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This is my version of Twilight. Bella was raped a year ago when she was sixteen. When Renee gets remarried, Bella wants to move to Forks with Melody. Melody is only six months old and Bella is seventeen. Will Edward find out the truth about Bella and Melody? Vamps in this story….



It's been along time since I've been in Forks; it still looks the same green and always raining. It was here I was going to start over. It as here I was going to have a second chance. As Melody and I got off the plane in Port Angels I spotted Charlie.

"Cha-dad", I called to him; I really need to stop doing that. When Charlie spotted me and Melody his face lit up.

"Bells, it good to see you, oh and look at my granddaughter she's so big now", Charlie always had a soft spot for Mel. After I found out I was pregnant Renee and Charlie weren't all too happy about me keeping the baby, but after a while they came around.

"Yeah Dad of course she's big now the last time you saw her she was only a month old." I said with a chuckle.

"Well come on you two got the whole set up for you," with that we were off. When the cruiser came in view; I set Mel in the backseat in her brand new car seat. When were on the highway I knew it was time for Charlie and I to talk.

"Dad is everything set for me and Mel in Forks."

"Yes Bells, to everyone else you and Mel are sisters. With both Renee and Phil having always moving around I took you both in. There's nothing to worry about Bells. I still don't see why we can't tell people the truth."

'Here were go again' I thought to myself, "Dad I don't want people looking at my daughter and I with pity. I don't want people to treat Mel any different because she's the product of rape.