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Tears like Mine

Ashley Massaro was nervous. Tonight would be the day that marked her return. A year ago she left World Wrestling Entertainment because her four year old daughter, Carrie was very sick. She walked hand in hand with her daughter for the first time in a building where the WWE was held. She had never introduced her daughter to the superstars in order to avoid judgment. She looked around and found her destination. It was the office of her boss, once again, Vince McMahon. She knocked on the door, and waited for an answer.

"Come in." a voice said from within the office.

Ashley did come in, and found her friend Shane McMahon in there.

"Ashley. Wow, what a wonderful surprise I never thought I would see the day you would grace us with your presence within the company. What are you doing here?" Shane rambled.

"Whoa, slow down Shane. Well, your dad offered me a contract when I told her Carrie was okay. I'm back, for good. And, I brought my little troublemaker here." Ashley said as Carrie hid behind her leg. "I'm sorry. She isn't usually like this." Ashley apologized.

"That's okay. I am a stranger to her." Shane said as he walked from his desk to where the punk princess was standing, and crouched down beside her daughter. "She's beautiful. Hey sweetie. I'm Shane, but you can call me Uncle Shane. Oh, and look I have chocolate. Do you want some?" Shane asked as he pulled a bar of chocolate out of his expensive suit as Ashley watched and laughed.

"Yes, please Uncle Shane." four year-old Carrie said eagerly, and stepped towards her new uncle.

"Great, now I'm stuck with two little kids." Ashley muttered.

"Hey! That's not fair." Shane protested at being called a child.

"Would it be better if I called you a nice little kid?" Ashley joked.

"Maybe, maybe not, you know, I can be a forgiving person when I want to be. Shane replied jokingly.

Ashley laughed, and stepped forward to hug her very good friend. Within seconds, Ashley felt small hands wrap around hers and Shane's legs. She looked down, and saw that her daughter had joined the hugging fest.

"Carrie Marie Massaro. Your hands are full of chocolate. Now, I don't mind, but you got Shane dirty. Gosh, I'm so sorry Shane." Ashley apologized once she saw that the bottom of Shane's pants had two sticky little hands full of chocolate.

"Don't worry about it Ashy, its okay. Accidents happen. Plus, it wasn't on purpose, was it princess?" Shane asked Ashley's little girl.

"No, but I'm sorry Uncle Shane." Carrie said as she looked like she was about to cry.

"Aww, its okay sweetie, Ashley, don't worry about it. Plus, I don't think that after tonight, the fans will be worrying about my pants." Shane told Ashley.

"What do you mean?" Ashley asked.

"Have you been keeping up with Raw?" Shane retorted with a question of his own.

"Uh, yeah, but what does that have to do with tonight?" Ashley asked.

"Stephanie and I picked the General Manager." Shane told Ashley.

"Nice, who did you pick?" Ashley asked, not even bothering to include the Billion Dollar princess, whom she did not get along with.

"You aren't going to like this, but we picked Mike Adamle." Shane said

"You what? Adamle? Of all people, why him? He's horrible. From what I hear, he's not nice backstage, unlike Regal, who is." Ashley exploded.

"Mommy! What's wrong? Why are you mad?" Carrie asked worried at why her mom was suddenly mad.

"It's nothing baby. Don't worry about it." Ashley brushed it off.

"I thought we'd seen the last of you last year," a female voice said coldly. Ashley turned her head to see Stephanie McMahon standing in the doorway, leaning against the door with her arms crossed. Stephanie made her way into the small room, pushing Ashley out of the way as she did so. "Well, well, well. Look what we have here. What a surprise Massaro, well, not a pleasant one, but still. What, did you get lost or something? The slut bar is across the street, you know."

Ashley was baffled. She was used to Stephanie's witty comments, and it didn't bother her. What did bother her was that she used words like that in front of her daughter. A daughter Stephanie had seen because she passed her.

Ashley had enough of Hunter's wife. She was pregnant, and for the second time, but she was still acting like a petty little high school bitch. So, Ashley stepped forward, moved away from Shane and Carrie, and slapped Stephanie with as much force as she could muster.

Stephanie gasped, and touched the spot Ashley had dared to hit her in. She, Stephanie McMahon was the daughter of the Chairman of the Board. And, Ashley had just hit her. She demanded respect. She smiled, and came up with a plan to make Ashley suffer. McMahon's didn't get mad, well, at least she didn't. She got mad and even.

