Maggie got Sam in her house and up to the room they were supposed to be staying in if not for this whole mess. She had grabbed a first aid kit out of one of the bathrooms and was heading back to that room. She was worried, relieved and a little scared. Would she show it? Hell no. She took a deep breath when she reached the door, then turned the knob and went inside.

Sam was laying on his stomach, eyes closed, wincing every so often. His mangled back faced the ceiling. Maggie asked Lauren what happened.

"It's my fault." She had said quietly. "Raphael got mad at me and did that to Sam r-" She paused for a moment. "Right in front of me." She rubbed her temples, Maggie saw tears in her eyes. "I'm sorry. Tell him I said that would ya?" Maggie nodded and put a hand on Lauren's shoulder.

"He doesn't blame you," She assured. "He never would. And I don't either." Lauren gave her a small smile.

"Thanks." She said. "We better get to it." She said, referring to Sam and Dean. Maggie had nodded and headed out of the bathroom toward her and Sam's room. Now she was here, looking at the man she loved, her heart breaking. She walked over to the bed and sat down next to Sam, pushing his hair out of his face.

"Sam?" She said quietly. Sam opened his eyes and smiled slightly at her. "You okay?" She asked. Sam nodded; Maggie knew he wouldn't tell her if he wasn't anyway. She popped open the white case she had next to her and pulled out a white cloth and a bottle of peroxide. She tipped the peroxide onto the cloth. "This is gonna hurt." She said. Sam nodded and bit his lip, bracing himself.

Maggie touched the cloth to a large gash on his back.

"Ahhnn," Sam whimpered. Maggie trailed her fingers through his hair and dabbed another welt. Sam gripped the pillow under his head and winced.

"I'm sorry honey." Maggie said. Sam nodded as a gesture to keep going. Once she had cleaned and covered his back, she moved to the bruises on his ribs. They wrapped around to his chest and stomach. Maggie grimaced. "Sam, I gotta roll you over." She said softly. Sam nodded. Maggie put one arm under Sam and the other in his back. Carefully, she rolled him over.

"Guhuhn." Sam moaned. Maggie winced, for hurting Sam, but mostly because of the bruises that decorated his torso were so dark.

"God Sammy," She said. "I should have gotten there faster."

"Not your fault." Sam said softly. Maggie shook her head.

"I should've." She said. "This is gonna hurt too baby." She gently pushed on his ribs, right on a bruise, making sure nothing was broken. Her mother Iris had showed her everything she had known about anything medical. Then again she was only a nurse, but hey, Maggie learned a lot from her. She grasped Sam's hand when he cried out after she had pushed on a large bruise that was almost black. "Alright," Maggie said. "That one's fractured." Sam groaned. "Yeah I know." She continued this exercise until she knew how many of Sam's ribs were damaged. It turned out there were four.

She wrapped his ribs, cleaned the cut above his eye, and got him a change of clothes. "Okay," Maggie said. "I'm done I promise." She said. Sam sighed and closed his eyes, obviously relieved. Maggie laid down next to him, careful not to hurt him. Sam turned his head and looked at her. He leaned forward and kissed her gently. Maggie put her hand on his face and brushed a tendril of his bangs out of his face.

"I love you." He whispered hoarsely. Maggie smiled shyly.

"I love you too Sam." She said. "You scared the crap of me." She admitted.

"I was scared too." He said. "I didn't know if I'd see you again." He wrapped his arms around her, much to his body's displeasure, and hugged her tight.

"You're gonna hurt yourself." Maggie said, hugging him back.

"I don't care." He whispered. He nuzzled his nose into her hair and closed his eyes. Maggie sighed and closed her eyes, feeling his warm body next to hers.

"Man I missed you."

"Shhshh," Lauren said softly. "It's alright baby, you're alright." She dabbed the washcloth on the bad cut above his eye again. Dean winced. One of his shoulders had been popped out of place, he was dehydrated and had bad hypothermia. He was still shaking now.

Thunder crashed outside and Dean jumped. Lauren gently touched his cheek, running her thumb over his lips.

"It's okay Dean." She said. "You're not there anymore. I promise." Dean closed his eyes and bit back the tears that had appeared in them. Lauren set the cloth down on the night stand next to the bed.

"Ahhnn." He gulped.

"God baby, you're shakin' like a leaf." Lauren said. Dean coughed violently and Lauren propped him up. He stopped and laid back down.

"'M freezin'." He slurred. Lauren scoffed.

"Tell that to your forehead." She said.

"Mmma," Dean whimpered, a tremor traveling through his body. Lauren had no choice but to cover him up. Hypothermia could kill faster than a fever.

"It's okay baby." Lauren soothed.

Alright, hypothermia. Hypothermia...what do I know about hypothermia? ...Body heat! She lifted the blankets and laid down next to him, pulling his body toward her own. Instantly Dean scrunched up against her.

"Mm, you're warm." He whispered.

"You're freezing." Lauren said, hugging him tighter. She softly kissed his forehead. He sighed leaned his head against her shoulder. "You don't know how happy I am to see you." She said.

"Ditto." He rasped. "I never wanna hear the word rain again." Lauren laughed softly.

"Me either." Dean tensed suddenly.

"Ahah, UHUN!" He screamed, arching his back. Lauren's eyes grew and her grip tightened on him.

"Shh, shh, shh." Lauren said tenderly, softly caressing his neck. "It's okay, it's okay." Dean started to sob.

"It hurts." He cried. Lauren nodded.

"I know baby, I know." She said, tears in her own eyes.

"Hold me?" He whispered, referring back to what they had started saying to each other a month ago.

"Always." She said, a tear sliding down her cheek.

"Love me?"


"I thought I, I was gonna die." He choked. "And I didn't want t-to. Not yet." Lauren closed her eyes and stopped herself from sobbing herself.

"You're not going to. I promise. You've still got time. You've still got time."

"I don't know if Sam can save me."

"He will." Lauren said firmly. "He, Maggie and I are not gonna give up, not till the last second." Dean buried his face in her neck. Lauren sniffed. "I don't wanna talk about this right now." She said. Dean started another coughing fit. "I do want you to get better." She said. Dean nodded and closed his eyes.

I've gotta save him. I know where he's going, I know what it looks like. I know what hell is. And as God as my witness I will do everything in my power to save him from that awful place.


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