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"Well, anyways, good luck to you two. I'm missing out on my… lunch. So we'll have to do this another time. Don't die now. You two are the only reason anyone's interested in reading this." Rumiglion started to edge away from the battlefield.

However, Mary Sue snapped her fingers and then Rumiglion was tossed into the air and into the stars. "AAAAAAGGHHhhhhh…" His voice faded and soon, his silhouette disappeared from view completely. Only a twinkle in the sky indicated that he even existed for the three remaining bystanders.

"Now, you two are next!" The cloaked figure threw off her cloak to reveal a very beautiful and young woman. That's as far as a description will go for Mary Sue. Any further description will take away her powers as a Mary Sue. Trying to describe her with any other words other than beautiful or pretty with the word very and really attached to it fails to capture her beauty the same way a rooster fails to fly no matter how hard it tries to flap its wings.

Without any of C.C.'s own control, a long-forgotten emotion began to stir within her as she watched the girl. "Why do I suddenly feel jealousy!? She has nothing that I want!"

"It's no use hiding it, C.C. Those who cannot admit that they're just second-rate hussies when compared to my perfection are just denying their own sad reality."

"How do you know my name?" C.C. was used to being called a witch, so the rest didn't bother her that much. However, she's sure that her name hasn't been mentioned when the girl was in earshot.

"I'm Mary Sue. I know all, I see all. Humans are merely puppets controlled by my wishes. Now, come with me, Lelouch. I've had my eye on you." Mary Sue pointed towards the rebel leader and beckoned him towards her with her fingers.

"Yes… mistress… Sue…" Lelouch eyes became blank as he walked towards the temptress in a trance.

"SNAP OUT OF IT, LELOUCH!" C.C. pounced at Lelouch to stop him. She grabbed onto his shoulders to hold him. However, due to Lelouch's trance and his lack of physical fitness, he lost balance when he felt C.C.'s weight on his shoulder, causing him to fall on the ground with C.C. on top of him.

"Uggh… what was I thinking!?" The stubborn prince, having regained his senses from the fall, analyzed the situation at hand. "I completely lost control there. Does she have the Geass?"

"It's affecting me as well, so I don't think so." C.C. got off and pulled Lelouch back up. During this whole time, Mary Sue just calmly stood by and observed them instead of finishing them off. "Alright, we need to finish this quickly before anything else happens."

Lelouch put his hand over his left eye. "DIE!" With an elegant wave of his arm, Lelouch exposed his Geass and launched the command straight at Mary Sue.

"What-!?" Mary Sue clutched onto her neck as if she was choking and then lost her footing and knelt down with her hands on the ground to support herself as she panted heavily. She held on for a few more seconds before collapsing completely.

"That was simple enough." C.C. looked at the collapsed figure of Mary Sue and then at Lelouch. Lelouch was having trouble catching his breath. Then C.C. asked out of curiosity rather than concern, "Anything wrong, Lelouch?"

"Just feeling tired after you tacked me. I'll be fine, let's go, C.C." The witch and the human headed for the Shinkirou and Akatsuki. However, C.C. stopped when she sensed energy returning to the defeated body before them.

"She's still alive?" C.C. and Lelouch both stared at the fallen figure in shock as her fingers began to scratch at the earth.

"Data analyzed: Geass. Checking Code Geass databanks for countermeasure… Coutnermeasure: Code, found. Installing Code into hack databanks… Installation complete. Recovery process completed. Mary Sue is at 100%." Mary Sue leapt back up to life, completely recovered. This time, a V-shaped red symbol was on the back of her hand.

"The Code? That's impossible!" Lelouch and C.C. both stared, dumbfounded that she suddenly gained the Code.

"Perhaps it's impossible for you, but nothing is impossible for Mary Sue! Impossible is just a word that the weak use in order to hide the shame that they're incompetent and cannot accomplish certain tasks. Laws, reality, fact, and limits. You'll learn the lies behind all these words when you witness the true power of MARY SUE!"