"What the hell were you thinking? I'm Stephanie McMahon, the Billion Dollar Princess," Stephanie spat angrily, still rubbing the spot where Ashley had slapped her. She got right in Ashley's face and jabbed a finger into her chest. "No one does that to me. Just you wait until I tell my father--he'll fire you so fast it will make your head spin."

Stephanie continued yelling at Ashley, her voice getting louder and louder with each word she said. She was so caught up in yelling at and threatening Ashley that she didn't notice her father had entered the room until he spoke. "Oh really?" Vince asked, folding his arms over his chest. "And just why would I fire Ashley? She just returned to the company, and I don't think she's had time to get into any trouble yet." He smiled and looked at Ashley. "Now, what's going on here?"

Stephanie spoke up before Ashley had the chance to say anything against her. "I came in here, and tried to make nice with Ashley, and long story short, she slapped me." Stephanie smirked at Ashley behind her father's back.

"No, she didn't. You're a liar miss. You said something that got my mommy mad, and then she slapped you." Carrie spoke up for her mother.

Shane covered his mouth with his hand to keep from laughing. Smiling, Vince knelt down beside the little girl. "I don't think we've met before, young lady. My name is Vince McMahon." Vince took Carrie's small hand in his and shook it gently. He stood back up and turned to Stephanie, with a stern look on his face. "Stephanie, I'm sorry, but I know that you tend to exaggerate things. Before we jump to conclusions, I'd like to hear Ashley's side first." He turned in Ashley's direction. "Please, Ashley, tell me your side of the story. I promise not to make any judgments until I've heard the entire story." He nodded for Ashley to go ahead.

"Well, you see Vince, I came to talk to you, and I found Shane here instead. Shane and I have been friends since my first tenure with your company, so I stayed and talked to him. Stephanie came, and like always, she was rude and snobby. She said that there was a slut bar across the street, and that I had probably gotten lost. I am so sorry, and I know it's not very professional, but I slapped your daughter. Ever since my first day here, Stephanie has called me names and things. I do not know what kind of mother she is, but I don't use language like that in front of my daughter, nor do I allow it. So, my temper got the better of me. I do apologize." Ashley said as she stepped away from Vince, and towards her daughter that was now huddled in a corner.

Vince looked at Ashley, then at his daughter, and back at Ashley again. He rubbed his chin and chose his words carefully as he spoke.

"First of all, Ashley, let me apologize for Stephanie's behavior and her choice of words," he said sincerely. "She should never have used that kind of language in front of your daughter, and for that I really am sorry. I'm also sorry that she insulted you like that." Vince shot his daughter a stern look. "There was no reason for her to personally attack you like that, and what she said was not rue. You've been a good, hard worker during your time within the company, nothing less than professional. I think Stephanie owes you an apology." Vince looked at his daughter again. "Don't you, Stephanie? You owe both Ashley and this young lady here an apology for the things you said."

Stephanie pouted. "But Daddy, I--" Vince laid a hand firmly on Stephanie's shoulder. "No buts, Stephanie. Apologize to Ashley and her daughter, unless you want to face the consequences later."

She sighed. She did not want to do this, but she had to in order for her dad to be happy with her. But, Ashley would learn her lesson by the end of this night. "I apologize for what I said Ashley. I didn't mean what I said." Stephanie spoke quickly.

"I shouldn't have gone overboard like that, and I really hope you can forgive me and put this behind us." She smiled a fake smile and stuck her hand out to Ashley in a gesture of apology. "What do you say?"

Ashley bit her tongue and tried not to roll her eyes. She was no fool. She knew that Stephanie was only apologizing because her father had told her to, and because she didn't want to get in trouble later on. Ashley could have stooped to Stephanie's level, but she wanted to show that she was the bigger woman, so she stepped forward and shook Stephanie's hand. She knew that being polite and accepting Stephanie's apology would make her look better in Vince's eyes, even though she wanted to tell Stephanie to take her apology and cram it down her throat. "I forgive you, Stephanie," she said, even though she was thinking 'No way do I forgive you'. And yes, we can put this behind us." Ashley ran a hand through her hair. "Let's just forget it was even said, okay?"

