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I Miss You-1. Neglecting to Cry

I miss you.

She sent this message to him over a week ago and had gotten no response since then. It seemed more than obvious at this point. He had neglected to respond simply because he didn't want to. He was over her...

Courtney sighed as she re-read the text message again, checking its information. She and Duncan had the same phone service, so the telling factor of the message was a little check marked box. The message had been properly sent, received and read. He had just failed to respond.

It was ironic really. She had fought so hard against the inevitable. She had held fast to her dignity, claiming that he wasn't worth her time. He was annoying, uncool, a delinquent. Only after ample persistence from the campers did she even consider a pairing with the pierced pig. She had given in too easily. She realized that now.

Apparently he had gotten tired of her and move on. What else was she to expect? They were just two different people...

So why then did it hurt so much? She had gone through the motions. The denial, the regret, the tears, and she had finally come to accept it, or so she thought. The hurt ate at her insides and the regret clawed at her throat. Tears found their way to her eyes and she hadn't the strength to wipe them away. Her heart lurched in her chest as she lay out over her bed, the blinds closed and the door lock. She hid herself away from the world, allowing her anguish to consume her one last time and this would be the last time...

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