Chapter 1

Everlasting love - Chapter 1

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I sighed. What a completely horrible day. Yet, every day is horrible. Its 1917, it was about ninety degrees, and I only had a long dress with stockings and high heel shoes. Oh, and did I forget to mention the fact that I'm homeless. My parent's passed, and the house was left to someone I don't even know, which means I can't be staying in it. I sighed and walked on the sidewalk like a proper lady should, even though I was begging to jump around in the grass. My mother always told me I had a mind for the future, one that doesn't let peoples opinions get it there way. But, in society today things just don't happen like that. As I was debating on my horrible life, I felt my heels give out, and I felt me fall to the floor.

Yes, me falling on the floor was a regular thing. As I said before my I do NOT belong in 1917, I belong somewhere so much more far away…maybe the year 2000 or something. I lay motionless on the ground, not even bothering to pick myself up. Maybe if I just laid here I can just die in peace. But, that thought was interrupted by the most beautiful voice I have ever heard. "Are you alright Miss?" The voice asked. I looked up and was amazed by what I saw.

The gentleman was completely dapper in every way. He was wearing black slacks with a suit that made him look classy, and yet gorgeous at the exact same time. His bronze looking hair stood perfectly in place. If it was windy out, I'm sure it would go astray. His face was beautiful. He had high cheek muscles and a strong square chin. His green eyes were glancing towards mine. A lazy smile was plastered on his face.

"I'm fine thank you." I said, still lying on the ground, not even bothering to get up.

"Well, if you're fine Miss, then may I ask why you are still on the ground?" He asked; his lazy smile slowly turning into an amused one.

"Because, I have simply no where else better to go, so I am resorting to life on the ground." I said sarcastically. Sarcasm in this day and age could get you arrested. You're never supposed to be smart with a man. But what do I have to loose?

"That isn't a very proper way for a young lady to speak to a gentleman. But, I suppose I can let it slide on one condition." He said, shrugging out of his suit jacket.

"And that would be….." I trailed off.

"Well, the only proper way for you to forgive me is to let me live on the ground next to you." He said grinning. I was too awed by words to speak, so I nodded. He gave me the most breath taking half smile I ever saw, and laid down next to me.

"So, can I have your name sir? I mean, considering the fact that were going to be dirt-mates for a while I think we should get to know each other better." I said, trying to sound casual but secretly hoping to find out his name.

"Only if you give me yours first." He contradicted.

"Isabella Swan, but you can call me Bella. I would prefer it actually." I said attempting to smile at him instead of ogling at him.

"Okay Bella, it's nice to meet you." He said, propping himself up on his elbows. He held his hand out. I sat up also, reaching for his hand. He gently carried my hand to his lips, and lightly kissed it. I couldn't help but giggle.

"It's very kind of you to give me a proper 'hello' but, it would be even nicer if you gave me your name considering the fact that I asked you for it, and I gave you mine. It seems only fair, don't you think so?" I asked, staring at him politely, but I felt my eyes mocking him. He chuckled darkly.

"If I give you my name you might just run away." He said with a smile, but his eyes leaking seriousness.

"I think I'll manage."

"Edward Mason. Pleasure to meet you."

"Wait, Edward Mason?" I questioned narrowing my eyes. "Aren't you supposed to be older…and….-"

"Meaner?" He questioned, using a mocking tone. "I believe your talking about my father, I am his son."

"Ah, I see. That's too bad about your father…."

"What do you mean?" He asked, confused.

"Well, my parents recently passed by a disease. A rare influenza of some kind. When they passed, they left a will of course. My name and my father's cousin's name were both on the will; although my name was first. But, your father was their lawyer and of course he won." I said, stating the true facts. Even though he was beautiful, his father took away my house…along with my survival.

"Ah…." He started.

"Yes, and that means that I have no home now, and no money, which was also given to my father's cousin. So, this is why my new home is this ground, until I starve to death or die of heat stroke. Maybe if I'm lucky I'll even die in my sleep!" I said, sounding sarcastically happy.

"Bella…I'm truly sorry. How about I make up for it?" He asked quietly. I just continued to look at him, confused on how he's going to make me any less miserable then I already am.

"It's fine." I said. "You don't have to live on the floor with me, if that's what you're implying. We don't need both of us to die do we now?"

"No, that was not what I was implying…although that was an interesting suggestion. I was wondering if you would like to come stay with me?" He asked politely. He must have seen my awe struck face and decided to continue without my input. "Actually, you don't really have a choice in the matter. I insist you live with me." He said getting off the ground. He reached for my hand and put it about 2 inches to mine. I held it tightly, smiling at the feel of our hands together. He smiled back at me and helped me onto my feet. "Milady." He said putting his lips to my hand again. I felt the heat rise up to my cheeks as he did this. At the same time I felt his mouth turn into a grin on my hand. "You have a beautiful blush you know." He said, still grinning at me.