"Sure, we've got nothing to loose. So, are you wrestling tonight?" Stephanie asked, and tried to look interested.Ashley shrugged, not really sure. "Well, I don't know. I just got here, so I'm not really sure what your dad and Shane have in store for me." Ashley knew Stephanie was putting on an act, but right now, that didn't matter. She wanted Vince to know that she was focused solely on getting back in the ring, not fighting with his daughter like some high school teenager.

"She's having a tag match with Melina against Katie and Jillian." Shane informed at "friendly" duo.

Stephanie smiled and tossed her hair back. "Well, that sounds interesting. I wish you good luck in that match." She smirked. "Melina, Katie, and Jillian, hmmm? I figured that you'd be wrestling someone like Kelly Kelly or Maryse, you know, the girls who are only interested in being eye candy. Are you sure you can hold your own against Katie and Jillian? They're actually here to wrestle."

Ashley simply rolled her eyes at Stephanie's childish remark. "I know they are, just like I am. Oh, and thanks, I'm not a believer on luck, but I appreciate it. I've actually beat Jillian before, you know." Ashley informed.

Shane could sense things getting tense between his sister and Ashley, and so he stepped in. "Um, Stephanie?" he questioned. "Don't you have something to do for Dad?" He hoped that his sister would get the hint and leave, because she was only making things worse. Sometimes he hated being her brother.

"Oh, yes I do." she laughed. "Sorry for having to leave so early Ashley. I hope we can do this again sometime." Stephanie said before waking off with Vince.

"I hope we never do this again." Ashley said once Stephanie had walked out, making Shane laugh.

"I don't like that lady." Carrie said.

"Carrie, that's not nice." Ashley scolded her daughter.

"So? She wasn't nice." Carrie said, and Ashley smiled embarrassedly at Shane.

"I'm sorry, Shane," Ashley apologized, her face still a bit red. "I never know what she's going to say. She just speaks her mind without thinking."

Shane ruffled Carrie's hair and smiled an understanding smile at Ashley. "But that's what you love about her, isn't it?" he asked, still smiling. "Besides, you know that old saying, right? That kids are the best judge of character?" Ashley nodded, having in fact heard the old saying. "That says something about the way Stephanie really is." He looked over at Ashley, the smile fading from his face.

"I just want you to know, I don't share my sister's opinions about things at all. I know you, and I know what you can do in that ring. I've seen you bust your butt many times, and whether you won or lost, you always put on a good match. Stephanie acts like a child sometimes, and I get so embarrassed by the way she acts and the things she says...it's terrible." Shane shook his head. "Sometimes she can be so cruel and mean that I just don't even want to be around her."

"Pardon my language, but sometimes she can be a spoiled brat, and she makes the whole family look bad," Shane continued. "There are times I wish we weren't even related."

"Oh, Shane, I don't want you to make you feel bad about her. She is your sister after all. I wouldn't want to be her sister either. Imagine her taking care of me. Uh, on second thought, I rather not imagine that." Ashley joked.

Shane laughed. "Yeah, it would be horrible. But you can take care of yourself, right?" he teased.

"Shane, the real reason I came to your office is because I need to talk to you about something," Ashley said softly.

"Of course, Ashley," Shane replied. "You know that you can come to me about anything, business or not. What is it?" He sat down in his chair and folded his hands over his lap.

He gestured for her to sit down as well, and she did. "Well, you see, I don't know if I made the right choice in bringing Carrie with me. I know that not every superstar is nice, and that's bothering me." Ashley confessed.

"Has anyone been mean to you yet?" Shane asked a concerned tone in his voice.

"Because if they have, well, I'll have a little talk with them. But continue, Ashley. I'm sorry for interrupting you."

"That's okay. But, no, no one has been mean or rude to me. You're actually the first person I talk to from the WWE." Ashley admitted.

"Well, I feel special. Uh, Ash?" Shane asked and looked around.

"Yes, Shane?" Ashley asked. "Is something wrong?"

Shane nodded. "Um, where's Carrie? Wasn't she sitting in that chair next to the door?" He began to panic.

Ashley turned around and noticed that her daughter was in fact gone. She had no idea where Carrie could have gone, because she'd never been in the arena before. Ashley began to worry and instantly got up out of her chair. "I don't know, Shane. She could have wondered off...oh gosh, I hope she doesn't get lost." Ashley's voice wavered and she began to panic as well.