"It's pointless to continue this. We'll need to escape and come up with a plan to defeat her another time." Lelouch told C.C. and C.C. nodded in agreement. However, as soon as the two turned to their Knightmares, they saw Mary Sue standing in their path. "How did she-?"

"Trying to escape? Well, I won't allow that!" Mary Sue closed her eyes and opened them again to reveal two Geasses.

"Obtaining the Code means to give up ones Geass. Having both at the same time is unachievable…" C.C. watched as Mary Sue began to grow Knightmare-like wings made of energy. "This has got to be a dream." C.C. tried to make an explanation for all the ludicrous actions of Mary Sue.

"Oh, but I have achieved it. This is the reality! The world is a place where the weak die and the strong survive. I won't let weaklings like you trample all over my world. Now, taste the power of my Code Geass!" Mary Sue opened her energy wings and energy bullets spread everywhere.

Upon seeing the energy bullets pierce the nearby trees, C.C. quickly took action and ran in front of Lelouch and spread her arms protectively. C.C. took the full force of the first barrage as the rounds pierced her arms, legs, and every other part of her body.

"L-Lelouch… run!" C.C. managed to weakly whisper. Then, like a delayed reaction, blood began to surge out of all her wounds as she fell backwards.

"C.C.!" Lelouch caught the falling witch in his arms and for the first time, wondered if the Code truly prevented her from dying. "Don't die!" However, his screams didn't reach the unconscious girl in his arms.

"You're interested in knowing how to defeat your father, right, Lelouch? Then allow me to show you how to kill an immortal." Mary Sue prepared to spread her wings again and the energy shots scattered again at the two defeated figures.

However, a large shield appeared from the ground to protect C.C. and Lelouch.

"A plot-shield… I don't have enough time for this, I have places to be. I'll leave for now, but remember this. I will be back." With that said, Mary Sue left.

Meanwhile, another victim of Mary Sue found himself recovering from her wrath. Rumiglion landed in open grassland and tried to nurse his wounds and ego. He failed to notice that someone else was with him.

"Hey, you!" Rumiglion turned to find a white-haired kid with glasses. He identified it as the person that stole his position as the fanfic author. "I just realized this place had no place for me to power-level or train at all as I had first hoped. You can have it back."

With that said, Mao tossed Rumiglion the Fanficcer's Tome and Mao began to leave.

"WAIT! You mean to say that you're just going to return it to me? My home, my pride, my job. I gave up all of those to pursue you and now you decide to just waltz in here, give me what I'm after, and then expect me to feel happy about it!?"

"It's not my concern whether you're satisfied with this outcome or not. Anyways, I've wasted enough time here when I could have been levelling up." With that said, Mao teleported out of the area.

Depressed that everything he's done has gone to waste, he decided to use the Fanficcer's Tome to read the future and ending of Code Geass canon. Perhaps that could cheer him up. However, he did not like what he saw.

"What the-!? This is the ending? There's no way I'll accept this as an ending! Forget about the rules of fanfics staying close to canon." Rumiglion got out a pen and began to write in his tome. "With my powers, I will kill canon and shape this world the way I want it to!" With one dramatic sweep, Rumiglion crossed out all traces of canon from the world and began shaping the world the way he wanted it to be shaped.

Meanwhile, two shadows are conversing about business. "So, will you do it?"

"I have my own businesses to take care of, but perhaps I'll consider it if it's worth my while."

"Is there anything that can help convince you to do it?"

"Sure. Bring me…" The shadow took a moment to pause. "…C.C."

Lelouch was at the hospital. He left Kallen, Jeremiah and Rolo all back at the Black Knight base to take care of things and to ward off suspicion. He even gave Sayoko his Zero costume to pose as Zero. Of course, this time, he made sure to get Sayoko to wear a transmitter so he wouldn't be stuck dating all the females in the Black Knights once Sayoko was done. He also brought his backpack to carry his laptop so that he can take care of Black Knight affairs online.

