Here's the last in my series of Boomtown Wordspills, this time for Tom. I hope you enjoyed this little series; I know I certainly did!

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It was always hard for a man to chart his own course after his father had already charted one just about identical. It was even harder to excel, to make his own mark. Tom wondered if that fact was why he constantly felt so resentful of Joel, of the precinct itself. Hell, of just about everyone except his partner. Whether that was the reason or not, he knew that he wasn't exactly his coworkers' favorite guy. Or at least not the male coworkers: the ladies tended to like him just fine.

Still, it rarely bothered him. He was a good cop, he knew. He pulled his weight, protected his partner's back, and took down the bad guys on a semi regular basis. The higher ups should have little to complain about. Still, the fact that he was still a ways away from that coveted detective ranking galled him, even more so since the 'high and mighty' Joel seemed to have reached that height with minimal effort, while he, a police family legacy, was still toiling away on the streets. Tom made no small secret of that fact.

And why the hell should he?, he wondered.

Maybe that's why everyone could believe he'd gone over to the dark side: had actually fallen for the IA bastard's spiel. He knew what the others would think he had to gain: a fast track to 'tec, a chance to really fuck over Stevens for good, and maybe even the chance to prove to his dad that he wasn't such a failure. God knew, it was almost tempting.

Why then, with all those perks laid out before him had he chosen to pull such a momentous prank?

Mr. IA certainly didn't know, and Stevens seemed pretty damned confused himself. If he'd wanted to, really wanted to make nice with Stevens, Tom might have told him... just to see that shocked expression on his face.

But he didn't, that phoenix from the ashes crap wasn't his style. Tom had known exactly what he was doing, and who he was really doing it for. After all, IA was the only thing that could make his dad go postal even quicker than that damned river jump had months ago. There was nothing and no one that his pops hated more, and Tom knew it. And now, his pops knew he knew it.

That, Tom told himself, was what really mattered.

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