I don't own the characters. They are owned by NBC and Michael Crichton and all those who write, produce, and etc…ER. If I did own ER, Neela and Ray would be together…since they're PERFECT for each other.

The story is based on the Brian McFadden songs "LIKE ONLY A WOMAN CAN" and "TWISTED". I don't own the songs. Even more sadder than that is that I don't own Brian. (Wouldn't mind owning him!) I don't even have the CD. Found them on YouTube.

Anyhow, my muses heard the songs and went "There's a Rayla story in them! Put them together and name it after the first song…!" and went to town. Hope you enjoy!

It's the end of the way that it used be
Sipping my guilt under a willow tree
Cuz I'm twisted
Dancing in my head to a thumped up beat
Tripping on a corner of a two way street
And I smile a twisted smile

TWISTED by Brian McFadden

Ray sat on the porch, looking at pictures of a life that seemed like it was a lifetime ago. He scoffed at each one. There was the one where he and Neela were acting silly, dancing at Sam's birthday party. There was that picture of him and Neela at the Christmas party and at his birthday and her birthday and…he tossed the photo album across the porch in order to keep from ripping them apart.

"Ray?" Jaycee's voice came from behind the screen door. "You okay?"

"Yeah. I'm fine." Ray mumbled. He wasn't fine. If anything, he was miserable. He was more now than he was when the accident first happened. He couldn't figure out why that was, but as Jaycee handed him one of the photos of him and Neela at some random event that Ray couldn't even remember from a time he couldn't pinpoint he knew why he was. He missed Neela and despite what happened, he still loved her.

"Don't throw away tomorrow for today." Jaycee kissed his forehead. "You've got Katey here, so enjoy her company. She's a good lady." She gathered the rest of the pictures and put them in the box, and placed it on Ray's lap.

"Yeah. Whatever." Ray sneered. He didn't let go of the picture. He couldn't. To do so would have been letting go of Neela. No matter how much he felt he wanted to or needed to, he knew he needed her.

Jaycee looked at Ray. "You must let go of Neela and enjoy Katey. It's time to stop moping over a relationship that never was and never will be." She went inside.

Katey sat next to Ray. "Your mom's right, Ray. You have to let her go."

Ray sighed heavily. "Do you and my mom think that because I've lost my legs means I'm now a complete idiot? That I've no clue as to what I 'need' to do?" Anger burned in his eyes. "I lost my legs, Katey, not my mind."

"That's not what we're saying at all, Ray." Katey replied.

"Then why does it feel like it?" Ray sipped the coffee he had been drinking. "Just leave me alone, Katey. I don't want to deal with you right now. I don't want to deal with my mom either, so tell her to leave me be."

"You don't know what you have, Ray, because you are too busy looking at what you don't have." Katey softly yelled. "When you wake up and realize it, it may be too late. Stop sipping guilt and get on with life." She went inside, leaving Ray fuming.

Ray carefully put the photo back in the box and sighed. He knew that he should let Neela go, but he couldn't. No matter how much he messed up, she picked him up. She wasn't afraid to point out when he messed up. She was always there for him. Even now. She had written and called every other day, each conversation was a pick me up for Ray, but whenever he asked about her visiting, she became evasive and said she would try.

Three months had passed and no visit from Neela and Ray found himself increasingly moody and depressed. And the only cure is the one thing I can't have. Neela. he thought to himself as he looked at the photo of her at Halloween, dressed in a sexy nurses uniform. My only cure and it's untouchable.