Whoot! Yet another Boomtown fanfic to add! Though no, I still don't own anything of Boomtown other than the boxset and several McDonough drooling.

These will be a collection of very specifically written "Wordspills" a concept I am shamelessly stealing from a club over at Deviantart and sharing with all of you. Basically, these little ficlets are written in 10 minutes or less with the text turned OFF. You get to write whatever you want with your mental editor turned off, then at the end of that 10 minutes, you turn the text back on and get to edit.


Prompt: Welcome

"Kelly, you there? I'm home…" As he'd half expected, there was no warm welcome, no call of 'hey honey' or 'looks, it's Daddy.' There was only silence. It was a sound he'd grown used to in the months since his wife's attempt at leaving him and their son permanently to follow after their lost little baby. Lately, Kelly either holed up in what was once their bedroom or sunk herself into a long bath, drowning out the world in headphones and foam.

Joel hated to admit that he was starting not to care if he saw his wife. While his son was still his miracle, still his world, Kelly was growing less important to her husband's survival. Less vital, less fulfilling, less… just less.

He remembered the hunger and wonder he'd felt every time she smiled from the start of their first date through his proposal and their wedding and on to the birth of their son. It had been a powerful yearning he'd thought would never fade.

But it had.

Now there were only obligations, the same he felt for any civilian. He needed to protect because it was the right thing to do. A duty like any other he faced from day to day on the job.

He wanted more from her, needed more as a husband, as a man. But he'd finally realized that he wouldn't find in behind the doors of that silent house, the one that had grown to feel so much like a tomb.

He would never find it, not with his welcome so long absent.

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