but fleeting tightening in the lungs acting as the first sign. Kabuto panicked, withdrawing his hands fearfully from the younger man's chest, eyes darting frantically towards the monitors for any show of sudden abnormality. But the lapse in function was brief, the boy's body just as abruptly resuming itself with little more than a jerk. And there, no more than a small trickle on Kimimaro's face, was a barely noticeable line of blood from the boy's mouth.

Kabuto frowned. The disease was worse than he'd thought if it was attacking frequently enough to even harm the boy whilst he was unconscious. The severity was greater as well, now that he'd seen how it ceased the workings of Kimimaro's organs. He'd have to find the source of the irritation or damage soon, or the boy might not live to see the age of eighteen. So, with that much more information gathered, Kabuto delved back in, resuming his search for the problem. His fingers pressed and probed about, feeling the soft tissue, tracing it all and committing it to memory.

There was no way of knowing how long he'd been there, digging through Kimimaro's insides but never hard enough to cause any form of damage, but it was clearly longer than he'd initially anticipated. From what had been an otherwise soundless environment came Orochimaru's voice, as smooth and cold as silk.

"I see you're still quite wrapped up in this," the San'nin teased, "I should have known you'd go over the time."

The surgeon started slightly, but tempered himself before his hands permanently altered something. Slowly withdrawing, Kabuto sighed heavily and began a calm and measured pace towards the operating room sink.

As he washed his hands, Kabuto offered as indifferently as he could, "I apologize, my lord, but I was inspecting Kimimaro-kun's lungs. I thought, perhaps, I could find the source of his…discomfort."

Orochimaru snorted. Clearly, he wasn't interested in what Kabuto had been doing. Well, that wasn't exactly surprising, but the boy was one of the older man's potential containers. One would think he could have at least faked concern.

Walking into the room, Orochimaru stared at the boy who lay exposed on the sterile, metal, operating table, his amber eyes flitting across the body in an almost fascinated manner before he turned his attention back to his subordinate. "You're quite good at what you do," Orochimaru sneered, a faint smile playing on his pale face, "And that's exactly why I keep you around. Now, clean him up. We have other matters to attend to."

"Of course, my lord," Kabuto responded habitually. With his hands and tools now suitably cleaned, the medical ninja turned his professional attention on the stitching. He'd had plenty of practice with swift stitch-ups, what with Orochimaru's need for distractive corpses and other such 'toys'. But for a living subject, Kabuto would take his time. The last thing he needed now was to kill Kimimaro while Orochimaru watched over him. Still, the process took relatively little time, as Kabuto finished in well under twenty minutes.

As he clipped the thread and set the needle aside, a bandaged hand caught Kabuto's in an almost indifferent grasp, tugging the young oto'nin along. Kabuto hadn't been ready and his feet had instinctively taken the initiative, falling in behind his master. But he couldn't let himself do that; not with Kimimaro still lying on the operating table under the influence of all those drugs.

"L-lord Orochimaru," Kabuto stammered, "I should really make sure Kimimaro-kun is…"

Orochimaru turned, pulled his subordinate against his body, and licked the younger man's lips boldly. Amber eyes locked onto Kabuto's widened, darker eyes, Orochimaru purred, "Mmm, you should really learn to shut-up, Kabuto. You're much more appealing when you do."

Well that had certainly been unexpected. Any further words of protest Kabuto may have had died on his now slack lips as he stared at his master. Orochimaru hadn't made an advance like that for quite some time; not since they'd started this haphazard excuse of a relationship. The evening was certainly shaping up into something quite interesting.

Once again releasing the lighter haired man, Orochimaru started back down the long, dark, hallway. Kabuto followed obediently, maintaining the light grip he had on his master's hand. It occurred to him then that they were far from the only people in the underground base and, as far as he knew, the other members of the Sound Four were oblivious to their relationship. But would it really change anything if they were to find out? Would any of them even give a damn? All of them no doubt already realized that Kabuto was Orochimaru's favorite; what was one more extension in the area of favoritism? No; the surgeon refused to think on the matter any longer. It was spoiling his mood.

It didn't take them long to reach Orochimaru's large, ornately decorated bedroom, and the older man closed the highly wrought door behind them almost hurriedly. Apparently, he was looking forward to it all just as much as Kabuto was.

