When Jasper looked at Rosalie all he could see was beauty. Long blond hair, flawless features and complexion, legs that seemed to go on for ever. The perfect woman in all respects.

But Jasper knew that all that beauty was just the outside and no mirror for what was hidden beneath the pretty surface. A lost soul in turmoil, wishing to be something else to have her heart's desire for a family, her own family, fulfilled. Yearning, spite, regret, contempt, all hidden beneath a dazzling exterior that didn't give away any of the feelings simmering so close to the surface.

Come to think of it, Jasper realised once more that they had more in common than just the resemblance in looks. He knew the feeling of forbidden emotions crawling under his skin and into his every being only too well. Even if it wasn't a family but blood, human blood, his mind was calling for, it was the same difference.

He had been trained to never let his feelings show, to keep himself in check, and he managed that task well, always getting better with time. He had been trained to be the perfect soldier. So the perfect soldier he became if only on the outside.

So perfect on the outside, both of them were flawed on the inside and there was nothing that could possibly make it right again. Not in this life.