I started at his face for what felt like hours; as he did the same with mine. Finally he put his hand securely in mine. "Shall we go?"

"We shall." I said. We walked in a peaceful silence, occasionally looking up at each other and smiling. When we finally reached his house… no, his mansion. I was dumbstruck. "Edward…I can't go in there. It's huge, and I'm not proper enough to live in your home. Your one of the most elite family's in Chicago, and my family had no name at all, and I'm sure your parents will hate me, and what if your father recognizes me and wha-"

"Bella." He said covering my mouth with one of his fingers. "Yes, my house is rather large, and I think you are plenty proper to live in it. My mother will love you; she has a lot of wit like you. And, even if my father does remember you he is very polite and will not be rude to you. And finally-" he started, leaning towards my ear to whisper something in it. "-I think you not being proper is rather…" He whispered before blowing in my ear causing me to shiver.


"Now, shall we go in?" He asked, putting on his most proper face. He held his arm out for me, as I linked mine through his.

"Why not. It's not like I have a choice anyway." I said, smirking at him.

"Good, I'm glad you're finally starting to get to know me." He said, giving me a smirk back. I sighed as he led me into the large black gates into his home. When I walked in I was greeted by I giant chandelier. I was also surrounded by various beautiful paintings. The one painting that captured my eye was an oil of 2 beautiful people; one that I recognized as Mr. Mason.

"That is the most beautiful painting I ever saw." I said, completely absorbed in it.

"Do you like it, it wasn't one of my best works but I suppose it was fine all the same. My mother likes to brag about it. I can paint one of you if you would like."

" painted that." I said looking back and forth between Edward and the painting.

"Of course." He shrugged like it was no big deal. I was about to talk again when I heard another voice.

"Edward, is that you." The voice said, walking towards the main room. I hid behind Edward causing him to chuckle. His laugh was amazing.

"You don't have to hide…trust me." He said to me. Then he faced towards the end of the room and half shouted. "Yes mother its me, and I've brought a guest." A woman walked in, who I guessed to be Edwards's mother and smiled at us.

"Hello. How are you?" She said, smiling warmly at me. I think she could tell I was scared.

"Mom, this is Bella, Bella this is my mother Elizabeth." He said, gesturing at the two of us at the right moment. I shyly walked up to her and curtseyed.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Mrs. Mason."

"Oh, don't be so formal dear, and call me Elizabeth, Mrs. Mason makes me feel old." She said smiling at me.

"Elizabeth then." I said smiling at her.

"Actually mother, is it okay if I make a small request." Edward chimed in.

"Well, you see. Bella's parents died of some sort of influenza." Edward started.

"Oh dear! Are you referring to the Spanish influenza…that one is horrid, I heard it was going around and if you don't nip it quickly…it could be horrible." She said looking at me.

"Yes, I heard that also. I was actually out of town though, so I wasn't there from when they got sick until they passed. So I'm sure I don't have it." I said reassuring her.

"I wasn't worried about that dear, I just felt horrible for you. You poor girl." She said reaching to hug me. I hugged her back and started tearing up. No one has shown sympathy for my parent's death yet.

"Thank you." I said sniffling. I stepped back to Edward, who put his arm around me and gave me his handkerchief. I smiled at him and wiped my eyes.

"As much as it's a horrible loss for Bella-" Edward said looking at my sympathetically. "-Something worse happened. Bella was first in the will, but there was another name in it too. And the other name was Bella's father's cousin. Now, Bella's father's cousin hired a lawyer and that lawyer being father-"

"Oh no!" Mrs. Mason said, already knowing what happened.

"Exactly. Father always wins. So now Bella lost everything and has no where to stay. I found the poor thing lying in the dirt." He said, sounding amused. I scowled at him before he continued. "So, would it be alright if Bella stayed in the guest room?"

"Of course it would be dear!" She said smiling. "Welcome to the family. Edward, be a good host and show her to her new room. I'm so happy to have another girl around!" She said beaming. I smiled back at her. Edward was smiling too, seeming proud of himself. He took my hand and led me up the stairs. I stared at everything around me. There were many paintings, along with several clocks and other things. Finally he pulled me into a huge room and smiled.

"This would be your room." It was beautiful. The long room was filled with many knick knacks. More paintings were around it, followed by a piano. There was a large bed in the middle, big enough for about 4 people.

"It's amazing." I said looking around.

