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Present Time

Casey lurched forward, unable to breathe. Her hair had been matted down with sweat, locks clinging to her forehead. She held her hands to her chest, as her lungs had begun to tighten.

"Mom! Dad?" She gasped, searching for someone. "Tommy!?"

No one came to her assistance. "Mom!" She exclaimed once more as she could feel herself slipping. One hand grasped the sheets of her bed, as she felt an extreme shake come over her body.

"On no! Bill! Call the ambulance!" Mrs. Tammisimo reached her daughter just as her eyes were rolling to the back of her head. "Tommy! Grab the emergency bag!"

Normally at the thought of his sister, Tommy would roll his eyes and sneer at her. But when these encounters happened, his face would be concerned and worried for her life.

He listened to his mother, grabbing the bag and a book off of her shelf. He knew how much Casey loved to read.

At the hospital, Casey was to be taken to an overnight room. They had to run a CAT scan on her and take blood tests. It was the usual hospital visit for Casey and her family.

"Mom? Is she going to be okay?" Tommy questioned, looking at his sister's hand in her mothers.

"I don't know, honey. This one is the worst episode she's ever had," she looked at her daughter's content face, only blemished by perspiration.

"Mom?" He placed a hand on his mother's shoulder. "Y'know, no matter how much I make fun of Casey, she's always my sister. I love her."

Tommy's hand became encompassed by his mother's, squeezing it tightly.

Casey's eyes fluttered open, she was alone. She looked around the room, everything was white. She hated white. The book on the nightstand was titled 'Nightfather.' She smiled. Tommy knew she loved to read that book whenever she was sick.

"Casey, dear?" One of the nurse's knocked on the door. "Someone's here to see you." Casey smiled, nodding to her that whoever the visitor was, could come in.

A head of sandy hair appeared in the doorway. She smiled, seeing the figure of Cole Sear walk through her room, to her bedside.

His face held a small smile, one that if you hadn't known him, one wouldn't realize that it was actually there. He sat down in the chair, feeling it's arms, getting comfortable.

They sat in a comfortable silence for a while until a bird hit the window. Casey started to giggle, which in itself, erupted a small chuckle from Cole.

"I brought something for you," he said abruptly.

"That's very thoughtful of you," Casey nodded.

Cole smirked, "You haven't even seen it yet!"

Reaching into his messenger bag, he pulled out a long piece of rolled up paper from it. Casey gazed at him thoughtfully before grasping the gift in her hands. She lifted the funnel to her eye, trying to peer what was so precariously wrapped. She let out a small gasp and smiled wide.

"Cole! Thank you so much!" She reached over to give him a kiss on his pale cheek. "Why'd you get me this?"

"I picked it from your garden. I just thought I'd let you know something was growing in your winter garden," he shrugged. "So, uh, what is it?"

He looked over to Casey, seeing her stroke the white petals. "It's an Angraecum Crestwood. A cross between the Veitchii and the Sisuipidale. It only grows in the winter and spring." Casey looked at his confuse face and smiled. "It's an orchid, Cole."

His face immediately relaxed. Her chocolate eyes stared into his oceanic blues, they became caught up in an infamous moment. Cole's eyes flicked to the hospital bathroom, his jaw tightened, and he swallowed imaginable spit. His eyebrows furrowed together and he started to shake. Casey placed a gentle hand on his exposed forearm, causing him to jump in surprise.

"Cole?" Her face, worried. "IS everything alright?"

He gulped after slouching down in the chair once more. He nodded towards the bathroom. "There's someone over there."

Out of instinct, Casey turned her head to the bathroom. Seeing nothing but a closed door, she rounded her gaze on Cole once again. She noticed him trembling still. His fingers twitched several times, causing his muscles to ripple beneath her hand.

"Then, why are you shaking?" She asked, knowing full well he had figured out how to help the ghosts he saw.

He swallowed whole again, flicking his eyes back to the bathroom, "She's here to see you."