Chapter 54: Pain and Sorrow


I woke up to Elfohrys furious bellow. I was still on the ground, and every muscle ached. Thoughts pushed at me from all random directions. The first? Without stones, I wasn't an elf. Just a freaky strong human dealing with supernatural shit. So all those bruises and cuts? Those won't be going anywhere. Then I heard Ambrosia crying. And it all came back. I was empty. Dead. And so was everyone else. I sat up quicker than I should have. My back cracked at least twice.

Elfohrys ran to my side to hold me up. Hating my weakness, I had to let him support me as I tried to deflect my pain. I had never been beaten up before. Needless to say, it's not enjoyable. "Alexa, what happened? Where is Eylador? And why the hell are you human?" Elfohrys said in a panic. I felt some of his meager healing powers lessen the stiffness in my body, and the pain dimmed. It was scary to hear my own heartbeat.

Carlisle made to walk forward, but stepped on my empty pouch in the grass. In a flash, he had it in his hand. I heard gasps all around. Elfohrys growled fiercely and held me close.

"It's gone." I whispered. "She mixed them with Eylador's and then she…took him." I continued. My voice was hoarse and cracked.

"So you can feel him?" Ambrosia said her voice fierce with anger and sorrow. I nodded slowly. Those stones were me, and I could subconsciously feel Eylador. If I was an elf, I could be him. But that's a whole other ball game. Edward voiced my thoughts aloud.

"We have to go after him." Ambrosia and I said together. Her voice was strong with hate. Mine was weak with exhaustion.

"You are in no condition to go anywhere." Carlisle said firmly. I felt Elfohrys nod. I groaned.

"I don't care. We have to go. The longer we wait, the less of a chance we have of getting him back." I cleared my throat. I pushed Elfohrys away and stood up. I wobbled like a drunkard and he caught me, hissing unintelligible cuss words.


I stirred. After a minute of grogginess, I was on high alert. I was not in the field where the battle had taken place. And I felt weird. Different. There was something there… ALEXA? Before I could connect to her, a strong electric shock made my whole body shake. My eyes flashed open, and I wish I had kept them closed. I was on a steel cold table, strapped down with some sort of chains.

There were electrodes and needles all over my body. And when I looked down, my pouch was full to capacity, and clear. Absolute horror filled me when I recognized Alexa's stones. A laugh snapped my gaze upward. The Director was looking through the glass box overhead, smiling her smug bitchy smile. The shock coursed through me again, making me grit my teeth.


"But Alexa. You know as well as I what happens when you don't have your stones." Elfohrys hissed. I glared in return. "Yes, I know, it's happened before! The sooner we track him down, the sooner I can be me again."

"What does he mean, 'what happens'?" Esme asked.

"The stones of an elf are their soul. When they are removed, a countdown starts, one that I can feel. That's… What's that blob?" I asked. Ambrosia frowned. "That's the wolves and Nudge and Angel." She said tonelessly.

I was silent while Elfohrys filled them in, and told everyone about dying without the stones. Frustrated with everyone's pity, I went over and gave Ambrosia a hug. She almost crushed me. Then I froze in her grip as I felt Eylador connect with me for a split second, then his horror and pain. His side opened up and I could see the chains. The needles. The cage. I shook my head to disperse the image as Edward again shared my thoughts for the crowd to hear. Elfohrys snatched me back from Ambrosia. I flinched as the pain flashed through us again.

"What the hell are we waiting for?" I said angrily, and stood straight without Elfohrys help, even though it took effort.

"If I were the Director, where would I go?" Max said sarcastically. I quickly morphed from Eylador back to myself. That's all it took to find his location.

"In the Himalayas." I said quickly. "Nepal, Kathmandu, to be precise. Inside Mt. Everest."

"Alright. Let's get back to Volterra. We will change, and then catch a flight to Kathmandu…" Ambrosia said. I knew she was impatient. I hitched a ride on Elfohrys and the Rides flew/rode the wolves.

As I passed through the portal, I felt Eylador give up. And it chilled me to the bone.


"You will not think that way. You are mine now." She said coldly. Sternly. My brain struggled against her words, but to my terror, it gave in. Then-

I am hers. I belong to the director. I live to serve.

To be continued in the sequel, All You Need is Love!