Seth stood by the window, glancing occasionally over to see if Nessie and me were done yet. When he saw that our lips were still entwined, he rolled his eyes.

"Hell guys, get a room"

Nessie's hand waved towards him in a less than eloquent gesture, Seth recoiled in mock horror.

"Renesmee Carlie Cullen! Where did you learn that?"

"Emmett" she mumbled through the kiss.


She groaned, pulling back from my face.

"It's no use. The moments gone."

"About time too."

I pulled a face at Seth.

"If you're feeling left out, don't you have a girlfriend you can go and smooch?"

"Lizzy?" He shrugged. "She's cheating on me."

"You sound very matter of fact about it."

"I'm not that bothered really. When you're surrounded by all this true love imprint stuff everyday, it makes it painfully obvious when a relationship isn't the real thing."

Seth was now the oldest werewolf who hadn't imprinted. Leah had, against her own expectations, found true happiness with a guy called Dan from Seattle. She would never be able to have kids, but he didn't seem to mind. The wedding was next month. Seth, on the other hand, was kind of a player. He seemed to have a new girl each week, each one more Barbie perfect than the next. Rachel, who was taking an online course on psychiatry in the hope of controlling Paul's temper, said he had inadequacy issues, whatever that meant, and was just trying to measure up to the love that was shoved in his face everyday.

Like me and Nessie. Now 17 years old (or 5 and a half biologically) and getting closer to 18, where she would stay for conceivably forever, every minute (literally every minute, although her rate of growth had slowed recently if you looked carefully like I did you could still notice the subtle differences from minute to minute), with her I was happier than I had ever been. Of course, it was only recently that I'd began to feel like this for her. I'm not some paedophile; I didn't have sexual feelings for a little kid. All her life, I'd just been there for her, a best friend, a brother. Dimly I'd known that some day she would grow up and we would be truly in love, but I'd been in no particular hurry for that day to come. I loved Nessie with all my soul, no matter how old she was.

But then one day, when I saw her, I'd known that something was different. Always I had thought her beautiful, the most beautiful creature on the surface of the planet, but now it was a different kind of beauty. I hadn't felt any nerves like when I'd kissed Bella all those years ago. I'd simply taken her in my arms and pressed my lips against hers, knowing that it was what she wanted too, and it had been perfect. Edward had protested feebly, but given up. After all, it wasn't as if he thought I could ever hurt Nessie. Having been in every werewolf's head, he knew as well as I did that the imprinting urge could not be broken or changed, and that his daughter and me were bonded together for life.

"I love you" I murmured to Nessie.

She didn't speak, but through her hand, closely wrapped around mine, her thoughts filled my head.

I know