"Quite." He agreed. "I hope you don't mind that I would be in here often, I play the piano as a hobby, and we decided to put it in here."

"You play piano AND paint? What don't you do?"

"Hm, I'm not much of a womanizer…." He said shrugging. He was joking….right?

"I think you are a great womanizer…and I should know." Wow, that was the most confident thing I have ever said in my life.

"Oh really." He said walking closer to me and putting his hand on my cheek. "Then, I guess I am good at everything after all." He said smirking.

"Oh, come on now." I said playfully smacking his shoulder. He pretended to look pained causing me to crack up. After I started to go into hysterics he copied me too. His laugh was still amazing; I tried my best to keep it in my memory. After we calmed down he showed me the rest of the hall.

"My room's right next door and the bathroom is one down from your room. My parent's room is all the way across the house; they rarely come this way. That's about everything you need to know, any questions?"

"Nope, I think I'm okay for the most part."

"Do you want to get dressed into something more reasonable for the weather, I will be doing the same, and I'm sure my mother has something for you to wear."

"Sure, if it doesn't trouble your mother to much."

"Of course not." After Elizabeth got me something to wear, she sent me off to the shower. The warmness calmed me down to an extreme point, while it also eased my muscles. After I got dressed Elizabeth called us in for dinner.

"Your father is working late, so he won't be joining us. I hope you don't mind that were not very formal here Bella. We like to do very casual things." She said smiling.

"It's fine. I was raised that way also." After we ate, Edward led me back into my room. We sat down and talked about random things. One question concerned me though.

"So, Edward. You paint amazing pictures, and apparently you play piano, are you going into art or music?" I asked curiously.

"Maybe a while from now, but one thing I always wanted to do is go to war." I started at him, my face blank from all emotion. I felt memories jog back into my head, as well as tears entering my eyes. Edward started at me frantically, his eyes waiting for me to speak. But no words came out. "Bella, what's wrong?" He said, putting both hands securely on my shoulders.

"I-I had a br-brother once." I said, staring back at him; while tears now freely flowed out of my eyes. He got his handkerchief out again and wiped my tear stained cheeks. "He went to war; it was his dream…just like yours." I said, struggling to keep my composure. "When he finally went, he was so happy. I didn't want him to go…but he promised that he would be back soon. We kept in contact, we wrote each other every time we could….but then the letters stopped coming. About a month or two later, a general came to our door…and he said that my brother got shot." I felt myself now shaking. "W-we asked if they had the b-body…..but they couldn't even find it. Edward..." I said looking up at him. "Don't go. Please. Don't leave." I said now completely breaking down.

I don't know how long we stayed there for. Me sobbing into his chest; and him stroking his fingers through my hair whispering words of comfort in my ear.

"Edward." I said when I calmed down enough.

"Bella, it's okay." He said. "Now that you said that…I have a lot to think about. And I don't think I could leave…now that I met you." He said, putting both of his hands on my face. I looked up and gave him a smile.

"I'm sorry, you shouldn't have seen that."

"Bella, its fine. I want to know everything about you." He said, giving me a goofy smile. I couldn't help but to laugh. He snickered back, and sat with me on the bed. "It's getting late; will you be okay on your own?" He asked.

"…..Can you stay?" I said fast, the words coming out in one giant cluster. I looked to see him thinking, then I looked back down to try and avoid eye contact.

"I think I might be able to." He said smiling at me. He shut the lights off and guided me into the large bed. He went to the other said to lie down. I scooted closer to him, nuzzling myself against his chest. I heard him sigh as he went back to playing with my hair. "Bella?" He asked in the darkness.


"Do you believe in love at first sight?"

"Not really." I said, trying to sound serious.

"Ah." He said, sounding apprehensive, like he thought I was going to think otherwise.

"At least not until this morning." I said, putting my lips lightly to his chest. I heard him intake a breath, and then sigh once again. I lifted myself up a little, to try to get to a point where we can have eye contact. "Why, do you?" I asked back.

"Not really." He said, sounding as serious as me.

"Ah." I said, mocking him.

"At least not until this morning." He said, giving me his perfect half smile. I smiled back at him in the pitch black, and leaned up to kiss him. He kissed me lightly back. He leaned in again, this time deepening the kiss until it was passionate. When we finally ended it, Edward rested his forehead against mine and smiled. "Goodnight Bella." He said softly, his breath tickling my nose. I leaned in closer to inhale it.

"Goodnight Edward." I said back. I laid back down so I was against his chest again, and wrapped my arms around him tightly. I quickly felt asleep, but I remember my last thought perfectly. I think I could get used to life like this.

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