Warning : What follows may totally suck.

The alarm clock sitting on the night shelf displayed 6:55am. But what was most surprising was that Rollo's hand was already ready to stop it as soon as it started to ring.

Already out of his bed and fully clothed at 6:59 Rolo left his room.

As he closed the door of his own chamber, he noticed Lelouch was still not awake.
Of course he could tell, as Lelouch always left the door half closed whenever he got up to intend to class.

Rolo sighed because every time Lelouch didn't follow the usual routine; he had to take note of it in the special diary agent Villeta gave him.
To do so, he got back into his room, sat at his desk and took out of a drawer a black diary lined of the very same patterns that he wore on his uniform.
Out of his pocket came the key. The diary now unlocked he browsed to the page of the current day.

Entry 176: Lelouch did not wake up as early as 7:00 for the third time this month. I will now proceed to investigate this irregularity.

As he closed the diary and put it back to place. He thought that he shouldn't write down such little irregularities, but there were his orders: to make sure that Lelouch didn't recovered his memories.

Now about to enter the room of his "brother", Rolo felt the coldness that the use of his ability included.
His geass now activated, his heart now freezing, he opened the door.

Lelouch was sleeping on his desk.
"Once again, he obviously took a part of the night to finish his work before the deadline." Rolo coldly mumbled as he headed back to the door.
As a confirmation that his geass was turning off, he felt that everything around him was getting warmer.

The door now closed back, and the geass turned off. He started to press the handle and push the door once again.
This had as first effect to indeed open the door, but also to wake up Lelouch.

Now entering the quiet and dark room, Rolo headed to the window and started to draw the curtains.
"Nii-san, we're going to be late for today's class, don't forget the paper you worked all night long."
"It's ok Rolo, I think I'll stop to finish my papers at night now, I'd rather get bad grades." Lelouch retorted.
"You always acquaint with this excuse, nii-san." Rolo smiled to him.

The sunlight finally engulfed the whole chamber, and he could now see Lelouch staring at him with an unusual smirk.

"What's wrong?" Rolo asked timidly, now trading his previous poker-face for an embarrassed expression.

Lelouch got somehow surprised of his answer. "Uhh… Nothing, I…I was just staring at you." He uncomfortably said, as Rolo's face was reddening gradually.
"Hum… well you look like an angel with the sun flashing your back… You know…" he mumbled as he was gesturing obvious moves at hiding something in one of his rear pockets.

"What the hell is he doing... Should I use my geass and check what it was?" Rolo firstly thought before noticing the supposed papers Lelouch worked on were not anymore on the spot of the desk where Lelouch slept.
"Putting his paper in his pockets… What the hell is wrong with him…?"He thought, yet a little amused.

"But yet... That's the first time you stared at me like that... Lelouch"
Rolo turned toward the door quickly, wanting to move out of both the room and the awkward situation.

"Hey wait." Lelouch said as he stretched a hand at him. "Could you give me a hand brother?"
Indeed the totally destabilized Rolo forgot that Lelouch broke at the equestrian event of a month ago.
It took him a few seconds to get back a hold of himself. "Oh, sure" he replied now smiling at him.

Now holding Lelouch with a hand around his back, he carried on to give him the missing crutch he needed to stand up completely.
"Alright, now you're set nii-san." he told him lightly blushed right after Lelouch did let go of his hand.

"Alright, let's move on!" Lelouch shouted, akin to a general leading a whole army to the battlefield. Except he was still lagging behind Rolo thanks to his broken leg style walk speed.

"Ahahah, nii-san... You'd better lean on my shoulder if you want us to get to class so hastily".

You already know what follows in the next chapter don't you ?