"Okay, calm down. Take a deep breath. Okay, now let's go." Shane said, and he stood up and grabbed Ashley's hand.

Ashley squeezed Shane's hand and the two of them made a mad dash down the hallway, looking for any signs of a small four-year old daughter as they ran. As each moment passed, Ashley began to get more and more frantic. What if Carrie had gotten lost and didn't know how to find her way back? All sorts of terrible thoughts ran through her mind and Ashley felt like she might faint.

As Ashley and Shane went through the hallways, she began to cry. Her daughter was nowhere to be found. And, she didn't even want to think of the possibility of her having gone to where the crowd was. She hadn't been out for too long, had she? As far as she knew, and hoped, Carrie was still somewhere backstage. God, she didn't want to think of her bumping into someone like Stephanie. Who knows what the Billion Dollar Princess could do alone with her little girl. If she even touched a hair of her daughter, it'd be on.

Ashley picked up the face as she rounded a corner, still trying to look for Carrie out of the corner of her eye. She passed Stephanie's office and slowed down, popping her head in the door and looking around for Carrie. Stephanie was sitting behind her desk, typing away on her laptop. Carrie didn't seem to be in there, which relieved Ashley. At the same time though, it scared her because what if Carrie had ran through the door into the parking lot? Anyone could have snatched her up; kidnappings happened more than ever nowadays. Not having the strength to run anymore, Ashley leaned up against the wall to rest for a moment. Angry tears came to her eyes, and she cursed herself for letting this happen.

This was my fault, she thought. If I'd been paying more attention to her, Carrie would never have wandered off.

"Shane, we're been looking everywhere for her. Where could she be?" Ashley sobbed.

"Ssh, if she is in here, we will find her. I promise you that Ashley." Shane said as he allowed Ashley to cry on him.

"But what if she-" Ashley couldn't bring up the possibility of a kidnapping. It was too horrible for her to think about.

"No buts Ash. We'll find her." Shane promised.

He patted the Dirty Diva on the back and smiled. "Maybe she ran into the guys' locker room? We can always check there. And then we can stop by catering if she's not in the guys' locker room."

"Sounds good to me," Ashley replied, trying to stay calm. She and Shane made their way down the hall to the guys' locker room, with Ashley hoping the whole time that one of the Superstars had found Carrie and was keeping her safe until she got to her.

She shook her head in disbelief, smiling at Shane as she spoke. "Wow, I didn't think that my first night back would be this exciting. Or this stressful." The smile faded and the two of them continued down the hall in silence, with Ashley worrying the whole time. Finally, Shane and Ashley reached the locker room, and Ashley took a deep breath.She knocked on the door, and heard a faint," Come in."

Shane opened the door for her, and what she saw nearly stopped her heart. Dave Batista was playing with her daughter, and tickling her. She was always ticklish, and surprisingly, she was laughing with him.

She then fell on the floor, taking no notice of either he mother, or Shane.

Ashley felt as if a huge weight was lifted off of her when she saw Carrie, and that she was fine.

"You're funny, Mr. Batista," Cassie said, giggling. "Stop it!" she squealed as Dave tickled her small body again.

"No, not until you give up," Dave replied, smiling at the small child. "Give up? Come on, do you give up?" He was beaming from ear to ear and Ashley couldn't help but smile. She'd never really spoken to Dave, but judging by the way he was playing with her daughter, he seemed to be a nice guy.

Dave scooped the small girl up in his arms and hugged her tightly. "How did you get in here anyway, sweetie?" he asked. "I bet your mommy or daddy is very worried about you."

Cassie shook her head and wiped away a stray eyelash that was on her cheek. "Nah, I'm fine. Mommy's talking to Uncle Shane and that mean lady, Stephanie. I just wanted to see what all this place had to do while they were talking." She looked at Dave. "Is there a playground in here?"

Dave laughed. "No, unfortunately, there isn't. So who's your mommy pumpkin?" Dave asked curiously.

"Ashley." Shane said, his tone stern, as he had never really like Dave because of his attitude, and ways with women. He stepped inside the room, and looked at Dave, his jaw set.

"Shane," Dave replied, nodding at him. "What are you doing here? Is there something you needed to talk to me about?""Mommy!" Carrie squealed as she saw her mother.

