Disclaimer: Twilight belongs to Stephanie Meyer. I used her plot line as a basis for a story of my own, that's it. All of her characters are hers.

Chapter 1: The Escape

I ran faster, trying to leave all I had seen behind. But my tears ran faster still. I just ran blindly, praying, hoping that they wouldn't come for me this time. I had tried to escape so many times before, but they had always brought me back. I was so tired…I couldn't keep this up much longer; this was my last chance of getting away. I used my gift bitterly, making force fields all around me as I ran, for protection. How ironic…they give me these powers to work for them…now I am using it against them. Serves them right! Snatch me from my family, my life, put me in such pain, call me the "Child of the Earth", and make me a monster… I hadn't noticed myself speeding up in my anger, but I nearly impaled myself on a tree as I ducked out of the forest and darted through the first few houses of a smaller town.

But I had to admit, that anger was justified. I was bitter, I wanted to know why, why me? Why did Aro have to pick me off the street, coming home from fencing practice. Why couldn't he have snatched anyone else, ruined somebody else's life. I knew just one thing…I was a freak. After the ritual, my whole body had changed. I was leaner and stronger. My hair was somehow longer and darker. And an ache that never vanished pulsed constantly where my heart used to beat. I skidded to a stop in front of a shop window at my reflection. In the warped and dirty glass, I couldn't see much, but I looked much younger and very conspicuous. I was still in the tattered remains of the clothes I had been wearing before the kidnapping, and under those were hundreds of bruises, cuts and scrapes that I didn't have the time or the energy to heal. Heal…sounds weird, to myself anyway. All I used to do was wash it and put a band-aid on it. But I was different now…


He whipped me harder, smiling evilly. His whip was now wet with my blood. Jane knelt down at me, smiling…waiting for it to be her turn. She nodded to the burly vampire I knew to be Felix. He smirked at me, then gasped, as I used some of my dwindling strength, and healed my fresh wounds that he had dug deep into my back, until my skin was smooth. Not a drop of blood remained. He was so angry, he re-uncoiled his barbed whip, but Jane stopped him. She smirked at me. "So…you aren't a worthless piece of shit after all." Suddenly, my mind and body were on fire, and I shrieked in pain. But then I pictured the same happening to her and to my shock…real flames crawled up her arms. I watched the guard come running with water…

-End of Flashback-

I permitted myself a brief grin which I couldn't see in the glass. Even if I had to heal her afterword…seeing the gleam of true fear in all of their eyes had been worth it. But when they had taken the pouch away…finally figuring out that the stones gave me the power I had, was unbearable. There was no need to torture me then. But I never gave in to those bastards. I had dealt with it. I ran away from the shop window and pushed myself harder than ever before, taking a crazy and criss-crossing route all across the countryside until I reached a big city. Hiding in Goodwill, I felt sadness as the life that used to be so familiar to me was now foreign. Alien. With my new freakish powers, I easily broke off the doorknob and fried the security system. I snuck a backpack, some sets of clothes, basic, and some cash from the register. I will pay it back, I vowed. I then slunk silently into the night.