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I Miss You-15. Turbulence

Duncan sighed as he stared out angrily at the line of cars outside of the garage. He cursed colorfully as a coworker jabbed him in the side with a wrench, demanding that he continue working. He grit his teeth against his angry ranting, wanting to keep this job over anything.

After the stripping job he had gotten a job at a local family garage, his experience with building cars and taking them apart the only reason as to why he received the position. Courtney had even helped him, determined that he be at a stable job that didn't involve him disrobing nightly.

Duncan grinned at the thought of Courtney's possessiveness. It had been eight months since they had decided to officially see each other. It had also been eight months since he had given her the promise ring and it seemed to be holding them together quite well.

Of course she made a few ground rules that he just had to snort at: no public displays of affection unless she initiated them, no stripping, seeing other women, or even thinking of other women while she wore his ring, which was 24/7, and she was allowed to make up rules as they went along.

Duncan was having a very difficult time with the first rule. He had always found Courtney very desirable and he didn't seem to understand why he couldn't snog his girlfriend in public. Oh well, it must have just been her uptightness putting up a last ditch fight. Despite her own rule, he made it very difficult on her to resist him, especially when she came to visit him at work.

She just so happened to be pulling up to the facility on her mo-ped and Duncan wholly intended for her to jump him the moment she saw him. They hadn't slept with one another that entire week due to their busy schedules and they wagered a bet that one couldn't out last the other. He would see to it that she gave in today so they could spend a pleasant evening together.

"Hey, Princess," He greeted, leaning against the trunk of the current car being operated on.

He had taken off his shirt earlier due to the May heat and a sheen of oil smudged sweat was covering his back and chest. His pants hung dangerously low, as per usual, and his hair had fallen limp, strands of green hanging in his eyes. His eyes took her in and he felt his stomach clench hungrily.

Courtney seemed to be up for the game as well as she wore a too short skirt and a simple skin tight tank top. She fanned a hand to cool herself down as she began to pant from the heat. She ran a hand along her chest to wipe away the sweat that had gathered there and delighted it the fact that she had Duncan's rapt attention.

"Ogre," She replied, smiling at the snickers heard from the surrounding coworkers.

She sauntered up to him, leaning her hips to press against his as she wrapped her arms around his neck. Duncan reciprocated as he wrapped his arms around her waist and began to kiss teasingly at her gloss covered lips. She was good at this game, he noticed, as she pressed more firmly against him and withdrew just as he was beginning to loose himself in her warmth.

He grumbled as she stepped back two paces and he followed, dipping his chin to take hold of her lips again. She didn't need to look so damn cocky. She pulled away coyly and walked to the side of the car, a distance that she seemed to think was safe.

Duncan seemed to pout as he walked over to the apposing side of the car, wrenching the door open as he backed it up, nearly running over Courtney's toes. She hit the car in retaliation as Duncan grinned out at her. Parking the car, Duncan exited it and approached Courtney's glowering form.

"You'll never win this game, Princess," He declared, "I'm much more experienced then you,"

"Yeah?" She queried, "Well, I'm more determined then you,"

"Whatever," Duncan called back flippantly, "You may be more determined, but you're much more impatient then me. Face it, Princess, I'm everything that you aren't and you need me. I figured you ou-." Duncan paused as the familiar strings of a Nickleback song began to play from somewhere within the pockets of her skirt.

The lyrics seemed to fit the situation and reveal a great deal about the couple to anyone who cared to listen, which just so happened to be everyone. He grinned at her horrified blush as his coworkers chuckled and began to converse amongst each other in hushed tones.

"And now I know who you are, it wasn't that hard, just to figure you out," Duncan sang out, turning his back to her and beginning his work anew.

Courtney huffed out childishly as she approached her mo-ped to leave, glaring over at Duncan as he continued to sing parts of the song.

"I like your pants around your feet, I like the dirt that's on your knees, and I like the way you still say please while you're looking up at me, you're like my favorite damn disease,"

"See if you get laid tonight," She called out over her shoulder as she drove away, eliciting jeers from his coworkers.

Duncan glowered at their comments and sighed to himself. This was just how their relationship was and it seemed that it would always be this way.


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