Sabaku no Gaara was now twenty-three years old. He lived in the tallest building in Konohagakure no Satou, along with his wife and baby daughter. Sakura spent her days in that building, devoting her time and effort to the raising of the baby, which the pair had named Akako, for the passionate red color of the child's hair. Sakura loved Akako more than anything in the world, and felt the child was a part of herself. The baby had Gaara's blood-red hair, and the bright inquisitive green eyes of Sakura. The child truly was beautiful.

It had been four years since the return of the red-head to Konoha. Four years since the day he was accepted. He was never happier in his life. Though he helped Tsunade with Hokage duties, since the village was practically twice the size it was before the fall of Suna, he didn't have the weight of being the Kazekage on his shoulder, like before. He really couldn't believe how much he had changed; sometimes his thoughts still wondered back to his Genin years; the Chunin exams. When Sand had made an alliance with Sound, however short-lived.

Until the baby came, Sakura spent her days with her team. The four became very devoted to each other. Sakura could've sworn, after the team completed one of their missions, that Sasaki even made an attempt at a real smile at one of Kenshi's jokes. The four had bonded in a way that Sakura couldn't bond with anyone else.

When they became Chunin, although she still led most of their missions, she missed having them around all the time. Especially Kenshi. He was her own little Naruto. And even though she still saw Naruto often, the blonde was was mature; though he still goofed around occasionally, he was normally very serious, especially when it came to missions and shinobi duties.

Naruto married Temari; Sakura had attended that wedding with her own husband. She'd also attended a rather unusual and unexpected wedding. Lee and Ino had gotten hitched. She knew she didn't spend much time with Ino anymore, but she didn't think that she was blind enough not to see it coming, at all. Though unexpected, the wedding was rather pleasant, and Sakura was immensely happy for the couple.

It also appeared that somewhere in the four years that passed since Gaara and Sakura's return to Konoha, Neji and TenTen fell in love. They got married as well, and there were four happy couples in Konoha. Sakura and Gaara was the only couple with a child, but Naruto and Temari were discussing having one.

Akako was almost a year old. Her red hair was wild and wavy, and her eyes were bright and curious, shining with the innocence of a child. Sakura fell in love with her child; the moment she found out she pregnant with the girl, her face lit up and she was absolutely ecstatic. Gaara fainted on the spot.

Through the four years that had occured, Sakura and Gaara, and everyone else in Konoha had many adventures, shared many different experiences.

And Sakura hoped dearly that many more would come.

The End.