With the two of them finally alone, Orochimaru swiftly covered Kabuto's lips with his own in a fierce, possessive kiss. Kabuto groaned into the advance, throwing his arms almost carelessly about the older man's neck, tensing slightly as Orochimaru's long tongue made its way into Kabuto's willing mouth. God, he could choke on the damn thing if he didn't have the familiarity he did; he almost had on more than one occasion. But then, their 'relationship' was nothing if not a learning experience.

Gasping as the first kiss was broken off, Kabuto fumbled with his glasses momentarily. He knew how much Orochimaru hated their 'interference' and they'd already been skewed on his face from just that initiative action. As he managed to remove them, his master's mouth sought his own once again, and the glasses fell, forgotten, to the cold stone floor. Next came the elastic in the surgeon's hair. Orochimaru's bandaged hand somehow accomplished the removal of the small band, freeing Kabuto's pale hair to fall messily about the younger man's face. Kabuto clung to the front of the San'nin's robe, attempting to communicate his need. Apparently, it worked.

Orochimaru took several steps back, giving Kabuto just enough room to breathe without standing out of the medical ninja's reach. And it was from this new vantage point that Kabuto went to work on his master's clothes. It took relatively little time, and surprisingly little effort, to get the simple garment off. However, the older man was not about to allow Kabuto's to remain either and, within an equally short amount of time, the surgeon was exposed to his unconventional 'lover'. Kabuto traced deft hands along Orochimaru's pale chest, drinking in the flawlessness that made the San'nin so fascinating to the younger man.

"You're so beautiful Lord Orochimaru," Kabuto breathed reverently, "So perfect."

The older man scoffed at the adoring comment. "If I were perfect, Kabuto, I'd still have the use of my arms." It was a rare lapse in confidence that Orochimaru occasionally experienced since his battle with the Third, but Kabuto had learned to deal with them. He'd learned how to comfort the other.

Taking his master's right hand, the medic lifted the bandaged limb to his lips and kissed it dotingly. "It's not your fault," the oto'nin whispered softly, "No one could have foreseen this."

A faint chuckle brushed Kabuto's face as Orochimaru pulled his hand away and leaned in to kiss his young surgeon. "You act far too well," the snake ninja muttered into the lighter haired man's mouth before claiming it yet again.

Kabuto groaned low in his throat, wanting desperately to touch his master all over, but knowing better. Orochimaru was in charge; he always was. And Kabuto wouldn't make a single advance until the San'nin gave the word, not beyond that which he'd already done. So he kept his tapered hands fixed on the other's chest, laying flat against the porcelain skin.

"Ah, L-lord Orochimaru," the younger man choked out as his master moved his voracious kisses to the surgeon's jaw and throat, "Please, oh please, let me…" Kabuto's words were cut short as a bandaged hand grasped his hardening desire, replacing the pleas with a sharp gasp of satisfaction.

Slowly stroking his subordinate's member, Orochimaru replied with a taunting smile, "Not quite yet Kabuto; I'm not done with you."

The oto'nin blushed in spite of his usual discretion. It was so uncharacteristic of his master to think of Kabuto's enjoyment before his own. Perhaps this birthday wasn't a total loss after all. Finding himself in a much more appreciative mood, the young man allowed himself to be led to the large bed Orochimaru only ever shared with the surgeon, and fell back upon it as his master's advance wordlessly dictated.

As the other's weight joined him on the large piece of furniture, Kabuto leaned his head back and closed his eyes. He simply let the feel of his master's smooth skin against his own string his desire along. Orochimaru's skin was cool, adding the most wonderful sensation to the older man's caresses. Oh yes; this made even the most demeaning of missions worth his loyalty.

Slowly, the San'nin's soft lips traced a skillful path down Kabuto's chest, causing the young medic's breathing to increase and his back to arch. Oh how he wanted to simply wrap his fingers in that soft mess of ebony hair, to simply feel it sliding over his fingers as he now felt it sliding across his chest and stomach. But he hadn't yet been given permission for such contact, so he had to content himself with his tightened grip on the sheets beneath them. However, as his master's tongue dipped and swirled around his navel, Kabuto lost his restraint and found himself digging his hands into the older ninja's hair, gasping and begging for relief.

"This isn't enough for you is it, Kabuto?" Orochimaru purred, bandaged fingers teasing the surgeon's arousal. For a supposedly weakened limb, the San'nin had surprisingly agile control. "I'll have to try something else for you."