The little girl hopped off of Dave's lap and ran to her mother, leaping into her arms. Ashley hugged her daughter tightly and a tear slipped out of her eye. Thank God, she thought. She'd been so worried that Cassie had been kidnapped, or gotten lost. Her daughter meant the world to her and she was so thankful that someone had found her.

"I was so scared, honey," Ashley said as she set the little girl down. "Don't ever wander off like that again, okay? You scared Mommy and Uncle Shane."

The little girl giggled. "Sorry mommy and Uncle Shane. I promise I won't do it again."

"You better not." Shane warned the little girl. "Or, you won't get any chocolate."

"Shane! You're giving my daughter unhealthy food." Ashley disapproved. "But, its good, isn't it?" Shane asked.

"Well, yeah, but it's not good for her to eat."

"You're okay, right?" Shane asked Cassie, as he arched an eyebrow at Dave. "Mr. Batista didn't hurt you or anything, did he?" He knew that the question probably sounded stupid, but he didn't trust Dave. For all he knew, Dave was as good with children as he was with women, and that was definitely not a good thing.

"What are you trying to say?" Dave asked, narrowing his eyes.

"That if you're as good with women as you are with little kids, Carrie probably didn't like you." Shane said seriously. "That if you're as good with women as you are with little kids, Carrie probably didn't like you." Shane said seriously.

"You think I would hurt an innocent child? Geez, Shane, I might be a jerk sometimes, but I'd never hurt a child. Besides, me and Cassie had lots of fun together, didn't we?" Dave asked the little girl.

"Yes we did." Carrie said happily.

She smiled at Shane and her mother. "He was really nice to me, Mommy, and I like him a lot."The two men began a stare down that looked so frightening, Ashley wanted to leave.

"Uh, that's really good honey, now let's go." Ashley suggested.

"But, mommy." four year-old Carrie whined.

"No, let's go baby." Ashley said, as she took her daughter by the hand and left.

Meanwhile in catering…

John Cena and Melina Perez were getting a snack before the show started.

"So, uh, are you in a match tonight Mel?" John asked as he took a bite of his banana.

"Yes, I am. I am taking part in a tag team match." Melina told John, as a sparkle appeared in her eyes.

"So, what do you think about your match?" John asked interestedly."Well, I think, no, sorry. I know we're going to kick ass." Melina said confidently.

John laughed. "I'm sure you will. Speaking of, who is your partner? Is it that person whose debut is barely talked about because Vince wants it to be a surprise??" John asked, patience wasn't really one of his virtues.

"I can't tell you that John. It's private, plus it ruins the element of surprise for her return. You will see later on, so be patient Johnny boy, even though we both know that isn't going to happen." Melina smirked.

"Damn. So how are you doing, girl?" John grabbed another banana, and began to eat it.

"I'm good, thanks. It feels nice, being single, I mean. What about you? Anyone out there for you?" Melina touched the subject carefully. Whenever she brought up the subject, John would go ballistic.

"Naw, not really. I'm done with the whole dating thing. I had too much pain I tried a relationship." John said absentmindedly.

"Not everyone is Maria, John. You're a great guy, and you deserve to be happy with the huge heart you have." Melina said softly.

"Mel, sweetie, is there anything you want to tell me?" John joked.

"Shut it." Melina growled at John's retreating figure.

John walked out of the room only to bump into his fellow RAW Superstar, Dave Batista.

"Hey dude." John greeted.

"John. What brings you here?" Batista asked.

"Oh, I was in catering talking to Melina." John admitted.

"Cool. I was in the locker room talking to--" he stopped abruptly, knowing full well who the surprise return was, and didn't want to spoil it.

"Talking to who?" John asked curiously.

"Never mind. Just forget it." Dave suggested.

"No, what were you going to say?" John asked, even more curious. He hated when people hid things from him, and it sounded as if Dave was trying to hide something from him. He'd practically spilled the beans just seconds ago until he caught himself and stopped talking. Dave usually knew all the backstage gossip, and even though he was a guy, John still liked to hear all the dirt. He hated not knowing what was going on behind the scenes.

"It's nothing, forget it," Dave insisted. "Nothing important, anyway." He tried to change the subject. "So you were talking to Melina, huh? What's going on with her?"

"Nothing man. We're just friends." John stated.