Of course, Lelouch realized that C.C. would be alright since she was immortal. However, he didn't want the fact that he hasn't thanked the witch yet to get on his conscience. He was just going to go in, say what he wanted to say, and leave before C.C. tried to put him on the spot, which she seemed to do for her own perverse pleasures.

"Visiting hours are open now, Lelouch." A passing nurse told him.

"Thanks a lot." Lelouch headed for C.C.'s room and froze dead in his tracks. "Wait did she just call my name?" Lelouch whipped around to get a better look at the nurse and recognized her as someone he just met. "MARY SUE!"

"This is a hospital, Mr. Lamperouge. You need to keep your voice down." Mary Sue answered. "This is my part-time job and I pride myself on my perfect record of healthy patients. For this reason, I have no interest in risking my perfect record for you. However, if you mess up anyone I'm taking care of, prepare to see all the different levels of hell."

"Yes, Ms. Sue." Lelouch gulped.

"Good boy." Mary Sue turned and left to attend to other duties. Lelouch calmed himself and headed to C.C.'s room. In there, he saw C.C. with the standard hospital gown in bed. She looked like she was fully recovered and she kept on licking her lips, as if trying to taste something that wasn't there.

Deciding to go on the offence so that C.C. wouldn't have as many chances to embarrass him, he reached into his backpack. "I brought you your Cheese-kun…" Lelouch reached in to pull out a badly wrinkled Cheese-kun crumpled by his Black Knight laptop and tossed it onto C.C.'s bed. "I ordered some pizza from Pizza Hut to be delivered here soon and anyways… I just came here to say thankyouokbye."

Lelouch headed for the door and quickly began to turn the doorknob. "OW!" He turned to find the crumpled Cheese-kun on the floor.

"Pick it up. I want you to hold it until it regains its original huggability." Despite C.C.'s monotonous voice and wording, Lelouch clearly saw this as a command when he saw the malice in C.C.'s eyes as she said this.

Realizing that perhaps it wasn't such a good idea to put a girl's favourite giant stuffed animal into his small backpack filled with metals and other heavy things, Lelouch complied and took a seat beside C.C.

"What were you thinking treating Cheese-kun like that? He has feelings, you know? You don't see me shoving all your pilots into my suitcase and bringing them out every time I needed a Knightmare to raid Pizza Hut." C.C. glanced at Lelouch hugging Cheese-kun. "Now you must atone by providing warmth for Cheese-kun in his hour of despair."

"But it's just a doll. I could be doing more important Black Knight business." Before Lelouch could give any examples, C.C.'s glare silenced him. She took a deep breath. Whether that was to keep herself calm or to prepare for a speech, Lelouch wasn't quite sure.

"Cheese-kun is NOT just a doll. Cheese-kun is the spirit of Pizza Hut. He is the hope of all the regular shoppers. Cheese-kun is the personification of Pizza Hut. To demean such a cluster of human hopes into something as lifeless as…" C.C. racked her brain for an example. "…a Knightmare is a crime against art!"

Not really understanding much of C.C.'s point, Lelouch agreed anyways because he didn't want to anger C.C. any further. "Okay." Lelouch gripped onto Cheese-kun tighter, now believing it's the only shield that prevented C.C. from attacking him. The creases began to slowly fade as Cheese-kun began to return to its original shape.

"Anyways, I just wanted to say thank you for saving me back then." Lelouch decided to change the subject to something that he had a clue about. "If it wasn't for you, I would've died back then."

"We are partners and I am immortal, after all." However, C.C. realized that perhaps Mary Sue would have been able to kill her anyways. When the witch began to play around the idea of getting Mary Sue to kill her, a part of her seemed to resist the idea of dying and to continue living for something.

"Is anything wrong, C.C.?" Lelouch asked when he noticed that the immortal witch was staring at him and deep in thought. Lelouch grew slightly self-conscious and wondered if he messed up while coming to the hospital and may have given away his secret identity.