Kabuto went to protest, to insist that what his master was doing was more than sufficient, when the older man's long tongue wrapped around his hardened desire, hot, heavy, wet, and all too perfect. The oto'nin choked back a cry of pleasure as Orochimaru moved his head to more completely engulf the younger man. Kabuto's hips bucked upwards as his master's 'hold' tightened, and he moved his hands back to the soft white fabric of the bed sheets to keep from pulling the other's hair. The sensations that flooded his body were almost too much for the young man to handle.

Shifting the position of his head, Orochimaru's hands groped his subordinate's body as Kabuto moaned loudly in the wake of all the erotic feelings washing over him. The San'nin's hands effectively pinned him down for the final motion however, pushing Kabuto over the edge of control with a skilled twist and tightening of his tongue.

As Kabuto's body trembled with the final shock of his orgasm, Orochimaru pulled the young man into a relaxed sitting position, having righted himself only moments before. Kabuto's arms acted out on their own, wrapping themselves around the lithe man's neck as Orochimaru settled himself between the surgeon's legs more comfortably, his own bandaged limbs resting on Kabuto's hips.

"Hmm," the snake ninja whispered, licking his lips, "Not bad." The pale man's statement was uttered almost more to himself than to his follower, but Kabuto could feel the heat on his face nonetheless. It was rare that Orochimaru had ever taken the boy so far that way; in fact, Kabuto couldn't remember a time he'd been allowed to actually find his relief while still in his master's mouth.

However, before Kabuto had any time to give even the slightest reply, Orochimaru's mouth was on his own once again, that wonderfully versatile tongue reawakening Kabuto's passion as it stroked and teased and conquered the sound ninja's. The kiss broke off as abruptly as it had started, the platinum haired man panting in an attempt to regain his ground. His head was still spinning from the pleasure that had only just finished, and he was struggling to keep up. Orochimaru either took his time toying with his subordinate, dragging every sensation as far as it would go, or he dove head first into each and every notion, seeing just how much Kabuto could take and how many times the boy would come before his master, a 'skill' largely due to the boy's naturally enhanced recovery time. And, in all honesty, Kabuto loved it either way; because either way, it was mind blowing sex.

His master's kisses moved from his face to his throat, the older man nipping and licking at Kabuto's earlobe in teasing strokes. Kabuto groaned in response, his long legs sliding around the San'nin's waist to better accommodate the taller man. He knew all too well what Orochimaru wanted, and the surgeon was more than willing to give it to him. Kabuto could feel the older man's sex hard against his lower stomach and the feeling did nothing but heighten the medic's own sense of yearning. The desire to have his master inside of him was rapidly becoming a need.

"Please, Lord Orochimaru, take me." Kabuto's words were little more than gasps of desperation, barely formed from his pleasure blinded mind. But he could feel Orochimaru's breath against his neck as the older man chuckled. He clearly found his subordinate's begging amusing, and, if Kabuto had learned anything from his life with Orochimaru, it was that an amused San'nin was better than a bored San'nin. And, in most cases, an amused Orochimaru was more willing to comply with Kabuto's pleaded demands.

Biting down none too gently on the boy's lower lip, Orochimaru purred, "You're cute when you beg, Kabuto. I like you that way." He then sealed his mouth over his follower's, hungrily devouring the stunned gasp that escaped the medic's lips as he forced himself into the younger man.

The snake ninja's hips pounded against Kabuto's, their kiss having broken off shortly after the first relentless strokes had been made. Kabuto tightened his grip around his master's hips, straightening himself and falling into rhythm with Orochimaru's insistent pace. Orochimaru's teeth grazed the surgeon's throat and shoulder as the other's head fell back with strangled cries of pleasure, body bucking forward slightly as his master's hand found his reawakened erection, the other still locked possessively about the younger man's waist.

The silver haired boy was in a state of erotic euphoria. He knew he was nothing more than a toy to the San'nin, nothing better than a sex pet, but it was these moments that made his job worthwhile, that made all the risks he took seem so miniscule. And the best part of it all was the lack of any emotional commitment. It was simply mutual satisfaction.

"Ah! Oh, yes, Lord Orochimaru. Oh, un, harder," the boy gasped out, tangling his hands into Orochimaru's thick black hair, using his heels to pull the other in closer. And within moments of the desperate request, Orochimaru submitted, slamming against the younger man so hard Kabuto swore he felt it in his lower chest. And the pleasure it triggered was beyond human measure.

