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Jaden Yuki sat at his next staring blankly at the black board. Suddenly there was a knock at the classroom door. Jaden could care less at the moment. It was just another day at Domino High School. I wish something exciting would happen already,he thought. A tall, blue haired boy walked thought the door and stood in front of the class. Jaden's attention transfred to the new student. Wow,he thought. The student had hypnotic emarld eyes that any women, or man, could fall under their spell. Mr. Sako stood in front of the class room. "Class this is Jesse Anderson," he introduced. "He has transfred from an academy in the south of Europe. How exciting."

Yes. Exciting.Jaden smiled at the student like a love struck teenage girl. "Hi there," Jesse said in the most adorable southern voice. "I hope you'll help me around this school. And maybe we can be good friends."

Jesse took the empty seat next to Jaden. The blonde haired girl, Alexis Rhodes sat behind Jaden. She smirked at what she saw. Looks like Jaden has a crush on this new student, she thought.I'll have to change that. Hahaha.

After class Jesse want leaned over to Jaden. "Hey," he said. Jaden blushed at the sound of Jesse's voice. "What's your name?"

"Jaden," Jaden replied.

"Hey I was wondering would you like to have lunch with me?" Jesse asked. "You know because I'm new and don't know anyone."

Jaden nodded. Just then someone tapped him on the shoulder. Jaden turned around and saw his friend, a small brunette girl, Emily Heart. "Jay we still up for lunch in the park?" she asked sweetly.

"Actually," Jaden said turning to Jesse. "I'm having lunch with Jesse.

Emily examined the blush on Jaden's face. He likes the new kid, she stated to herself. "Well then," Jesse began, "why don't we all have lunch together. If you dont' mind Jaden?"

Jaden blushed deeper. "Of course not. Emily and I are friends," he smiled.

"Great," Jesse said. "See you at lunch." Jesse got up and left.

"You like him," Emily smiled slyly.

"I do not," Jaden protested.

"Then what's with the blush?"

Jaden crossed his arms and pouted. "Meanie."

"Nope. Love expert."

"Don't tell anyone."

"No problem. See you later." As Emily left to talk to some of the basketball team, Alexis sat next to Jaden.

"I heard that," she said.

Jaden was blushing a dark crimson by now. "Please, I begging, don't tell anyone," Jaden begged. "If Jesse knew he might get scared and not want to be my friend."

"I'm not here because of that," she smirked. "I'm here to warn you. If you get in a way of me and a guy I like you will end up heart broken."

Alexis smiled and walked away. School just got a lot more interesting, thought Jaden.


Jaden and Emily waited for Jesse at the main entrance. That little warning Alexis gave to Jaden earlier, is no surprise. If she wants something, there a 99.999 percent chance she'll get it. She'll do anything for what she wants. Jaden shivered at the thought. Alexis could do anything to him. She had power in the school. She was the most popular, all because she was head cheer leader. "What's wrong?" Emily asked placing a hand on Jadne's shoulder. "You don't look to good."

"I'm fine," Jaden lied. As long as Emily doesn't know she'll be safe. But Jesse can still get hurt,Jaden thought sadly.

"Hey guys," Jesse yelled running over to them. "Thanks for waiting."

"No worries," Emily smiled. "As vice president I'm more then happy to help out new students."

"Thank you," Jesse turned to Jaden. "Are you feeling okay?"

Jaden nodded and smiled. "Of course. Let's go the park."

The three of them made their way to the park, only to be followed by Alexis.


They all sat under a cherry blossom tree. Jaden had sat staring at Jesse whilst he and Emily talked. "Is there any openings for the soccor team?" Jesse asked.

"You play soccor?" Jaden asked.

"Yep. And baseball and tennis," Jesse said proudly.

"You're quite the athlete," Emily said.

"I guess.HeyI just thought, if you're vice president then who's the president?"

Emily blushed. Jaden laughed. "His name's Zane Truesdale, thrid year, and Emily has a major crush on him."

"I do not!" she yelled in Jaden's face.

"Oh that's right. She LOVES him," Jaden exclaimed.

Emily burned up inside and started chasing Jaden around the tree. Jesse burst into a fit of laughter. "You two are hilarious," he managed.

After twenty minutes Jaden and Emily gave up. "So, Emily, Jaden do you play any sports?" Jesse asked.

Emily took a sip of his water before answering. "Yes. I'm on the basketball team, volleyball and badminton team," Emily smiled. "and the cross country team."

Before Jaden could answer, Alexis turned up. "I'm head cheer leader," she cheered proudly.

"No one invited you Alexis," Emily screamed.

"Aw come on," Jesse said.

"I'm going," Jaden said picking up his stuff and leaving.

"Jaden!" Jesse said chasing after Jaden.

Emily picked up her things. "I don't know what yuo said to him, but if you hurt him, you can bet you won't get away with it," Emily exclaimed running after Jesse and Jaden.


Jesse had finally caught up with Jaden. "What's wrong Jaden?" Jesse asked confusingly.

"I have to stay away from you," Jaden said.

"Why? Jesse asked.

"Alexis likes you. So that means that I can't be friends with you." Jaden cried at the thought. "You must think I'm stupid because we only met today. But I feel you and I can be great friends."

Jesse hugged Jaden tightly to his chest. "Listen, I've heard about Allexis and what she does I would never date her, even if she was nice."

Jaden whipped his tears and looked into Jesse's eyes. "Why?"

"Don't laugh."


"I-I-I'm g-g-gay."



"Me too."

"Well then there's nothing to worry about. Let's get back to school."

Jaden nodded and took hold of Jesse's arm. Jesse smile at his new friend. They walked together arm in arm all the way back to school.


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