"No, it's nothing." C.C. kneeled onto her bed and bent over to examine Cheese-kun. She put her ears onto the Mascot's mouth. "Cheese-kun forgives you for stuffing him inside your bag." She declared after Cheese-kun recovered to its original form. C.C. plucked Cheese-kun from Lelouch's arm and wrapped her arms around it.

Someone began to knock on the door and Lelouch went to get that. A slightly rotund and bearded deliveryman entered the room carrying five boxes of pizza stacked on top of each other.

"Well, I really need to go now. I have to make sure Sayoko didn't make any weird arrangements for me." Lelouch quickly dismissed himself since he did not want to stay around when the pizza-deprived C.C. went on a pizza-feeding frenzy.

C.C. immediately snatched the pizza away and buried herself in the blankets so that she would have more privacy to devour her pizza. "The toppings taste a bit different… Is this new?"

"Yes… this is our new Pepperoni Deluxe Dream…" The deliveryman said hesitantly. Although the man seemed slightly suspicious, C.C. was too preoccupied to care.

"Oh, by the way, the black haired boy is the one that's paying, so if you want your tip, you're gonna have to get it from him." C.C. said when she still felt the presence of the deliveryman watching her. It was kind of unnerving… almost as if she's expected to do something.

"We at Pizza Hut are interested in getting customer input for all our pizzas to help improve the pizza experience for future Pizza Hut shoppers." The deliveryman replied.

C.C. continued to eat the pizza under her blankets and slowly began to feel weariness setting in. After taking the last bite of her last pizza, C.C. fell into a deep slumber. The pizza deliveryman threw off his deliveryman uniform out of the window which conveniently disappeared to reveal a doctor's uniform that had no color coordination.

"First phase is a success. Now I just need to transfer the target." The now make-believe doctor looked around for a way to transfer the sleeping witch without arousing any suspicion. After coming up with an ingenious strategy to move himself and the sleeping witch, he left the room with her.

A deliveryboy entered the now-empty room. "Pizza delivery for one Ms. C.C. from a Mr. Lamperouge." However, he was confused to find no patient in the room. "That's funny… the address looks right. I must have copied down the wrong address."

Lelouch's laptop ran out of batteries, so he was looking for an outlet to plug his adaptor into so that he can check up on Black Knight business and contact Sayoko before going back to base to resume his duties.

"Excuse me. Need to get some outside air. Coming through." A stout doctor wearing a mismatched uniform pushed a hospital bed with a heavy blanket over it through the hall. Lelouch stared at the passing man for a few seconds.

"That man needs to get a better sense of fashion."

"KiKi, I'm back. I brought C.C. just like you requested." The man wheeled the hospital bed and panted from the long trip. He found himself in a pitch black room. "Hello? Is anybody there?"

He put his hands against the wall and fumbled until he found the light switch and turned it on. "AHH!" He was completely taken aback by what he saw. On the ceiling, along the walls, and even on the floor there were large pictures of a certain hazel-eyed man with long flowing raven hair.

In the middle of the room, KiKi was busy putting a picture of the said person on a pedestal with scented candles surrounding the picture. Noticing that the lights have turned on, KiKi quickly turned to find the cameraman and a bed with something under the blankets.

"Oh, this is not what it looks like." KiKi tried to rack her brains for an excuse that explained all the posters of Li Xingke in her room. However, the only one she could find was that Li died and she was preparing for his wake and she did not want any thoughts of Xingke dying in her mind. "Alright, fine, so it is what it looks like. I told you to go search for C.C. so I can convert this into my own personal Xingke shrine since I don't have as much freedom in my own home."

"Sooo… will you take the job? You haven't formally filled out all the paperwork yet." The employer asked his potential employee eagerly.

"I don't know… I'm not sure I'm qualified." KiKi answered hesitantly.

"What's your relationship with deadlines?" The employer asked.

"Well, I update my two fics weekly and I meet my deadlines even if it's one day before the due date." KiKi looked back.

"Alright, you're qualified!"

"Wait, that's it? What was the last interviewer like?"