This fiercer pace continued without mercy, the snake ninja's grip tightening almost painfully around Kabuto's sex, stroking it with every stroke of his hips. The surgeon could feel the building of his next orgasm, his head already swimming with it. Yet, he wanted to wait, wanted to find his relief alongside his master. And if he were to base his waiting time on the San'nin's face, it couldn't be too much longer. Orochimaru had his smoldering golden eyes shut, his tongue darting out to moisten his slightly kiss swollen lips as he moved against the other. But Orochimaru was far from finished as he nuzzled his face in against the juncture where Kabuto's neck met his shoulder, biting down and sucking hard, hungrily marking his property.

The wonderful combination of pleasure and pain drew an unabashed groan from Kabuto's slack lips, the boy's breath hitching as his master responded by moving to the other side of the surgeon's throat. Kabuto intentionally refused his body's desire to heal the mark the older man had left, wanting it for both his and Orochimaru's sake. He knew how much the San'nin liked to see his own handiwork on the medic, and Kabuto didn't mind the reminder of their late night activities. He just had to make sure that they were the only ones to see it.

Orochimaru nipped his way down Kabuto's collarbone, never once lessening his relentless pace. The oto'nin knew he wouldn't last much longer, couldn't take anymore of Orochimaru's sadistic seduction without losing control. So when that sinfully skilled tongue brushed against one of the surgeon's peaked nipples, the young medic felt the pleasure shoot from the point of contact straight to his groin and knew he was a goner; his cock felt like it was going to explode from sensory overload. The final push Kabuto's body required was given through one last demanding stroke of Orochimaru's bandaged hand, spilling the younger man's seed messily between their heated bodies.

Crying out in unrestrained pleasure, Kabuto threw his head back, his entire body trembling; and through the haze of his own satisfaction, he heard his master's rumbling growl of gratification. The surgeon's long legs remained wrapped around Orochimaru's waist as the older ninja shuddered, pale lips still trailing voracious kisses along Kabuto's upper body. Finally, slowly, almost reluctantly, the two untangled themselves from each other, both men falling back to rest on the abused bed sheets.

Kabuto's vision was blurred not only by the lack of his glasses but also the superb glaze of his afterglow as he stared at the ceiling and the flickering shadows cast by the dying candles that lined the walls. All of his senses were tingling; his skin still hot from the sex, yet sensitive to the cool feel of the sheets beneath him; his ears heard everything, focusing in on his master's soft panting; his mouth was still filled with the taste of Orochimaru's tongue but craved for more of it nonetheless; he could smell the intoxicating combination of sex, Orochimaru, and candle wax. This was bliss, if not heaven itself. But Kabuto knew better than most that all good things eventually came to an end, and the end to his surprisingly enjoyable birthday was coming up quickly. He'd be damned if he initiated it though.

After what seemed like an eternity of euphoric serenity, Orochimaru's silken voice broke through the silence, washing over Kabuto's entire being. "Hmm, Kabuto," he muttered sleepily, "You can rest here, but I had better not find you here when I wake up."

"Of course Lord Orochimaru," Kabuto whispered in response, "I wouldn't dream of it." That was that then. The moment was officially over.

Gingerly, Kabuto lifted his sore body from the bed, sitting up carefully before resting his feet on the cold stone floor. Behind him, he could hear his master's even breathing, Orochimaru having fallen into the shallow unconsciousness the man considered sleep. The snake ninja led too dangerous an existence to truly rest at any given time.

Kabuto couldn't resist as he looked back over his shoulder. His master looked so perfect, so serene, as he rested. He was truly beautiful, though it was in a way most didn't seem to appreciate. With his sharp features, pale skin contrasting stunningly with raven hair, lithe but powerful body, and piercingly deep amber eyes, Orochimaru was exquisite. The medic could stare at the older man for hours, but he knew better, knew to keep his lingering stares to little more than fleeting moments. After all, it was simple lust driving him to feel such things towards his master. It was illogical to think he was in love.

People in Kabuto's profession didn't fall in love. That's why it didn't hurt him in the least to redress himself and spend the remainder of his evening in solitude, regardless of the bizarre aching in his chest that kept him awake, a feeling that frequently followed such encounters with Orochimaru. It wasn't like he needed the sleep, though; there were plenty of things that still needed to be done before the coming of the next morning.


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