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"That's Tommy," he said, quickly avoiding the tense conversation.

He started at the door, "Wait!" Lynn said, "Don't you want this?" She handed her son a pop-tart, what he had been searching for in the first place.

He lingered there for a moment, almost forgetting why she would ask him such a question. But then, quickly he grabbed the breakfast treat and ran for the door.

"Hey Tommy, hey Casey," he said a little out of breath. All three of them turned to wave at Cole's mother, and started walking to school.

Suddenly Cole stopped, reaching his hand out for his bag. Tommy was proud of himself. Another good deed done.

"Hey freak? How'd you like that arm around the shoulder bit?" He prided himself, glancing back every few seconds to make sure Cole's mother wasn't watching. "I just made that up. I went with it. It's what great actors do. It's called 'improv'."

Casey watched as Cole situated his bag upon himself. "I'm really sorry about him," she offered.

"It's alright Casey," he said comfortingly. "You should probably get going. I know your friends are waiting."

She looked at Cole slightly dejectedly. She knew he meant nothing by it. But at the same time she felt that he didn't want anybody to be friends with him. But just as she thought it, she dismissed the idea. She held onto her backpack as she started to walk to school just a ways ahead of Cole. She was all by herself too.

Casey entered the building with her brother at her side. She had quickly caught up to the boy, reprimanding him for what he had done to Cole. Although he had done it countless times before, she was just now realizing how much it hurt the poor boy.

Mr. Cunningham's class was the usual. Casey sat in the front like the good student she was. While her brother sat in front of Cole, only to taunt him and tease him when the teacher wasn't looking. She was growing tired of the constant ridicule he gave Cole.

At lunch, Casey sat with her friends, as she observed the other kids around her.

"Look at what my mommy bought me, Casey," Alicia, a pretty little brunette girl said from beside her. What she showed Casey was a cherry rectangular phone. Casey cocked her head. What would an eight-year-old need with a phone?

She giggled at herself. Opening her lunch sack, she let the contents roll onto the picnic table. It was such a nice day outside that they offered the kids to eat outside and have recess at the same time. She looked at her food and smiled. She loved peanut butter and jelly.

"Hey girls, look over there," Alicia pointed at a tree.

Casey looked to where she was pointing and immediately frowned. Her brother and his friends were tormenting Cole. And this time, Casey wasn't just going to sit back and watch it happen.

"Tommy!" She pounded over towards the group. "Tommy! You stop that right now!"

Her brother looked alarmed, but with a glance at his friends snickering faces, he turned around on Cole once more.

"Tommy! I swear on your life that if you ignore me, I-I will take a hammer to your Nintendo!"

She crossed her arms, looking resiliently at the group. Tommy had stopped, turned around, and looked at her with a panic stricken face. Casey smirked.

"Let's go guys," Tommy said. He then rounded on Cole again, "She won't be here next time."

Cole looked up at his savior, admirably. But then, his face turned down once again, as she had turned around to go back to eat lunch with her friends.

"Casey! How did you do that?" Alicia spat.

"You know he'll get you in trouble," Candace stammered.

Casey picked up the contents of her lunch, threw them in the sack and walked back over towards Cole. She stood before him for a moment's time, willing Cole to acknowledge her.

"I can understand you sticking up for me," he was looking at the ground, bringing his bright eyes to her own dark ones, "But you don't have to feel sorry for me."

She plopped down beside him. "I'm not sorry," she smiled politely, picking a few grapes from a plastic bag. "You want one?"

They ate in silence until the bell rang for them to head back to class. Casey followed him everywhere he went. But she knew when to part ways. She walked with him back to his house, then continued on her own way home.


Casey ran into her house, throwing her book bag on the couch, she hurried towards the kitchen. This is where her mom always was. There was the usual plate of cookies sitting on the table, ready to be devoured by her perfect children.

"Hi Mommy," Casey stood on her tip toes, abling herself to reach her mother's crouching figure, kissing her on the cheek.

"How was school today, dear?"

Casey sat herself on a chair at the table, reaching across to steal a cookie. "Well, I think I made a friend today."

Tommy snickered from his seat across the table.

"You think you met a friend?" Her mother reiterated.

Casey nodded, then thought for a moment, and shook her head, "Well, I'm not sure. He doesn't talk much. And he doesn't have any friends."

"Well, I think it's very charitable, you going out of your way to make a friend. Who is this boy?" Her mother was busy washing dishes, as her brother kept making faces at her.

Casey jeered back at him and continued her conversation, "Cole Sear."

"Isn't that the boy you two meet every morning? I thought you were already friends?" A look of concern made itself clear on Mrs. Tammisimo's face.

"We are!" Tommy interjected, glaring at his sister and her big mouth.

"No we're not," Casey argued. "You make fun of him all the time!"

"Enough Casey," their mother ordered. "Tommy, is this true?"

"No," he replied shortly, but convincingly.

"Yes it-"

"Casey, if Tommy says it isn't true. Then, it isn't true," she smiled at her children. "Now get along, you two have three hours before dinner."

She heard her children bickering all the way down the hall.