Rumiglion was busy on the computer when his phone rang. "Hello? Oh, hi, Deadline. Tomorrow? But I'm buuussyyyy." He answered. "Doing what? I'll tell you what I'm doing. My DS needs its daily dosage of me playing it and I need to browse the internet."

Rumiglion waited. "Of course I still care about our relationship! Don't be silly, just give me five more days. Yeah, I know I said that five days ago… and five days before that."

After a bit more conversing, the conversation seemed to have changed. "What!? You can't leave me! You know what? We're through! That's right, I'm the one breaking the relationship this time. Also, don't expect me to come back crying a month later like I did before!" With that, Rumiglion angrily slammed the phone down.

"That's not important. Anyways, what do we do with her?" The director pointed at C.C. Just as he did that, the blankets began to move.

"Wait, you actually brought C.C. here? How did you manage that?"

"Never mind that, she's beginning to wake up. Let's just move her to another room and interview her. I'll go set up the equipment." The director wheeled the bed to a different room.

"Wait, I needed to talk about my salary!" However, by the time those words left KiKi's mouth, no one was in earshot to hear that. "Well, I might as well go along with it for now. Maybe I can dig up some dirt on C.C. and Lelouch and use that for my fanfic."

"Where am I?" C.C. woke up to find herself in a dark room. She was sitting on Cheese-kun. Suddenly, a spotlight shone onto C.C. The witch tried to block the light since her eyes couldn't adjust to the sudden brightness.

"C.C.!" A loud booming voice resonated throughout the empty room. "Here, you stand at the crossroads of reality and illusion. Here, all your actions have been seen and measured. Here, you shall spill all your secrets so I can write massive amounts of C. fanfics."

"What?" C.C. had to take time to comprehend all of that.

"Wait… was that last part out loud? Anyways, forget I said anything like that. Here, you will answer all my questions with the truth. First question: who is your favourite Black Knight member?"

"Why would I want to answer questions given to me by strangers?" C.C. asked monotonously.

"Well… umm… aahhh… What do I do!? This wasn't in the job description!" The voice seemed to ask someone else.

"Well, I just collected enough coupons for a Cheese-kun sweater and I had wanted to give it away to you had you been a good girl since you seemed to fit it. Such a shame too… I don't know anyone else that can wear it." Another voice interjected. Hearing this, a twinkle immediately appeared in C.C.'s eyes.

"Well, if you two insist, I don't see the harm in that." C.C. said. "However, first, I need to know how much you know."

After KiKi explained to see how she knew just about everything except for C.C.'s personal thoughts, C.C. just calmly nodded. "Alright, let's start again. C.C., do you keep a journal or diary and if so, what kind of entries do you write in it?"

"Well, having lived as long I have, I realized that it's essential to keep track of time. I do indeed have a log that I keep to record important discoveries, but I make sure to keep them encrypted and brief. In the case that it gets lost, no one will be able to decipher the meaning behind my entries."

"Well, can you read us an example entry?" The figureless voice inquired curiously.

"Sure." C.C. reached for Cheese-kun and lowered his zipper, pulling out a black book. She opened it and flipped a few pages before she selected one to read. "'Goldilocks wanted Panago. I bit him. He cried. Marianne scolded me. We ate at Pizza Hut.' To anyone else, this may just be inane drabble, but when I read this entry, all the events from that day return to my mind."

"Hmm… this leads to my next question. What was your relationship with V.V. like?"

"V.V. was kind of like…" C.C. paused to think a bit. "…one of those children babysitters take care of. I showed him the workings of life and how to survive after he got the Geass. He owes a lot to me."

"Really? He must have really idolized you."

"You could say that." C.C. thought back to her days with V.V.

"V.V., go wash the dishes." The blond boy ran to the kitchen while C.C. was sprawled across the couch watching the T.V. while melodically munching on pizza.

"V.V., it's cold. Go turn up the heater." V.V. ran to the heater next to C.C. and turned the dial before going back to his dishes.

