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Hey, this is my first time writing a Code Geass fic and first fanfic I've written in years. Hopefully, there won't be too many mistakes due to my skills being rusty. I got this idea basically from thinking, how would Suzaku defend himself from the Suzaku haters?

Anyways, there will be breakings of the fourth-wall by many characters. If this gets popular, I may update it. If anyone has ideas for a better title, please tell me. Oh yeah, I shamelessly inserted myself into this chapter, but I disappear quickly, so for those of you who hate Mary Sues/Gary Stus, don't worry about that.

There may be some Out of Characterness, but since the fourth wall is broken, I find it hard to keep them IC. Italics indicate character thoughts.

This happens at the end of Turn 16, when Suzaku and Lelouch have that phone call and will not follow canon events at all. Anyways, enjoy:

Disclaimer: Rumiglion does not own Code Geass or any characters associated with Code Geass. All characters shown in the fic are property of Sunrise and designed by CLAMP. Yes, that includes the self-insert, my soul got stuck in Code Geass so now I'm Sunrise's property. If this one owned Code Geass, it wouldn't be as popular as it is today.

Zero, leader of the Order of the Black Knights, walked into the room and needed to resist the urge to break down and bite his fingernails. It had been a total of seven minutes since his "negotiations" (the Black Knight leader knew, deep down, that it was more suited to be called begging than any form of negotiations) with Suzaku Kururugi and Ikaruga had just entered into the borders of Area 11.

I need to stay calm. Zero does not bite his nails. Zero is cool, composed, and sometimes egotistical, but Zero does not panic and make a fool of himself. Zero also needs to stop referring to himself in third person.

"Are you alright, master?" C.C. asked with wide, untainted eyes as she watched the masked man prance aimlessly around in his room before he decided to take off his mask.

"Your name… it was Lu-louge, right?" C.C. asked hesitantly, unable to properly pronounce his name and worried that her master would be displeased with her addressing him like an equal.

Lelouch stopped and stared at her. This is her first time calling me by my true name, can her memories be… Sensing a shift in the atmosphere, C.C. put her hands above her head, bracing herself in case she gets hit.

"I'm sorry if it displeases you, master. It's just that the magic box was calling that name and I thought it could have been something important and that you should know."

"I'd prefer it if you'd stop calling me master." Lelouch tried to give his face a gentler look to relax the girl, but unfortunately, gentle and Lelouch seldom mixed together and it made C.C. more uneasy.

More importantly, the magic box must be the T.V… Wait, why would my real name be brought up on T.V.? Lelouch lunged for the remote and pressed the power switch to find a news channel.

The anchor was a strange man, wearing a shoddily made white mask with two dots to show for his eyes and a line curved to resemble a happy face. It was something that a five year old would have produced in their spare time.

"This is Rumiglion, here to review the latest results of the CG popularity contest. This is the first time that the results of the poll have been broadcasted. Our top ten week consists of many returning characters, such as Jeremiah Gottwald, who first showed up as a loyal…" Lelouch grabbed the phone and pressed speed dial.

"What is it, brother?" Rolo's voice echoed in Lelouch's ear as he continued looking at the news. If anyone found out about this, everything he worked for could be destroyed. The only people aware that such a thing even existed to Lelouch's knowledge were him, Rolo, Jeremiah, and C.C before that happened to her.

"Are you watching the news right now?"

"Hang on." Lelouch heard the T.V. turn on and Rolo switching the channels until the background sound from the other end of the line was in-sync with what Lelouch was hearing from his room. "Oh."

"The broadcast needs to be taken care of. Did you and Jeremiah prepare anything to stop the broadcast in case of this?"

"We've covered most of Area 11. We still haven't gotten around to the Tokyo Settlement yet."

"Alright, shut off the T.V. of every room in the Ikaruga except for those that know about this, intercept and cut off the broadcast in as much of Area 11 as you can. Also, check to see the places this is aired. I'll use the Gefjun Disturber to take care of the Tokyo Settlement." Lelouch heard the phone click on the other end and he watched the reporter slowly introducing the top ten.

