"Wow. That is a shit situation to be in."

"Start's to make my imprint story look damn convenient."

"Don't worry dude, we'll find her."

Seth wasn't paying any attention to us. He simply stared forwards, and I knew he was seeing her face, her eyes staring into his.

"If only I even knew her name." He muttered.

"Seth! Seth!" Sam waved his hand in front of his face. "Don't stress. We'll find her. Jake, Leah, Quil and Embry have seen her in our head, so they know what she looks like, and I've seen her in Jacob's, so I can show the others. We can find her, easy."

Emily entered the room then, with a huge plate of blueberry muffins. Eight-year-old Claire, sitting on the couch next to Quil, squealed and clapped her hands.

"Muffin's! Thank you Emily!" Everyone except Seth and Nessie looked visibly cheered up, Emily's muffins were truly extraordinary.

I watched Nessie get up from where she was sitting next to me, and sit down beside Seth. She touched his hand gently, and he smiled weakly.

I stood up.

"Come on, let's get started. Seth needs us."


We all stood up, including Nessie.

"You can't come!" Said Paul indignantly.

"Why not? She can run as fast as any of us." I said.

"She can't hear any of our minds, it'll just get confusing."

"I want to help Seth." Said Nessie.

"She can come." Said Sam.

I didn't really mind Sam taking control. Even though I was technically the Alpha of my pack, I had never been built for leadership like Sam was. I had taken the power when I had to, when Bella and Nessie's lives were in danger, and now I was stuck with it. The annoying thing was Seth still looking up to me as an Alpha, it did annoy me slightly.

Sam decided him and his pack would run parallel to the motorways in hope of seeing her car, while me and my pack would look in Seattle, since Nessie wasn't connected to the pack mind.

"What about dad?" suggested Nessie? "He could look through the minds of the people in Seattle, see if he can find anyone who's seen her."

Leah groaned quietly, but she knew she would be overruled. The plan made sense.

"Ok, go ask him" said Sam.

"Dad!" shouted Nessie. He was by her side in an instant.

"You know, there's really no need to shout. I can hear you from nearly a mile away. "



Edward chuckled.

"Let's just skip the wheedling, sycophantic really doesn't suit you. Fine, I'll help."

"Thanks Dad!" Nessie hugged Edward tightly. I gotta say, it still freaked me out that she called him dad. She was older than him, biologically, for a start, though the family resemblance was obvious, she looked more like his big sister than his daughter. I knew Quil and Embry found it disturbing; Seth was unbelievably cool with all kinds of weirdness, and Leah was basically resigned to all the surreal age things that went on in our little supernatural community. As for the others, well, I wasn't connected to their minds, but they looked freaked out.

We drove to Seattle, it was quicker, and since we'd be going round in human form anyway once we got there, it was better not to risk busting our clothes. Everyone tried to feel sorry for Seth, but it was really hard to be depressed the whole time. Some one put on a CD, and we all started singing along really loudly, except for Edward, who sat there looking superior. Strange that Edward, who looked like one of the youngest out of all of us, acted like the adult. I suppose it was because we all treated him as an adult, what with him being a dad and all. It was weird, but we'd get used to it. Seth also sat there moping. He barely spoke, and I assumed he was running through the girls face in his mind. Edward nodded, to confirm this thought.

I felt bad for him, but what could I do? Sam and his pack were out looking, and it wouldn't take long to get to Seattle, then we could get going. Nessie smiled at me.

"You're being so good with Seth, he must be feeling so terrible right now. She slipped her hand into mine, and I couldn't help it, I remember the images she had showed me earlier. Nessie's perfect breasts, her beautiful white skin, her long shapely legsā€¦ Oh fuck. I was in a car with her mind reading dad.

Edward snarled.

I'm dead.

Update - In case you were wondering what they were singing along too (you probably weren't) but it was paradise city by Guns n' Roses. Good song, and very catchy.