This is the latest story I've been working on. This the first of a planned trilogy based off of the Aura Guardians. I hope you enjoy Guardian: The Beginning.

Prologue: Discovery

All he could do was run.

A tall, lanky teenage boy was weaving his way through the dark alleys of Goldenrod City at night. As he ran along, he would knock over a trash can, in hopes of slowing down any pursuers. He had no clue if he was still being chased; he hadn't looked back for the past few blocks. I guess I should. He turned to look over his shoulder…

He stopped. He was alone. I guess I lost them, he thought hopefully as he bent over behind a nearby dumpster to catch his breath. A painfully stitch ran up his left side and his blue T-shirt was soaked with sweat.

The last few minutes had all been a blur. He had been walking home from his job when two men starting following him. They both wore long black trench coats and black sunglasses. It was quite the odd choice of clothing, especially considering that it was a mild summer evening. He paid them no heed at first, figuring that they were heading somewhere else. But after a while, he glanced over his shoulder to see that they were still there, talking quietly amongst themselves as if they were planning something.

Suddenly, he heard one of them shout something. Before he could react, he took a blow to his head and was slammed to the ground. For a moment, he was disoriented by the throbbing pain in his head. He soon found himself being dragged along by his right leg into a nearby alley. The only thing that ran through his head was freeing himself.

Before either man could react, he tripped the man dragging him with his free leg. Freed from the grip, he quickly jumped to his feet and ran down the alley, dodging the outstretched arms of the other man.

Now here he was, alone and disoriented in the labyrinth-like alleys of the city. His stitch was less painful now that he had been able to rest. I've stayed here too long, he realized, slowly standing up and looking out into the alley. No one was there. He stepped out and tried to decide which way to go. I have to get out or else…

A nearby crash and shout of voices brought him back to reality. "Oh sh—" he cursed under his breath as he turned to run.

He had only gotten a few feet when, out of nowhere, he nearly ran into one of the two men. The man reached to try and grab him. He dodged the man's outstretched arms and turned to run the other way, only to find the other man standing at the other end of the alley, a pistol pointed at his heart. He was trapped.

"Kesshi Saito…" the man with the pistol droned. His voice was as cold as ice, the kind of voice that shows no emotion and sends chills down the spine.

The boy couldn't believe what he just heard. "H-How do you know my name?" he asked nervously.

"That doesn't matter," the other man spoke. His voice was no more reassuring than the other was. "You have something that we want."

What are they talking about? Kesshi thought to himself. I don't even know these guys. "I don't know—"

A gunshot interrupted him. A bullet went whistling by his left ear. Kesshi hit the ground, fearing more shots. He dare not look into the face of the man with the gun, fearing that if he did, it would be the last thing he did.

"That was a warning," the man rasped as. "Unless you want to feel hot lead in your heart, I suggest you do not argue with us."

Kesshi wanted to speak, to make his point known to them. The fear of being shot, however, kept him quiet. He shook his head in frustration, anger beginning to build up in his chest.

"You are coming with us," the man spoke again as he walked towards Kesshi, his pistol still pointed at Kesshi's heart.

Many things ran through Kesshi's mind as the man drew closer: his friends, his family…everything he knew was being taken away from him. The man was now only a few feet from him. He reached out and grabbed Kesshi's right arm…

Suddenly he let out a scream of pain and let go. He staggered backward, looking between Kesshi and his hands. Kesshi was very confused to the least. What…

He looked down where he was grabbed and gasped. A blue, pulsating light surrounded his entire arm. "What the hell is this?" he asked himself under his breath as he looked at his arm. Whatever it is, it caused him a great deal of pain. He looked up to the man and found himself staring down the barrel of the pistol.

Bam. There was no time to react. Kesshi shut his eyes, waiting for the inevitable. But seconds past and he felt nothing. Instead, he heard the click of the bullet hitting the pavement. Slowly he opened his eyes…

He nearly jumped out of his skin. The light that surrounded his right arm only seconds before was now completely covering his whole body, almost like armor. It also felt like something was flowing through his body, like water in a river. Only it felt different than water. It felt…alive, like it had a life of its own.

He now looked at his would-be killer. He dropped his pistol to the ground, backing away from Kesshi like he had seen a ghost. Kesshi came back to his feet, walking towards the man now, feeling his anger rising to epic heights. He felt like he was invincible, like nothing could hurt him.

Then, giving absolutely no thought to it, as if he did it everyday, he clapped his hands together. Almost instantaneously, a sphere of the light formed between his hands, radiating a massive amount of energy. Letting out a cry of rage, Kesshi thrust the sphere as hard as he could at his would-be killer. The man let out a yell that was silenced on contact. The sphere smashed into the man's sternum and sent him flying across the alley into the wall at one end. For a moment, the man's body seemingly hung on the wall, like a portrait in a gallery. Then it fell, limp and lifeless, to the ground.

Kesshi looked down at his hands. "What is this?" he contemplated to himself. "How could I do that? Where did this come from?"

He now turned to face his other pursuer. The man was clearly afraid of retribution and attempted to run out of the alley. Kesshi had other plans. He reached out his right hand towards the fleeing man, almost as if he was pointing the man out to someone. Then, just as the man was about to turn the corner out of the alley, he jerked his arm back towards his body, as if he was pulling on a rope. The man let out a cry as he suddenly found himself flying backwards towards Kesshi. He landed in a pile on the ground a few feet away from Kesshi.

The man groaned in pain and started to try to stand only to find Kesshi charging up another ball of light, similar to the one that had felled his comrade. He went to his knees and put his hands together almost reverently. "Please," he pleaded, his eyes diverted from Kesshi. "Please don't kill me. I-I promise I'll leave the Legion. Just don't kill me."

Kesshi looked upon the man and shook his head. "You attack me from behind," he began gravely, "You threaten to kill me. And you expect to me to show remorse?" He thrust the sphere at the man. The man covered his head, in hopes of somehow surviving the blast. However, it proved to be futile as the sphere slammed into his chest and thrust him into the air. His body flew up…up…up high into the air, only to come crashing down into the dumpster that Kesshi had hidden behind only minutes earlier, now serving as his final resting place.

Almost as soon as he had taken out the second man, the light that had surrounded his body disappeared suddenly. Just as suddenly, Kesshi fell to his knees, breathing heavily. It felt as though all the energy in his body disappeared. He looked down at his hands. "How…how did I…"

"It is because of your aura."

Kesshi looked up. A tall figure stood nearby in the shadows in such a way that it was impossible to determine any definitive feature. He spoke in a smooth and reassuring voice.

For a second, Kesshi was speechless. "Who…" But before he could finish, he was overcome by exhaustion and collapsed to the pavement. His world suddenly became shrouded in darkness.

End Prologue