"What is it Nii-san ?" Rolo asked, joyfully entering the room.

"Rolo listen it's been a while I wanted to tell you that... I...I know that... I know that you're not my brother. Yet I still bear in mind everything we lived through. So please just listen to me." Letouch flatly confessed to him.

"So you finally remember..." Rolo muttered.

" Listen, I have to go find my sister now. I need you to…" Lelouch continued, speaking loudly, only to mask his discomfort.

I could like others throw up my moods. Spit out venomous words. I could like your anger slam on closed doors, hard enough to bring down the walls.

"If that's what you want…" Rolo interrupted, staring at the floor as tears rolled down his cheeks, ultimately bursting on the ground as a painful analogy of his expectations.

I could stay in the house of hopeless wishes. I could like others draw out a blade and cut off the cords.

"I won't treasure you any less, you know that, right?" Lelouch replied whislt taking a step toward him only to see him move a step away.

You always knew this day would come.
He told to himself only to feel tremors bursting through in his chest in every direction. They were screaming at him to run away. But he wanted to stay.

When I think of yesterday, of our summer, when you make a fool of me, when I'm able of it, when I'm scared, when we do not get along, when you hurt me, when I hit you, when I leave.
His body kept moving on it's own despite his attempts take a hold of himself.

In the corridor, Milly shouts. "LELOUCH! What did you do? Don't tell me you glued his hands to his face this time??"

When I'm counting hours, when I fall, when you catch me, when I quaver, when you win over me, when I'm scared of death.
Other students, his floor, his room, his shelter.

When the others laugh, when I realize, when I need to run.

A tap at the door, no answer, a subtle call maybe, what put him in such a state?
Lelouch thought half panicked, half confused. A palm on his forehead, the other one flat on the closet's door.

"Rolo, listen, I can hear you sobbing from here, there's no use to pretend you're not in here, I know everything of your shenanigans after all. Right?" He stated, the end of his sentence fainting into some sort of humorous tone which right followed by a worrisome gasp.

"Open that door already. You misunderstood me." His fist banged at the door this time. Realizing the door wasn't even locked. It only took a gentle pull instead of a push to open it.

There he was, squatting, crying, and wetting his sleeves. He finally looked up to him, his dazzling purple eyes were filled with resignation and yet of an extraordinary determination.

When look at you, when you do not see me, when I am lust, when you aren't mine, when things move on, move on…

"I'll do it myself Lelouch, If you want me to disappear." He just said pulling out his knife, freezing irremediably a fragment of their time.