"Right, sure you are." Batista teased.

"What's THAT supposed to mean?" John retorted, aggravated by Dave's tone. He didn't like what Dave was implying. He and Melina were nothing more than friends, and after what had happened with him and Maria, he was glad that she was his friend. She'd been there for him since the breakup, and he was grateful for that. There was nothing else going on between them other than friendship.

Batista was taken aback by John's harsh tone. He didn't mean to insult him. "Dude, chill out. I didn't mean to upset you. If you say nothing's going on, well, I believe you. I was just playing. But, just know any other time you do it again, you won't be so lucky." Dave warned, half-serious, half-jokingly.

"I'm sorry," John apologized. "I guess I shouldn't have snapped at you that way. I know you didn't mean anything, bro." He tried to bring the subject back to what Dave had been about to say earlier. "So what were you talking to Shane about? I saw you two whispering."

Dave snorted. "Talk with Shane I just can't stand that man. We weren't talking about anything special man. Just let it go." Dave advised.

"So, uh." John sighed.

"What's the matter?" Dave asked concerned.

"Come on man. I know we're not best friends, but what's going on?" Dave asked.

"It's just that I miss Ashley." John confessed.

"Oh, you do" Dave tried to act normal.

"Yeah, I do." John said sadly.

"Since she left, the company hasn't been the same without her. We really used to laugh and have fun together, and when she left, I don't know, it changed things. I just wish that she was still here. The other girls miss her, and I miss how she used to come talk to me before my matches." John took his cap off and rubbed his head.

Dave scratched his chin. "Didn't she give you her cell phone number or e-mail address before she left?"

John shook his head. "No, she didn't, actually. I don't know what happened. It was like she was here one day, and then the next she was gone. It was really sudden, and I still don't know what happened," he answered. "If anyone else knows why she left, they haven't said anything."

"Well, I'm sure she had her reasons. You know how Ashley is. She's really responsible." Dave defended.

"Do you know something I don't" John asked with narrowed eyes

"Nope. I don't John." Dave said seriously.

"Better not." John muttered under his breath.

"What did you just say kid?" Dave asked, narrowing his own eyes.

"What? I didn't say anything," John lied, trying to play it cool. He knew that Dave had some inside information, but for some reason he wasn't willing to share it with him. How did Dave know what was going on with Ashley anyway unless he'd been talking to her?

"You mumbled something," Dave replied. "I heard you. What did you say?" He folded his arms and leaned back against the wall, waiting for John to speak.

"Oh, nothing," John said, shrugging. "It's just, how would you know what's going on with Ashley? Have you spoken to her recently or something?"

John was getting closer and closer to the truth, but Dave wasn't sure if he should tell him that Ashley was back or not. He'd been ordered by Shane to keep it a secret, but John seemed so anxious to know what was going on with Ashley. Dave wondered whether or not he should tell him.

I don't know if there's anything wrong with her, but maybe you should wait until she's ready to talk to you." Dave suggested, lying once again.

"What do you mean?" John asked, still clearly confused. Dave's comment confused him and it made him think that maybe he and Shane had been talking about Ashley. When she'd left, John hadn't been told whether or not she would return in the future or if she was done for good. He knew that it was too much to hope for, but maybe Ashley was back in the WWE.

"Wait a second...has Ashley said anything to Shane or anyone about coming back?"

"Ah, I see you two are talking about the lovely Ms. Massaro." a new voice interrupted.

Both men turned around, and saw Hunter.

"Hunter, what are you doing here" John asked, as the WWE Champion belonged to Smackdown now.

"I'm here with Steph to see Shane." " he said simply.

"It's still good to see you." Dave mused, and hugged his old friend.

"Congratulations man. On soon being a daddy again." Dave said, and hugged him again."I don't mean to be rude, Hunter, but Dave and I were having a conversation until you rudely interrupted us," John said, with a hateful tone in his voice. He turned back to Dave, who was still talking to Hunter.

"What were you going to say about Ashley?" he asked Dave, who didn't hear him because he was still in a conversation with Hunter. John began to get angry.

"Bro, Dave and I were in the middle of something, so if you don't mind, can we finish?" John asked, and turned back to Dave, who was shaking his head at John's behavior.

"What's wrong with him" Hunter asked, referring to John.