Lelouch pushed the button on the remote that he always carried. This time, the button's purpose was to activate Gefjun Disturbers to stop all electronics in the Tokyo Settlement. Thus far, the same button has been used to cause the explosion at Babil, made smoke come out to distract Jermiah, made Gefjun Disturbers go off a few minutes later and it was supposed to turn Rolo's Vincent into a bomb.

"We have Anya, youngest member of the Knight of Rounds who debut after the return of Zero and captured the hearts of many fanboys and lolicons…"

On second thought, Lelouch probably should have stopped the Ikaruga from receiving any broadcast. It would have made it easier and faster for Rolo. However, Lelouch was human. Humans were curious by nature. Lelouch wanted to see who would end up behind him (Lelouch had no doubt at all that he would retain his position as the most popular).

"Gino Weinburgh, hyperactive member of the Suzaku-Anya-Gino trio. A noble at birth and skilled pilot, his close friendship with Suzaku and Anya has given much room for imagination for many fans and he soon found his place in the hearts of…"

"HEY! My favorite T.V. show got cut off!" An unknown voice shouted in the distance.

Lelouch's phone went off.

"Alright, it's only being broadcasted in Area 11 and we've disabled the broadcast everywhere else. It should be safe now. Is there anything else you need?"

"Good job, Rolo. I'll just be watching this to help me relieve some stress. Contact me if anything of note happens."

"Finally, we have our returning champion, Lelouch vi Britannia, a.k.a, Lelouch Lamperouge. His dazzling looks, unmatched intelligence, magnetism and alter ego quickly raised his popularity through the heavens. A man who has taken the weight of the whole world and-"

"Stop right there!" The masked announcer stopped as a caped figure got on camera. "This is the Knight of Seven, Suzaku Kururugi. I have an important announcement to make using this broadcast station. This is for the sake of the Britannian Empire."

"B-b-but this is m-my…" The masked announcer gave in and left the camera's view so that only Suzaku Kururugi and the screen behind him remained.

"Gino, prepare everything." Suzaku talked to his blond Knight of Round companion. Gino starts fiddling around with the stations computer before flashing a smile at Suzaku.

"Everything's good to go!" Gino gave Suzaku a thumbs-up and Suzaku faced the camera.

"Zero, no, Lelouch, something has been bothering me since our confrontation one year ago. I couldn't understand the anxiety within me at first. The feeling seemed to cause me more problems than Euphie's death at times. However, since yesterday when I checked my email to find that a bunch of strangers sent me repeated and edited videos of Kallen attacking me, I realized the unknown emotions that have haunted me in my sleep."

Suzaku made a signal to Gino and a large portrait of Lelouch in his Zero costume with helmet in his hand and posing sexily appeared on the screen behind him. "Lelouch, why are you so much more popular with the fans than me? I've been met with resistance for every little thing I did wrong, but you go around attacking innocents and the fans just say, 'it was necessary'. I'm here to get to the bottom of this. I'll show all of you fans just how unreasonable you are in your dislike for me!"

A different picture appeared behind Suzaku, this time. It was a picture of Lelouch and Suzaku as children. "First of all, the first complaint I've been hearing. 'Suzaku is too hung up on the past and should bang some other girl and forget about Euphemia'. First of all, let's take a look at these."

An image of Lelouch in his younger days as a prince is shown. Then a picture of Marianne and Charles is shown. Finally, a group portrait of Suzaku, Nunnally, and Lelouch is shown.

"Lelouch thinks about the past just as much as me! I don't hear anybody complaining about how one of the reasons he started his rebellion was to avenge Marianne. Anyways, I don't believe in one-sided battles, so I'll be communicating with some of the fans of Code Geass and rebut their points directly. Gino!" Suzaku raised his finger dramatically in the air. "Connect me!"

