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"Give it up!" yelled a young man in his early 20's. The man in question was none other than the infamous Kai Hiwatari. He was once again in the stadium fighting his long time rival for the position

he wanted be the world beyblading champion. His battle had been long fought to get to this moment in his life and he would crush anyone who got in his way. After kai had lost once again to tyson after challenging him to a beybattle after the BEGA leauge incident he began to start going back to his cold and ruthless ways. Anyone that stood between him and victory would be crushed! Including his rival...

"I'm not going to loose to you kai...I'm champ and will always be champ so quit wasting my time and go home!" At these words Kai's anger rose to such levels that started to have terrible impulses to hurt, maime and even kill tyson. Just as tyson got ready to launch a attack kai snapped.

"kai? at you ok?" kai was currently standing up with his head pointed to the ground so his two toned hair covered his crimson eyes. In his mind tyson was just another physical object he would have to destroy to get what he wanted...but at a much greater cost...the cost of a innocent life.

"kai?...KAI ANSER ME!!" the current world champion tyson granger screamed at the two toned bluenet.

"your dead granger..." was all tyson heard as kai charged him with a look of malice in his eye. before tyson could retaliate kai had him by the throat slowly squeeeing the breath out of the current world champ.

"kai...s-stop...c-cut ...i-i-it...o-out..." tyson said in a hoarse voice due to kai's grip on his throat. " You think this is a game granger?. Not to me it's not and because you refuse to lose the game...YOU LOSE YOUR LIFE!!" the last thing tyson felt and heard was immense pain as kai broke his neck with a quick hand movement and started laughing in a insane manner. his only thoughts were "dragoon...i'm sorry..." before his world went black...forever.