Here everyone! Have a stupidly short blurb of writing that doesn't even deserve to be called a chapter. I'll probably rant for longer than the entire bit is. No...I really won't.

But yeah! This bit here is courtesy of a very angry friend of mine who threw a pillow at my head after finishing the first two chapters. She was all, "WHAT?! You're just gonna leave it like that?? Oh, HELL no!!" So I wrote this. Hopefully, when she reads it, she'll be happier. Either that, or I'm hiding all the pillows. So, enjoy. No mature content here. There really was no need for it. Heh...OH YEAH! Quick note; we're now lookin' at it from Orochimaru's side. In case you couldn't tell (which I doubt'll be the case).


As the large wooden door to his room closed, Orochimaru sat up and sighed. It had been hard to pretend to sleep with Kabuto wandering about the way he was, and he was surprised his personal medic hadn't realized the San'nin was awake. The boy couldn't honestly think he was that stealthy. But what was more frustrating than Kabuto's sudden lack of observation was the boy's stubborn refusal to say anything. Orochimaru had hoped that, by staying quiet and 'asleep', he'd manage to catch the surgeon's confession.

Surely, by now, Kabuto had realized they were more than just master and servant. Why wouldn't he just come out and say it. Orochimaru wasn't blind, far from it. Having built his empire on emotional manipulation and the ability to read what other's were thinking or feeling, he'd naturally become quite good at it. True, Kabuto was a difficult case, but in the throes of passion he was an open book for the San'nin to read at will. And he'd seen it all too many times now; Kabuto loved him. It was an odd feeling, knowing someone aside from the bizarrely obsessed Kimimaro held such emotion for him. And that it was Kabuto? Well that was simply a bonus.

The snake manipulator had watched the boy grow up, had monitored his every move and development. Kabuto was amazing. Intelligent, cunning, and twisted enough to match Orochimaru himself, the medic had proved to be one of the few things the San'nin was thankful to the Akatsuki for. To think he was supposed to be a double agent on Sasori's side. The puppet user had been foolish to assume Orochimaru wouldn't discover his mind controlling jutsu, and even more foolish for giving Kabuto up in the first place. But as Kabuto grew, so did Orochimaru's trust in the boy. Time and again, Kabuto proved his worth, his competence, his abilities. And the older man grew fonder of him at every turn. It didn't take long for Kabuto to earn the status he now held, and it would take a lot for him to lose it.

Falling back against his many pillows, Orochimaru stared at the ceiling. Just what did he have to do to get the boy to say it? Three simple words; five if Kabuto wished to add Orochimaru's name. The San'nin would get Kabuto to admit, would corner and force it out of the medic if he had to. Because he sure as Hell wasn't going to be the one to say it first.


Yes. That is the end. No, I do not intend to continue this. It's over. Dead. Not going anywhere. Hate me all you want, but that's all folks! HAHA! Please don't throw any pillows...anything but pillows...