A/N: This drabble is based on The second book of the Icemark Chronicles: Blade of Fire by Stuart Hill. It's written in Medea's point of view. Ever since the beginning of the book, I had a soft spot for Medea. I pitied her, and something about her just made me sad. She is my favorite character, and I did not really like what happened to her at the end. So, I decided to write a little drabble in Medea's point of view. Please read and review!

I flailed my arms crazily, screaming at the top of my lungs. I kicked at the invisible force that was grabbing me, snatching me away to the realm of the Dark. "No!" I hear my horrified voice screech. "Let me go!" But, the force soon devoured me, and I skidded through to the fabric of the universe, entering the realm of the Dark. "Father! Father!" I shrieked. But, my father was gone. Was I dead? I didn't know. But I was as good as dead. The torn fabric of the universe stitched itself shut as quickly as it had ripped.

No! That one word echoed in my mind angrily, furiously. No! No! No! This isn't what I wanted! I had totally lost my cool and indifferent attitude. Now, I felt tears stinging my eyes, and I started to weep. My shoulders shook uncontrollably. I felt myself change. I regretted the fact that I didn't truly 'listen' to my father, Oskan the Witchfather. He explained to me what the Dark was. But…but…I just didn't hear what he meant! And now, and now, I would regret it! I knew that I would have to endure an eternity of horrible torture and pain. I was enveloped by the Dark. The power consumed me, without my utilizing its full potential. It was all so…depressing! I simply could not believe that it was happening. But it was. And this all made me hate my brother even more. Sharley, Charlemagne, the little snotling.

It's all his fault that all of this happened to me! I fumed silently. I am sure those wretched twins and Cressida should also share the blame. And my freak of a mother. But, all of the mistakes I made…all the neglect and envy I felt…all the pain I had to endure, and am about to endure…All of it! All of it was caused by that damn Charlemagne. I don't deserve this sort of treatment! I gritted my teeth with seething contempt. I tried to get up, from my spot in the ice crystals, but I couldn't! I felt searing pain whenever I moved a muscle. I heard little, tiny voices. It was as if each and every ice crystal were talking to me. Whispering. Hissing. Their eerie voices echoed with a sad melancholy air.

"AH!" I screamed as I writhed in agony. The magical force of the Dark was doing something. Something terribly wrong. It was the worst torture I had ever felt! It felt like every muscle in my body was being torn apart forcibly, and every cell in my body was being wrenched apart, and thrown back together and then peeled off again! It was…dreadful! It was excruciatingly painful! And the worst part was that I had no control over my Magic. I felt as helpless as a newborn kitten, without parents, without anything in the world. Then again, I probably was always like that. My family never liked me. I was just that creepy girl that somehow snuck her way into their House. I didn't care what happened anymore. With my last burst of strength, I cried out into the frigid cold air, and at the black skies, "I wish my family the worst of luck! And I wish Sharley was dead!" My voice reverberated with a ringing sensation. I crumpled down to the ground in throbbing pain and exhaustion. I had so much hate in me…so much hate. I couldn't believe that that much hate could even be possible in a single person. Perhaps my hate was the cause of my downfall. But, I had a good reason. Didn't I?