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"We have another one already?" Maggie whined. "Jeez, we never get a break do we?" Sam came up behind her and put his hands on her shoulders.

"Part of the job description, no days off." He said. They were sitting in yet another motel in southern Wyoming, having just taken care of a banshee that was killing unmarried men. Dean had left the second the doctor had told him he could go home after the whole Boogie Man incident. He had suggested that they go after the Tulpa and dispose of it once and for all.

Lauren had pointed out that there was no way to exterminate fear in the world, and as long as fear existed, so would the Boogie Man. Dean, though extremely frustrated, had dropped the hunt and went onto the next one, though banshees were never a walk in the park.

Dean sighed, staring at the newspaper clipping Lauren had just handed him."Yeah it sucks. Especially when we have to go to hick-spit towns like Allenspark Colorado." Maggie's eyes grew to the size of ping-pong balls, her brows lost somewhere in her hairline.

"W-we have to go where?" She asked.

"Allenspark Colorado. There's been a couple murders in the past week." Dean said. "And considering nothing happens in Colorado this could be up our alley."

"It could just be some psycho getting his jollies." Maggie suggested.

"Yeah but I doubt some psycho can tear up the insides of a person from the outside. No entry wound of any kind anywhere." Maggie sighed.

"Do we have to go?" She asked.

"Maggie," Lauren said. "Why are you so worried about going there?"

"Be-because that's where I grew up." She admitted. "That's where I lived my whole life, until Mom and Dad died."

"I thought your house was down south." Sam said.

"That was...one of the houses we owned." Sam came around to face her.

"What do you mean 'one of'?" He asked. Lauren and Dean stared at her expectantly.

"I mean one of." Maggie said. "We only had about four or five anyway." She said, instantly regretting it and inhaling sharply.

"Four or five houses?" Lauren asked. Maggie nodded. "Are they all as big as the one by our bar?" Maggie shook her head.

"Oh hell no. That one's the smallest we have." All three pairs of wide eyes were on her, stunned into disbelief.

"Are you telling us you're loaded?" Dean asked.

"Well, yeah." Maggie said quietly. "When Apple was first getting its start Dad invested about a hundred dollars."

"Shit!" Lauren exclaimed. "He had to've been a millionaire." Maggie nodded.

"Yeah." She said. Lauren stood, arms folded across her chest, brows creased.

"So you're telling me we could have been staying at real hotels without using fake credit cards?" She asked darkly. Maggie nodded meekly. "Then why aren't we?"

"I thought you guys liked the whole motel thing. You've never complained before." Maggie defended.

"That's because we never had the option to do anything else." Dean snapped.

"Well I'm sorry," Maggie said. "Next time we're somewhere I don't have a house we'll stay somewhere nice." She said. Sam shook his head. Maggie walked closer to him. "I thought that if you found out, you'd I don't know, you might just-" Sam knew where she was headed.

"I would never, ever, be with you for any other reason than the fact that I love you." He whispered. Maggie smiled softly. "Thanks."

"Hey, yo, lovebirds." Lauren said. "We've got go. Your parents still own the house Maggs?" Maggie nodded. "Then we're stayin' there."

The house was huge. Huger than huge it was gigantic.

"How many rooms did you say this place had?" Sam asked.

"About thirty-five." Maggie said nonchalantly.

"Wow." He said.

The house was white, the window trim black. A large balcony wrapped around the top-most floor. The door matched the windows, the roof, and the large iron gate they had to go through to get to the main house. The house sat on at least 400 acres of land that was mostly empty.

The pale gray September sky made a pleasant back drop for the large house, the cold crisp air rustling the orange, red, and brown leaves of the two oak trees that stood parallel on either side of the vast driveway.

Sam put the Ferrari in park at the top of the driveway, the Impala close behind. He and Maggie exited the car, both hearing the familiar squeak of Dean's car doors.

"Jeez Maggs how come you never told me about this?" Lauren asked. "I'm your best friend."

"I didn't want you to just be friend's with me for my money." Maggie said. "I had a lot of those growin' up." Lauren nodded.

"Well," Dean said, hoisting his duffel bag over his shoulder. "Do we get a tour?"

"I hired a maintenance crew after Mom and Dad died to come in here once a week and keep it nice, just in case I decided to drop in." Maggie said.

"Well thank god you did," Lauren said. "This place is beautiful." And it was. The house was lovely on the outside but gorgeous on the inside. They were walking up to the third floor now. The grand wooden staircase they climbed had no creaks or even a speck of dust on the railing.

"Alright," Maggie said. "All the bedrooms are up here. I'm taking the last one on the right. Lauren, Dean, take your pick." Dean grinned.

He hadn't stayed in a house house in a very long time. He hadn't slept in an actual bed in a long time either. Lauren pushed open a door on their left, Dean did the same on their right.

Maggie grabbed Sam's hand and pulled him down the hallway.

"Let's hit the hay Sam." She grinned. Sam smiled and followed after her. Once the door at the end of the hall had shut, Lauren and Dean burst out laughing.

"Thank god it's a big house." Lauren giggled. Dean nodded. Lauren looked into the room of the door she had opened. "Oh, we are so staying in this one."

The room was vast and spacious. Up against the back wall was a large four poster bed. The curtains around it were white and see through. The covers on the bed were white as well. Lauren sat down on it and was amazed at how soft it was. Dean fell down next to her and sighed.

"This hunt is gonna be awesome." He said, a grin on his face. Lauren laid down next to him. Dean closed his eyes.

"At least we'll have somethin' to look forward to." Lauren said. They were both asleep minutes later.

Maggie opened her eyes and dim sunlight met them. She turned her head and was surprised to see Sam gone.

He probably went downstairs for breakfast. She thought. She stood and stretched, glad to be home after all these years. She walked out of her room and tiptoed past Lauren and Dean's. She descended the stairs and was surprised to hear nothing.

"Sam?" She called. No answer. "Sam?" She walked into the kitchen and met no one. "Dean? Lauren? Sam?" No one answered her.

Dean and Lauren's room was empty, both cars were still parked out front. She ran back upstairs into her room, starting to panic.

She looked around the room, not sure of what she was looking for. She looked at the nightstand and saw a piece of paper. She bent down and picked it up, figuring the note was from Sam. She was wrong.

We have the people you care about.

We want 1,000,000 in 2 days

or they all die.

No police or they all die.

2 days.

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