"Don't know." Dave muttered.

Suddenly, without warning, John threw his hat across the room and blurted out, "Would someone PLEASE tell me what the hell is going on here?" His eyes grew wide. "Dave, I know that you and Hunter know what's going on here, although I don't know what it is, and I don't understand why ya'll are trying to hide it from me. I know you both know what's going on with Ashley, so tell me."

Dave began to speak, but John interrupted him. "Don't lie. Whatever it is, just tell me. I have a right to know, after all."

Dave looked at Hunter, and saw that he knew the truth too.

Knowing he would probably be the best one to keep John calm, Hunter spoke.

"John," he spoke quietly, and put both of his hands on John's tense shoulders. "You are overreacting, calm down."

"Overreacting" John exploded. "I AM NOT overreacting. It's Ashley we're talking about."

"Yeah, I have to agree with Hunter. You're getting mad at us for no reason." Dave said calmly.

"I am not overreacting," John replied angrily. "Don't treat me like a child." He pointed at Hunter. "And Hunter, you need to stay out of this, it doesn't concern you. Like I said, this was between me and Dave before you just barged in here and interrupted us."

He shook his head. "And I don't like being lied to, which is what you are both doing. Apparently there's a big secret that you are both in on, and for some reason you won't tell me. You make up all these excuses and lies about what it is. If you'd just tell me we wouldn't be standing here arguing like this."

"Ha, see that's where you're wrong kid. Ashley is my business. She's my friend. And, I'm not treating you as a child." Hunter said coldly.

"You know what, I'm done. You can think whatever you want. No one is holding you back. I'm not arguing with anyone, you are. And, if I did have a secret, maybe it's a private one. That was my business, not yours."

"Well, you know what, Hunter?" John replied, stepping closer to the WWE Champion. "Ashley is my friend too, so if you're talking about her, that makes it my business."

"Why? And, I do have a reason. She was who Vince had to accompany me to the creative meetings. You, don't have a reason why you should get in my business. So, I'm warning you. Stay out of it." Hunter said menacingly.

"And what if I don't?" John challenged. "What if I go ask Vince or Shane what's going on? Hmmm? Maybe then I'd get a real answer." He started to walk off, but stopped in his tracks.

He turned around and looked at Dave, then at Hunter. "All I'm asking is if you know something about Ashley, that you tell me." He paused. "I really miss her and I'd like to talk to her again if it was possible. So if you have her number or you're in contact with her, just let me know, okay? I'd like to hear from her."Hunter really was feeling bad, and he could tell so was Dave, but Ashley has requested for them to keep it a secret. "Look, kid--." he tried to say, but he was cut off by the sound of "Generator A", Katie Lea's music, which was followed by Sliced Bread by Jillian Hall.

"Look, there's something you should know, and--" he tried again, but to no avail. Melina's "Paparazzi" stopped him dead on his tracks. He knew what was coming, and was anxious.

You better hold on tight

Cause I'm gonna love you nice

I'm gonna do it right

Let me light a fire in you tonight

My eyes have never seen someone who looks like you

I wonder if you dream of my hands loving you

Because I know I do every day and every night

And I know I'll lose control if I can't crush this appetite

This dream is eating me alive

This dream is eating me alive

Can't you see I'm burning up inside?

I pray I will not be denied

Let's light a fire tonight

Let's play the music loud

Let's expand the flames up high

Let's burn it to the ground

Let's light a fire tonight

Let's light a fire tonight

Let's play the music loud

Let's expand the flames up high

Let's burn it to the ground

Let's light a fire tonight

John couldn't believe it. The one person he was dying to see was here. She was back . His best friend, Ashley Massaro was back. Unbeknownst to John though, she was bringing her past with her. She brought her daughter who had needed her that day one year ago when she quit. John had no idea how or why she was back, but hopefully he'd find out soon enough. If only he knew what made Ashley come back.

After a few seconds, he was enraged. That was the secret both Hunter and Dave had known. The one they had kept from him. They would both feel his wrath, but for now, he would just concentrate on the fact Ashley was back.

Hopefully he'd get to talk to Ashley soon, and try to straighten out this whole mess. He was confused about why Ashley hadn't tried to contact him and let him know that she was coming back, and a little bit hurt. Hadn't they been friends? So why would she tell Hunter and Dave before she told him?