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Set after the Titan/God battle. Kronos is destroyed, Luke is dead, and Annabeth and Percy parted ways to go to college.

The Letter

Hi, my name is Percy Jackson. I am 26, I am a marine biologist, and I live alone in an apartment in New York City. Oh, and did I mention I saved Western Civilization when I was 16?

You see, my dad is Poseidon (yes the Greek god of the Sea) and when I was 12 I was told that I would make a choice when I was 16 that would either save or destroy the gods. Well, the choice that I made saved the gods and we lived happily ever after (I will not bore you with the details).

Now back to the present, I was walking home from work when it started to rain. It was not worth standing in the rain for a cab when my apartment was only 2 blocks away, so I ran. As I reached my building I grabbed my mail out of my box and headed up to my floor. I have a small apartment - one bedroom, one bathroom, a small kitchen and a dining room/living room – why would I need anything bigger anyway; all I live with is me, myself and I. As I walked into my little place, I threw down the mail without even looking at it and went to change out of my wet clothes. As I sat down to a lovely dinner of cold cereal, I shuffled through the mail. There were some bills, a car magazine, an advertisement for some new pizza place in town, a letter from Annabeth, some clothing catalog, and…wait a letter from Annabeth! I stopped what I was doing and ripped open the letter.

Annabeth was one of my best friends, but I hadn't seen her in the longest time. We parted ways to go to college years ago, she moved back to San Francisco and became an architect and I came here to become a marine biologist. Sure, we exchanged emails every week, but I never got a letter; Annabeth hates snail mail.

I pulled a crisp sheet of paper from the envelope and read Annabeths' sloppy handwriting:

Dear Seaweed Brain,

I was wondering if you had time for visitors. I haven't seen you in the longest time, and there is someone important I would like you to meet. Give me a call when you get this at (555) 123 9876.



I was shocked and surprised. I had no idea who she wanted to meet, but I missed her and wanted her to come over, so I called her and set up a date for her and her "friend" to come.

It was good to hear her voice again.

That night I went to bed thinking about her and how I missed having her around and going to camp with her and, I totally regret thinking this, but also about how much I had liked her back then. But that part of my life was over now…right?

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