The group photo of Suzaku, Lelouch, and Nunnally faded away and it was replaced by the white text, "Audio Only", surrounded by a black background.

A distorted and masked voice began to speak. "Suckaku, you suck! You were the b0rn with haxx0rz powahz! Real c00l p30p1e like L3LOUgE nid to us3 th31r brainz inst34d of cheap trix!!11!!"

Silence reigned as no voice was heard for several minutes. However, Gino grabbed Silence and threw it off the throne and proceeded to stomp on it until Silence begged for mercy and scurried away with only half of the clothes it came in with intact. "Can anyone translate that into a language that's understandable?"

"I can speak that, I've spent most of my time online." The offscreen masked announcer handed over a piece of paper to Suzaku which decrypted the message.

Suzaku read over it and looked at the camera. "Okay first off. A green-haired girl did not go up to me someday and offer me the power of the spin, which would allow me to do my spinning kicks. I had to train hours under Toudou and I train offscreen, but just because it doesn't show that, people assume I am hax. Lelouch got Geass handed down to him on a silver platter! No one complains about that. The closest thing I've ever gotten was Lloyd giving me the Lancelot, but that's because he was watching me and thought I would make a good pilot."

"Alright, I've found another fan that hates you. This time, it's a literate one." Gino pressed a button and there was static on the screen before a voice became clear.

"Suzaku, you should bring Nina with you into the Lancelot and detonate the Freya while you're in the blast radius. Everyone KNOWS you fail as a character. You refused Zero's offer after he saved you, you stopped Lelouch from saving Nunnally, you sold Lelouch to the emperor for power, and you kept Kallen a prisoner and tried to use refrain on her."

"First of all, Live Geass, so I can't follow your suggestions. As for why I refused Zero's offer, has your mother ever told you that you should never listen to a stranger, especially one that wears a mask? Do you think it's really a good idea to say, 'I have no idea who you are, but since you saved me, I'll help you do whatever you want', especially when that person committed the crime you got framed for in the first place and used innocent civilians as hostages?"

Suzaku takes a break and makes a signal to Gino. Two different pictures showed up on the screen, one of the Euphemia Massacre and a different one of Nunnally. "If the brother of someone important to you was responsible for that and led an organization out for the blood of Britannian royalty, would you really think he would be a good influence? At that time, I had every reason to believe that Nunnally would not be safe around Lelouch and I needed to take care of her myself."

Suzaku thinks a bit about the next comment. "I can understand why people don't like me for that one, but what exactly did anyone expect me to do instead? I can't just say, 'Hey, since you're Zero and all, hold out your palms so I can slap it. There you go, now you're free to go!' Zero killed people. It was my duty to bring him in. I just happened to take advantage of the opportunity, much like Lelouch did during the Euphie incident, and what does everyone else say? 'It was the only way. He didn't do the right thing, he did the only thing. You can't hate him for turning that to his advantage'. Does anyone say that about me? Of course not, despite the fact that it could also apply."

Suzaku's voice started to rise higher as he continued. "Kallen killed a bunch of Britannian soldiers. I can't just let her go free! As for the refrain thing, I realize that was the wrong course of action and my desperation was fueled by Shirley's death. Still, a lot of fans seemed to wave off the fact that Lelouch massacred women, children and scientists and some of them were innocent. I don't want to hear people say, 'But they were evil and dangerous! That scene with the child proved it!' If I came into your home with Lancelot and started shooting people and you had the power to stop me, would you use that? Does that make you evil and dangerous if you did? OF COURSE NOT!"

"Suzaku, I think you need to calm down a bit." Gino turned turned off the monitor.

"I can't remember why I thought getting liked by these people would help make everyone think of Euphie in a better light. What the heck was I thinking? You people are completely unreasonable. For example, fans like characters for the strangest reasons. Let's just take a look at her!"

Gino turns the monitor back on and a picture of Kallen shows up.

