Ch. 1-Danger and Excitement

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It was something new for me; I was a rich princess and he was a commoner with that

dangerous quality to him, which kept me interested for as long as I could remember. Jimmy Hopkins is one of those boys who aren't afraid to get in over his head…I mean the

way he took down that giant brute in the hole made him seem all the more interesting.

I'd bet all of daddy's money that Derby wouldn't last even a minute in the same situation on his own. Trust me Derby may be strong but I do know my own cousin's limitations, especially since we are to be…married. The mere mention of it made me sick to my stomach but it was our family tradition. We had to keep up our pure blood lineage.

I was actually glad, no, ecstatic that he was 3 minutes late; if he wasn't then I wouldn't of had such a dangerously exciting time at the carnival with Jimmy and the teddy bear he won for me was also an even bigger highlight of that evening. From that night- that bear- became "our" bear which we shared to remember that awesome night of fun and realism.

That and the fact that almost half of the student body, especially my fellow elites from Harrington House saw us there together. I inwardly smirked knowing that at least one of them will inform Derby about this engagement and it would serve him right for his tardiness.

If only I could socialize with people outside of daddy's tax bracket because listening to other rich people gets boring after awhile: trust fund this, new car that, the latest Aquaberry fashions…well that last one might not seem that bad but it's the same group speaking about the same old topics. I wished that Jimmy would just come by and save me from this ocean of boredom and faux-artists.

During gym I kept getting distracted when I saw Jimmy rush out on the wrestling mat wearing his spandex wrestling uniform. If it had been any other boy I would be grossed-out the same way when I looked at Fatty but Jimmy wore it well with his lean muscles and all; it sort of made him look cute, especially how they shown through when he performed the moves.

I would also have to admit that I got even more excited when I saw how his sweat gave him a nice warm glow when he entered a certain light. When we were walking back to our respective locker rooms to change I caught a whiff of him though he didn't smell bad at all but of sweet lemonade on a hot summer's day.

It was both interesting and funny when he stole Gord's bike and caused Lola to runaway whining from disappointment, she is such a disgusting whore.

Jimmy was such a strong trooper that he kissed that fat cow, Eunice. After such a disgusting stunt I knew for sure that Jimmy was devoted to me as much as I had feelings for him. We shared a level of a mutual bond that Derby and I wouldn't be able to even reach if we were to be married right at this moment, or ever.

Rumors of someone sneaking into the girl's dorm have suddenly been arising around the school lately. Mrs. Peabody still hasn't been able to get a good look at whom the boy might be but I got a pretty good look at the boy mainly from his backside; it was Jimmy. I didn't tell Mrs. Peabody or even Ms. Phillips because I really know he snuck in to see me and he made that night so interesting and hilarious. It's seemed like that play with Romeo & Juliet-still it seemed so sweet.

I was never ashamed to cheer for him outside the boxing ring when he challenged my friends. I didn't care about what the others might say nor did I worry about how Derby might react. I only cared about Jimmy's safety and his pride and I just wanted to show him that I could be as caring and loving to him as I am to myself. He had so much confidence when he came into the gym one day and challenged Biff and I didn't have any doubt about him winning because Jimmy was born to fight; he had a whole lot of spirit and heart.

He didn't rely on breeding, reputation, snobbery, or nepotism. He was a real champion, a hero, and a pretty awesome leader. He brought peace back to the school while some people were sitting by a fireplace just watching the school go to ruins from the rioting.

Jimmy and I both are similar in the way that we want to be in control, we both have step-parents who we despise, and we share a bond very similar to Robin Hood and Maid Marian. Don't call me crazy because I know what I'm talking about; I do listen to some of Mr. Galloway's lessons once in awhile.

He claims that we have a platonic relationship, but that is just because he doesn't want to hurt those other girls' feelings. I heard Mandy, Christy, and Angie talking about him one day in the bleachers; expressing how excellent it feels being kissed by him. They were just being delusional, Jimmy wouldn't even give them the satisfaction because he has me.

I still remember when Jimmy invited me to his beach clubhouse and I was truly in awe because he brought the stuffed bear-"our" stuffed bear-relieved that he still kept it with him all this time. At that moment I got my proof that we actually meant something to him.

I turn around and he lands a passionate kiss on my soft lips but this wasn't any of those fake kisses. At this very moment, I felt like my knees were about to give out, my stomach felt like it was in knots, and I felt a burning sensation rise in my chest. Jimmy acknowledged this and pulled away but did not release me from his embrace instead he scooped me up off my feet and carried me over to his bed.

Since tonight was probably going to be the last night we see of each other because of graduation, we decided to make tonight special.

He trails kisses around my neck and with a slow and steady pace we begin removing our clothing. Once finished he looks me over with a strange but recognizable look of desire and hunger in his eyes. He bends down by my ears and blows his warm breath on my neck, making me shiver and he whispers,

"May I Maid Marian" with his signature smirk.

And I reply with a gasp, "Yes you may"

From then on in, I've never regretted those events that happened that night. I always thought back on them when I was with Derby. He would always be my dangerous Robin Hood and I his Maid Marian.

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