"V.V., I just ran out of Tabasco sauce. Get me some more." V.V. stopped in mid-task and turned to C.C.

"Wait, how come I'm still running these errands for you!? If we were back at the Cult, then maybe that would be more acceptable, but I'm supposed to be on vacation and you just happened to tag along and you're ordering me around as if we're still in the Cult!"

"You need to learn how to stand on your own feet, V.V. I'm teaching you how to take care of yourself." C.C. replied, not looking away from the T.V. screen.

"Except I'm not taking care of myself, I'm taking care of YOU! I'm royalty, the maids in this palace are supposed to be catering to MY needs 24/7, but instead, I'm catering to all your needs!"

"Getting rebellious, V.V. You're right. The maids should be doing their job." C.C. looked away from the television and shouted to the nearby rooms. "MAIDS! Some blond haired girl broke in. I think she wants to marry the newborn prince!"

Hearing this, the maids immediately entered the room and grabbed V.V. "You again?" One of them said. "I know that some people say that love is ageless, but Lelouch isn't even one year old yet."

The maids carried V.V. away as he continued to struggle. "I'll get you back for this, C.C.! For the last time, I'M A GUY!"

"Well, we did have some disagreements, but V.V.'s pretty low-maintenance despite his royal background. He never stays mad at me for long since I know his weak points."

"V.V., I got you some ice cream. It's vanilla.. I know it's your favourite."

"You think some frozen sweets will be enough for me to forgive you? I was tossed out of my own home, all the maids think I'm some obsessive female stalker and on top of that, I hadn't eaten anything all day because I was too busy catering to YOUR needs." V.V. saw the ice cream in C.C.'s hands. "Are those sprinkles?"

C.C. nodded her head and V.V. hesitantly took one of the ice creams in her hands. He quickly turned away from C.C. and ran to the corner and kneeled down, making sure to face the wall as he ate.

"I'll forgive you once again… but don't expect this to always work!" He paused to say before he continued eating.

"Anyways, that should be enough of the past." The voice said. "It's about time we delved into the present and your personality. Tell me, C.C. which reason is more important to you for buying from Pizza Hut, the pizzas or Cheese-kun?"

"Why, asking that to me is like asking a mortal whether they would eat or sleep. Both are necessary for survival. You can't get me to choose between these two necessary components of my life!" C.C. perished any thought of choosing between her two loves.

"Some people say that food addiction shows your insecurities. Is your for pizza just a way to fill some other void in your life?" The voice asked, feeling slightly more adventurous about her questions.

"Are you saying that feeding my body what it loves shows that I'm unhealthy?" C.C. asked bewildered. "From my experiences, the unhealthy people are the ones that try to deny their bodies of what they need."

"Anyways, what I'm trying to say is. Can you live without pizza?" The resonating voice rephrased the question.

"Perhaps, but why would I ever try?" C.C. asked. "Lelouch has tried to take what I loved away from me, but he paid the prices for that, but I don't think he would like that story to go public."

"Please tell us, we all want to knoooww." The resonating voice begged, but that seemed to have no effect on the witch. Sighing in defeat, KiKi got too distracted from that to think up of any other questions.

A grumbling sound echoed throughout the room.

"Aww… now I'm hungry. With my awesome fanficcing powers, I shall open the gate between this world and the world of the fans and let them continue where I left off while I search for some food."

"That's fine by me." C.C. replied.

"C.C.," a new voice resonated throughout the room. "have you ever been appealed to Lelouch and had a temptation?"

"Well, yes, in a way. However, if you asked Lelouch, he would have described it as a completely aggressive act of self indulgence on my part." C.C. reminisced. "In fact, it ties back to when Lelouch tried to deny me of pizza."

"I'm home!" Lelouch just came back from one of Milly's grand parties and he ate some pizza once again. He felt a bit guilty since it reminded him of the fact that he forbade C.C. to eat pizza. Perhaps he should reconsider that and allow her to eat a bit, though he'll definitely need to limit it.