"I'll give her credit for her loyalty and piloting skills. However, a lot of her fanbase is made up of people that just like her because of her boobs. It makes me sad to think that I might have been a lot more popular if I was female and had a lesbian relationship with Euphie. Next, let's take a look at the next love interest for Lelouch."

A picture of C.C. munching pizza shows up on the screen next. "Why do people like cold characters that have an obsession for unhealthy food? Does munching on a pizza for five minutes really help make someone so popular? There's the whole immortal thing, but a lot of people love the thing with the pizza since they claim it makes her seem human. Would I be loved as well if five minutes were devoted to me brushing my teeth after waking up? Oh yeah… this reminds me…"

Suzaku signals Gino to switch the picture on the monitor. The screen becomes blank for a moment.

"C.C.'s pizza habits brought him to mind." The picture changes to show of a scruffily dressed black-haired male that looked like he sleeps less than an hour a day eating ice cream. "Why is he so popular? I'm sure you all recognize, L Lawliet from Death Note. I'm bringing him up because he seems to have a lot in common with C.C. Are they popular because they're named after a letter in the alphabet and eat unhealthy foods?"

"I'm sure L Lawliet doesn't get a bunch of hate emails when he checks his inbox talking about how much people hate him because he always screws the main character over, which he does, or how he uses drastic methods that endangers a lot of people, which he also does. Maybe I'm looking at this wrong… maybe it's because people don't like Light the same way they like Lelouch. Anyways, how did he get so popular that people stopped watching Death Note after the Rem incident? Everything's so unfair…"

The image changes to one of Luciano.

"Wait, why's his image on here? No one likes him. Even Gino hates him, and that's saying a lot right there."

Suzaku's voice starts to falter. "I'm sorry, Euphie, I just can't do it. I thought that maybe people would support your cause more if I became more popular, but the world is too unreasonable. I don't care what anyone else thinks anymore."

"Cheer up, Suzaku. I just checked the polls, you actually ranked pretty high." Gino consoles his friend. "In fact, you're in the top ten."

"I am? From all the hate emails I get, I didn't expect that to happen." Suzaku enthusiasm rises a bit at hearing it.

"Yeah, you're ranked fourth, behind Lelouch, C.C. and Kallen. Wait… that's weird, a bunch of voters also put in some pictures. I'll put those on the screen."

Strange music begins to play in the background and a picture of Lelouch on the in his unbuttoned academy shirt staring into Suzaku's eyes, who's lying on top of him. Suzaku and Gino immediately freeze and look at the screen, unable to move.

"I'm saving this." Gino saves the image and the next one plays, this time, it shows a vulnerable Lelouch moaning as Suzaku nibbles his left ear. More clicks of the keyboard are heard as Gino saves this.

Having finally recovered from the shock, Suzaku speaks again. "GINO! Stop the pictures already!"

However, Suzaku's words fell on death ears as more pictures of Suzaku advancing on Lelouch are shown.

Suzaku sighed as he realized that these fans make the other fans he argued with pale in comparison. "Well, at least I'm the seme."

The remote control dropped on the ground as Lelouch watched the pictures. Lelouch was bothered by the fact that all of them showed Suzaku on top. It made him realize that all those times where he got into compromising positions, he was always on the bottom.

That time with C.C. in the Gawaiin and that time when Kallen fell on him. He was always on the bottom. Always. Lelouch grabbed his cell phone and used the speed-dial.

"Rolo, track down that broadcast station and get the Vincent ready. We're going in."

End Notes:

Although Suzaku was the one that contacted the fans, I plan to have other characters show up to communicate with the fans. The next chapter, if there is one, will probably be Lelouch or a different character as Lelouch slowly arrives on scene.

If there are any questions you would like to ask certain characters, or comments, you can leave that in your reviews and I may put those into a future chapter.

So far, I have an idea with Charles, but not enough to make a new chapter with it. Anyways, I hoped all of you enjoyed reading this. If you didn't and would like to tell me why, I would be glad to know for future reference.