He noticed that C.C. wasn't around and about in the house like she usually was. Perhaps the pizza-withdrawal was beginning to get to her. He entered his room and found C.C. staring intensely at him.

Lelouch froze when he noticed C.C.'s unyielding gaze. C.C. had her feet and hands all on the floor and she was poised like a cat ready to strike. Lelouch recognized her pose since he's seen Arthur in a similar pose many times.

C.C.'s penetrating gaze continued to stare through Lelouch's very soul, just waiting for him to make a move. Now, her eyes resembled those of a waiting lynx. Lelouch considered heading for the door, but then he realized that turning your back to a predator is the worst thing that one can do in such a situation.

He saw a nearby window. Perhaps he could jump out of it. Surely, the fate that awaited him if he had plunged from there would be far more generous than the one that C.C. was about to give him for forbidding pizza. Lelouch moved and C.C. pounced before he could even take one step.

C.C. pushed Lelouch onto the ground and used her hands to grip Lelouch's wrists and slam them onto the ground. C.C.'s legs were positioned in a way that prevented Lelouch's own legs from moving. Before he could even ask the reason behind C.C.'s savage actions, Lelouch felt C.C.'s lips descend upon his own.

Now, Lelouch has been kissed before, but this kiss felt very different from the other kisses. Not different as in I've-finally-found-my-soulmate different, but rather, different as in I'm-getting-raped different. C.C. was merciless as her tongue explored every crease and surface in Lelouch's mouth and she bite savagely on Lelouch's lips with her teeth.

Lelouch was helpless against the assault and felt his pride fading away as C.C. continued her rampage. After Lelouch was sure that his mouth became numb from any sensation, C.C. got up and licked her lips before staring at Lelouch with her more normal gaze. Normally, Lelouch would find this unsettling, but now, he felt relieved that C.C. seemed to be back to her normal self.

"Double cheese and vegetarian. Next time, make sure you get more meat in your pizzas." After that, Lelouch never attempted to keep C.C. away from her pizza again.

After C.C. finished retelling her tale, she looked down at Cheese-kun, since if she talked to the darkness and the voice wasn't there, she'd end up looking silly. "Does that answer your question?"

"Err… kinda… yes… thank you."

"Alright, let me reach out for one more fan to ask a question and then we can end this."

C.C. waited patiently for the next question. This hadn't been so bad, she got to relive some of the favourite moments in her life and she'll be getting a Cheese-kun sweater after this is over!

"I've found one more fan, question time has started!" The familiar voice announced and C.C. waited.

"C.C.," a new voice reverberated throughout the room, "if you ever managed to catch Lelouch 'getting it on with someone' and gotten it on tape, would you use that as blackmail?"

"Well, I don't see why I would need it. I can get Lelouch to comply with most of my wishes anyways." C.C. reflected. "However, Lelouch may try to pull something and grasp for his freedom. If that ever happens, I suppose a hidden ace would be in order. In that case, the tape would be good insurance."

"Thank you." The voice said and faded away.

"Well, thank you for your cooperation, C.C. We'll send you your sweater through mail. We hope to see you again!" Suddenly, a hole appeared below C.C. and she was sucked into it. The hole disappeared and the room lit up again to reveal the director and KiKi.

"So, are you going to take the job?" The employer asked the potential employee.

"How much am I getting paid for this?" KiKi responded. Perhaps this would be a good way to quit her current job.

"Emm… actually… about that…" The director stammered.

"You're not paying me for doing this, are you?" KiKi scrutinized the director.

"No, I'm not." The director admitted in shame. "However, you do get that warm fuzzy feeling of a job well done."

"Sorry… but I get that feeling whenever I read my reviews for my own fics already. I'm too busy to take this job if that's the only incentive."

"Well…" The director thought back to KiKi's Xingke shrine. "You do have a chance of meeting Li Xingke and all the food here is all you can eat for you."

"DEAL!" KiKi agreed enthusiastically.

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